Doki Doki

By: Guiltshow

Disclaimer: Last time I checked, I was a female not a male. I am not Japanese, I am Hispanic. I am not a genius that created Naruto.

Summary: Hyuuga Hinata had come to the decision to take one final step to end it all, until a new student had changed her mind by promising to make her heart's desire come true. Hinatax?;AU;Slightly ooc.


'School. One of the most boring places on earth. If I had my way, I would make sure it would all just disappear. I had no purpose. I breathe in and breathe out. I tap my pencil in the tempo of what I think it should go. I blink and take a note to finish my life off soon. Nothing noticeable. All I place is a heart at the edge of my paper. Then I take a note on the most boring subject - math. Why would one want to know how to prove something? It is simple logic, and if needed to be explained then obviously they are simply idiotic; the one thing I cannot put up with are idiotic people. I vowed never to associate myself with people lower than me. Not since he came along. He did it so easily. His cheeky grin, his boisterous laughter: it made my heart thump inside my rib cage. I professed my love, and I was utterly turned down without a second glance. He asked me who I was, and then laughed it off as my glasses fogged up. That annoying habit of blushing. I can't get rid of it. My one obvious flaw. He turned away from me, as I tapped my fingers, slowly calculating my demise.'

Hinata's plan was set. Simply take the easy way out, and leave the pointless life she had led.

Hyuuga Hinata was a quiet, timid student. Her grades were often average, excluding her stronger subjects. Her mind was simply something she refused to show the world, including the rest of her being.

Hyuuga Hinata might have just taken a vow of celibacy. If she believed in a god or a goddess, it would have been a thing to take advantage of. She had found the male species a waste of time, and found them to be neanderthals. She hated them. She despised them. She wished that if it wasn't for the sole use populating the earth, all men would vanish in flash.

Hyuuga Hinata was sought to be boring, plain, average. She was involved with no clubs except to be the secretary of her class. They new she was good with numbers, and thought to use her to an advantage. She had saved them a sufficient amount of money since elected. However - other than what verbal communication was needed, no one bothered to talk to her.

Hyuuga Hinata had no family. She openly disowned them when she turned the rightful age. Her cousin was okay; compared to others, he protected when necessary. Her sister hated her, and the feeling was mutual. Her father...her father truly could careless. As soon as she showed weakness, it was onto the next child to inherit the Hyuuga fortune.

Hyuuga Hinata had now become a master at deciphering and deceiving people. She was well off, and wanted to find another adventure: Death.

On the day of her planned suicide, she had decided to let her class be with her one more day. On her way to class, she made sure she looked her best. Her hair was combed and parted. She had worn contacts. She hadn't put on make-up, drawing the line at leg warmers instead of tights or stockings. She walked into class, her violet head still tilted down; it was quite embarrassing that the class had become quiet. Making her way to her desk, she settled in and took out last night's assignment. Across from her, she tired to ignore the people studying her new look.

"Hey! Hinata-chan!" An annoying, pink-haired vice president yelled. "Gotta love the new look. You look so...normal and cute. It is very nice. Listen. We have a meeting after school, and we really need you to be there. Will ya?"

Hinata looked up, lavender eyes scanning her classmate's face.

"Um...Su-sure, Haruno-san."

"Thanks a billion." Sakura giggled and turned away. "SASUKE-KUN! IT'S ALL SET!"

'How annoying,' Hinata thought as she turned towards her window seat. 'Just one last meeting won't hurt anything. I think I could schedule it...' She blinked as she saw a unfamiliar face walk towards the building. His tousled brown head bobbed up and down, as he had a slight sway to his swagger. She arched a brow and wondered how strange it was. He was listening to something, but looked so pleased. He looked...happy. 'I guess to each one is their own happiness.' Her mind wandered in and out; Somehow she had been trying to convince herself not to do the deed later on today. She had actually had a conversation with Shino. It was quite interesting. She even laughed slightly at his odd jokes. It was as if her mind was telling her what happiness was. Finally class had started, and she set her things on the empty desk beside her.

This desk had to be her favorite convenience. It was right there in the back of the room so she could just place her junk on it. Plus, her assigned desk was right by the window. This would lead her into a sanctuary of day dreaming. Life would cease to exist as long as she continued to stare out the window. The teachers gave up on reprimanding her - she seemed to know what she was doing. Soon her dreams of solitude and silence were broken when she heard a small cough. Looking up, she saw the teacher introducing a new student.

"Class," Asuma started. "Class, can I have your attention? We have a new student. I would hope to give him a warm welcome. This is Inuzuka Kiba."

'I-it's that guy from outside the window,' she thought in amazement. He looked so...different up close. He wore the school uniform, but his certain style had made the suit look...stylish. He wore his white shirt untucked, his collar loosened. His brown hair had been wild and untouched. Tattoos adorned his face, two symmetrical triangles on both sides. His smug grin dawned the class, as he waved carelessly.


"Inuzuka-san, will you please take you seat in the empty desk back there. Hyuuga-san, I hope you don't mind." The black-haired man said it casually; he knew Hinata was odd, and liked her privacy. This, however, was something he couldn't avoid. The only desk left was there, and the boy didn't seem too idiotic.

"N-no, sensei." Hinata said quietly and removed her belongings from the adjacent desk.

"Oy, I'm Kiba. And you are?" Kiba asked the shy girl beside him. Her blush made him laugh as she mumbled out a name. "What? I can't hear ya. You gotta speak up."

"I-I-I'm Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata said quickly and quietly.

