Title: A Different Person

Author: Faker of Innocence aka goldenneko

Summary: It was actually Bontenmaru who knew what had really happened.

Rating: PG-13/T

Warning: Yaoi, KyoSasu, minor YukiSasu. And everything else that comes along with it. Un-betaed.

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Chapter 4: Bontenmaru: Revelation


He knew at least one of the Jyuuyuushi was searching for him, wanting to invite him for dinner. It was not like he was a guest there, it just that most of his time for the last five years was spent around the Sanada household.

And Yukimura never tried to throw him out anyway.

Usually when it came to food he would go immediately. But something was bothering his mind, enough to drag him from the always-delicious foods cooked by Kosuke.

Or, should he say, someone?

He was not sure if that person was there, preparing to have dinner with rest of them. Come to think of it, after what he saw almost a month ago, he could not look at that person by the eyes. If he ever tried looking, even once, he felt as if those gold, cat-like eyes were piercing through his head, trying to pry off his deepest secret.

It was kind of amusing and scary at the same time how Sasuke could influence him like that.

But, as he thought back, he also noticed that Sasuke was also being nervous around him. Well, it could not be helped, since the older man had witnessed something that he was not supposed to.

At first, he was feeling angry with the silver-haired ninja. The 17-years old Jyuuyuushi was very well aware of Kyo and Yuuya's relationship, although it was an on and off relationship. Why would he do something like that?

Why would he go as far as kissing the Onime no Kyo?

But, of course, he knew it was not the young ninja's fault, but the other red eyes wielder. He would have known that, being the witness of what had occurred between the two Muramasa wielders.


"What? Kyo's here and you did not tell me?" Bon shrieked at the poor, innocent Jyuuyuushi.

"I'm sorry; we have been trying to search for you for the last few hours, but we can't find you anywhere!" The small-sized Kakei flinched at the tone of one of the Shiseiten. 'Damn, he's loud! It's not my fault you've been wandering everywhere where we can't found you!'

"Where is he right now?"

"The last time I saw him was when he was talking with Yukimura-sama and Sasuke-kun…" the small warrior did not even finish his sentence when the Date's oldest heir run off to search for his old comrade.

"Thank you and sorry for screaming at you earlier!!!"

The Jyuuyuushi was left standing, stunned with the other's remark. He would never think Bontenmaru will apologize, especially to someone who he looked as lower-class than him.

"Well, at least I've told him where Kyo-san is," and with that, he wandered off back to the Sanada house.


"That good-for-nothing Yukimura! How dare he didn't tell me that Kyo's here! When I get my hands on him…" Bontenmaru talked to himself loudly before a silky voice cut him off.

"When you get your hands on me, what will you do, Bon?" Yukimura asked, knowing well that the big-sized man hated it if he came from behind all of a sudden.

"Wha…? Yukimura!! How many have I told you not to sneak behind me like that!!" Bontenmaru turned around to look at the Sanada's heir. "Luckily I'm not that old to have a heart attack!"

"Still did not want to admit that you're getting older, Bon? And by the way, you don't seem mind when Sasuke walked up to you like that," Yukimura snickered. 'This guy is so easy to be teased!'

"That kid's different!! He was born with it! He's one fricking ninja! It's natural for him to move like that! But not you!" You're a samurai, not a ninja! So stop behaving like your subordinates!"

All the time Bontenmaru was rambling, Yukimura looked at him with amusement. He knew that the older samurai always nags, but he never thought that he could actually ramble non-stop like that.

"And talking about that shrimp! I know he's good and everything, but please, Yukimura, control him a little bit! The way he walks, it was as if he owns the place! Well, not exactly like that, Saizou's worse… Wait, talking about Sasuke! I thought you're with him and Kyo. But you're alone! Where's Kyo?"

Bontenmaru looked at the younger, expecting an answer, but said man only smiled at him.

"Don't you want to continue what you were saying, Bon? I thought you have some problem with Sasuke's attitude," he continued to smile, but his voice did not match with it.

And Bontenmaru knew very well what that meant.

"Err… No. I don't think I will continue. As I was saying just now, I came here because that Jyuuyuushi… I don't remember his name, the short, always smiling, bespectacled guy…"


"Ah yes, Kakei! He just told me that Kyo's here, with Yuuya, and he was talking with you and Sasuke. But here I am, talking to you, but those two are not here! Where are they?"

"Bon…" Yukimura cut off silently.

"What?!" Bontenmaru said impatiently.

