Title: A Different Person

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: Sasuke changed, and it did not go unnoticed by others.

A/N: This fic is going to be my first multi-chaptered fic. Hopefully I will keep on having interest to continue it…

Warning: This is a yaoi fic! This fic will also probably have a lot of angst, OOC with some characters and bashing of some characters! You have been warned!

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Chapter 1 - Kosuke: The Changes


Kosuke noticed something different among the Jyuuyuushi but she never said it out loud until one day when Yukimura and Sasuke were not with them…

"Do you think Sasuke has changed?" Kosuke asked to no one in particular.

"Eh? What do you mean by that?" Saizou looked up from cleaning his most treasured weapons.

"I mean, he has somehow become quieter than usual," she said. She had to admit, Sasuke had changed. It was becoming especially noticeable within the last couple of weeks. But was she the only one who noticed it?

"Really? I did not notice that. He's always quiet, so who knows?" the long-haired ninja answered nonchalantly.

Yup, she was definitely the only one among the Jyuuyuushi who noticed the changes.

"What do you mean you did not notice anything, Saizou-san? Sasuke-kun does change a bit though not that obvious," Kakei chirped in with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

Kosuke decided to take back her last statement.

"Not that obvious to the point that normal people did not notice, of course," Unno continued for Kakei, "but you, Saizou, are not a normal person, how come you did not notice it?"

Kosuke giggled softly behind her hands. Saizou would not take that statement lying down.

"What do you mean I'm not a normal person? I'm as normal as any of you here!"

"Which implied that you are indeed abnormal, since none of us here are normal in first place," Jinpachi interrupted while Kamanosuke and the Miyoshi brothers laughed loudly behind him.

"A normal person will go insane if he hangs around us too much," Miyoshi Seikai said, earning a nod from his brother, "And since you have been fine here, you are the same with us - the not-so-normal people!"

More laughter erupted, this time also from Kakei and Unno.

Noticing the thick blush on Saizou's cheeks, Kosuke decided it is time to let them give it a rest.

"Guys, stop it. I mentioned this not to embarrass Saizou, okay? I'm worried about Sasuke. That's why."

"Sorry, Kosuke. Now that you've mentioned it, I've been thinking about it too," Mochizuki said thoughtfully, "Sasuke has been too quiet to my liking lately. It's as if he's turning back into the old Sasuke that we knew nothing about."

"I always thought he had stopped behaving like that, especially after the battle with Mibu," Kamanosuke said. He can still remember the bright smile on the young ninja's face when he said 'I'm home' after defeating Chinmei.

After the final battle with the former Red King, Sasuke had been a bit off but that's it. He still laughs with them when one of the Jyuuyuushi cracked a joke, and he always replied sarcastically with a small smile whenever Saizou made a stupid statement. He had become more open with them, and it delighted the rest of the Jyuuyuushi to know that Sasuke had finally put his trust in them.

After almost three years like that, the silver-haired youth was turning back into his old self. Although it was nothing to worry about, the Sanada warriors were still scared that Sasuke was still unable to trust them after all and all he had gone through with them was just a façade he wore to hide his true feelings.

Noticing the tense atmosphere around them, Saizou could not help but feel stupid. It seemed to him that apart from him, the rest of the Jyuuyuushi noticed Sasuke's changes in attitude. Right now, he knew he had to put down his pride and ask. "Erm, what exactly are the changes you noticed in Sasuke?"

Turning to him, the rest of the occupant of the room then looked at each other before Kakei broke the silence. "He doesn't seem to be interested in helping me search for materials for the traps anymore."

"He spends most of his time on the roof and in the forest. Alone," Jinpachi added.

"He never sits with us when we want to talk about something funny during our missions," the Miyoshi brothers continued.

"And he even ignores his favourite mint tea and broiled salted soba that Kosuke usually prepares for him," Unno finished, followed by a nod from the young woman.

Now that the others had voiced their opinions, Saizou then realized that Sasuke had indeed changed. "Come to think of it, he prefers to go on missions on his own unlike before when he used to always work together with me."

The rest of the Jyuuyuushi were stunned to hear that. "So you did notice Sasuke's changes?" Kamanosuke asked, not believing the fact that Saizou was being alright with that.

"Well, that was the only change I've noticed," Saizou replied sheepishly. "But I wonder what caused him to change all of a sudden…"

"Come to think of it, he started to change after his Genpuku and after we met Kyo-san again," Kakei said thoughtfully.

Almost a month ago, the Sanada household was surprised by a visit from some unexpected guests; Kyoushiro, Sakuya, Yuuya and Kyo. While Kyoushiro and Sakuya were frequent visitors, the other two were a pleasant surprise. Especially Kyo, whom most of them thought they would never see again.

And Sasuke changed after that small reunion.

While the Jyuuyuushi were deep in thought, a cheerful voice greeted them. "Hey! Why is it so gloomy in here?"

Kosuke turned with shock towards the speaker. "Yukimura-sama!"

Noting the tint of worry in each of the Jyuuyuushi's eyes, Yukimura realized they had been discussing something serious. "What have all of you been talking about?"

Hearing the serious tone of their master, the Jyuuyuushi knew that they had no choice but to tell him everything they had just discussed.

"Well, it's about Sasuke…"


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