"I told Kakei-kun to find you a couple of hours ago. I've already finished talking to Kyo. Right now, he's in the forest, talking to Sasuke. I think about the Mibu. So, I think it's best if you don't disturb them…" Yukimura's words were left unheard as the biggest Shiseiten had already left him as soon as he found out that Kyo was at the forest.

"Thank you, Yukimura!!!!" was the only thing Yukimura heard as he was left in the dust.

"… Well, not my fault if you see something that you don't suppose to…" and with that, he turned and walked towards Kyoshiro, Sakuya and Yuuya who were calling him. "As long as you will not tell other people what you will see, it's fine with me…"


"Where are they?" Bontenmaru mumbled to himself, looking around him to search for Kyo and Sasuke.

As he walked aimlessly, he kept mumbling and cursing about the Mibu who only knew how to cause people troubles, and was inherited by both Red Eyes wielders. He was mumbling when he heard distant voices. Walking towards the voice he asked in his head why those voices were slow and quiet.

Peeking from a nearby rock, he saw the youngest Jyuuyuushi and the supposed-to-be-Red-King were talking quietly. He somehow noticed that Sasuke was looking up at Kyo, and he looked distressed about something. Curious, he strained his ears harder to listen to their conversation. He knew it was wrong for him to peek, but curiosity took over him.

"No, Kyo, that is so wrong!" the golden-eyed youth exclaimed, but not to loud to alert the other occupants of the forest.

"What's so wrong about that, Sarutobi? Tell me. I know you felt the same thing about it," the other said quietly, as if waiting patiently for the youth's answer.

"But how about Yuuya-neechan? You can't tell her just like that!"

"Who say I have to? Both of us know well we will keep it a secret from everyone."

"But… but still, I can't. I have other responsibilities, you know."

Bontenmaru tried hard to stifle his laughter. This was the first time he ever heard Sasuke stuttered.

"I'm sure you can divide your time accordingly."

"How can you be so calm about this??!! We'll lose everything if people found out about it!"

"We won't. At least we still have each other, Sasuke."

The man behind the bushes was stunned when he heard Kyo called the Jyuuyuushi by his first name. 'Since when did they go on first name basis?'

"But… but still, the others…"

But what Kyo did to stop Sasuke's stuttering stunned him more.

Before Sasuke could finish his sentence, Kyo pushed him to a tree behind him and kissed him roughly. Sasuke's big eyes widened for a moment before closing, surrendering to the demon's demanding kiss. Slowly, his thin arms went up and hugged the man's broad shoulder, hands clutching the long, black hair.

Kyo, at the same time, had lifted the Jyuuyuushi off his feet by holding the back of the younger's thighs and pressed him harder against the tree. His bigger hands moved up to grasp the younger's backside, producing moans from the youth.

Almost as fast as it started, the kiss ended. As the two males broke the kiss, Bon could actually see that Sasuke was blushing furiously and still panting softly while Kyo just smirked with a tint of pink on his cheeks, clearly showing that he was satisfied with the kiss.

"Well, we have to go now. We won't want the others to wait for us, right?" Kyo said, smirking at the youth who was still scowling at him. Still, Sasuke did not say anything.

As they walked back to the Sanada house, Kyo put his large palm on Sasuke's head while Sasuke clutched said man's yukata in his small hand. Bontenmaru noticed both red and gold eyes flickered towards the rock he was hiding behind before their respective owners moved away from his sight.

o-o-o-End of Flashback-o-o-o

At that point, Bontenmaru realized that the two ex-residents of Mibu had realized about his presence there. But still, they did not say or do anything to him. It was as if they trusted him with their 'secret'.

While Kyo's red eyes were looking threateningly at him as if saying, 'If you tell anyone, you know what will happen to you', Sasuke's gold eyes were full of curiosity and guilt. Curious as if to know what would the Shiseiten and guilt after being found out that he had just kissed the Onime no Kyo.

Until now, he still kept that secret not because of his own sake, but because of the eyes that Sasuke gave him. Just like Yukimura, he somehow had developed some kind of attachment towards Sasuke. But unlike that perverted heir of Sanada, he simply wanted to protect that fragile heart of Sasuke from breaking apart because of Kyo's thoughtless act upon him.

From afar, he could hear the order from Yukimura to Saizou and Unno to search for his youngest subordinate in Aokigahara.

Deep in his old heart, he really hoped that both Jyuuyuushi would not find anything that would break Sasuke's heart. He had been trying hard not to do that, so hopefully no one else will.


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