"Eh? Hinata-chan. Hiinaataa-chaan." His voice was low as he drew out her name, almost experimenting on how to say it. "Hinata-chan. I like it. It's cute."

Poor Hinata. This caught her completely off guard, and her face grew redder with each second.

"Th-thank you, Inuzuka-san."



"No Inuzuka-san. I want you to say Kiba."

"B-but Inuzuka-san -"



"Say it with me: key-bah. Kiba."

"K-k-kiba-kun," she stuttered it out as if her life depended on it.

"Eh? Lets try it again without the stuttering, okay Hinata-chan?"

"Y-yes. Kiba-kun."

"Amazing!" Kiba praised her, and ruffled her hair.

"I do find literature quite amazing, Inuzuka-san. Although I'm afraid you don't need to physically show Hyuuga-san how great it is." Their teacher said with a smirk, enjoying the laughter from the class.

"Yes, Asuma-san." Kiba said quickly, and grinned at him. "I just couldn't help myself."

The class continued, leaving Hinata throughly embarrassed. She stared down at her notes, and then at her book.

"Pst. Hinata-chan." The new student whispered as he tried to look on her book. "Can you share your book with me?"

Putting in the middle of the desks, Hinata nodded and continued with her work. She tried to ignore her breathless actions when their hands touched to turn the page.

"How idiotic,' she thought, 'It is already the first day and he doesn't have his book. What great luck I have. I wonder if he will be like this all year.' She smiled; this action even surprised herself. Even though he was quite annoying, he was amusing to her.

Throughout the day, Kiba had required Hinata's services. This group had ranged from the sharing of books to the occasional nudge to wake him up when he dozed off. He always supplied her with a cheeky grin, and thanked her silently. Somehow this made her feel content. She felt as if she wanted to keep helping him, to feel of worth.

'Such idiotic thoughts...' The young Hyuuga sighed as she got up from her desk to leave the classroom. School was over, and she had to go to the school council meeting. Leaving her belongings behind, she turned to leave. Sighing yet again, she tapped persistently on the shoulder of her sleeping classmate.

"You are up to par with Nara-san when it comes to sleeping Kiba-kun." This amused her greatly. Bending over, she kept tapping his shoulder. "K-Kiba-kun. School is over." Her eyes wandered towards the clock in the front of the room. "Eh? I'm late!" She let out a small squeak and ran down the hallway to make her meeting. Kiba sat up and grinned.

"She really is interesting...Hm. I wonder if she has any food. I'm really hungry." This was followed by a timely growl from his lower abdomen, and he shifted to look through her bag. His eyes widen as he pulled a bottle of pills from her bag. His face turned from shocked to slightly angry. "Well, this changes everything." He pocketed the illegal substance and put his head back down.

Hinata appeared back an hour later. After the meeting, she decided to do some final good deeds before finishing her chapter at this school. She walked into the room to see Kiba sleeping still. She laughed softly, and walked over to her bag. They were the only ones left in the classroom, and most likely the only students in the school. It was close to five and she needed to stop stalling herself from doing something unchangeable. She put on her jacket and her scarf on, before grabbing her bag. She opened it up, and began to panic. "Oh no..." She let out softly, swiftly rustling through her bag.

"Looking for these?" She looked up, and wondered when Kiba had gotten up. More importantly, why did he have them?

"K-K-Kiba-kun why did you go through m-my things?" She squeaked, reaching to take the bottle.

"I was hungry. Now answer me this - Why do you have them? I haven't seen these in a while. I thought they stopped selling them off the streets."

The silence reassured his current hypothesis, and he sighed.

"I expected better from you, Hinata-chan. What a disappointment..." He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Heh. You bastard..." Hinata glared at the desk.

"Eh? So it is an act. Not very surprising."

"Just shut up an-and g-give me the bottle."

"Nope." Kiba got up and stretched. "You didn't answer my question, though. So how about you answer this one - What do you want to happen after you take them?"

Some how she felt complied to answer the question. It was an urge to do so. Something from her heart cried out, and she had given up every last shred of logic at that moment.

"I-I want to be gone...away from everyone. I want...I want people to realize the mistake they made when they took me for granted...I want...I want them to wish that...I wanted him to wish that he hadn't turned me done."

The new silence was brought to an end by angry tears as she pounded her frail fists into his chest. She kept repeating the action, and calling him names. She told him how much she hated him, and how much she wanted him to die.

"Hinata-chan...I'll help you. I will help them all acknowledge you, and whoever this guy is. Just don't...waste your life. It's stupid. I thought you were smarter than that." He smirked down at her, as she just sat on the chair, her face was buried in her hands as she silently wept.

"W-What can an idiot like you do to help me?" She spat out through her tears.

"I have no idea. But this idiot will definitely help you the way you helped me today. I know you are a good person Hinata-chan. I know it."

"What...what if you can't?"

"Then you are free to do what you want."

"O..okay. Fine then."

'We walked out together. This strange guy hadn't said a word since the agreement. I was so close to just ending it, and now I find myself looking at a new adventure. An adventure before death. We buy- well I buy two meat buns. We sit in silence, eating them. We wait for bus to arrive to go home. It warms my heart. The food. His actions. I barely know him, but the confidence that radiates from is really amazing. When I get up to leave, he stands up as well. I look up at him, and smile weakly. He grins back and says something that I agree with.'

Hyuuga Hinata gets on the bus, watching as Kiba waves goodbye to her. She feels her shoulders become lighter, as she waves back.

"Good." She repeats the word he had just said to her. "It is very good."

The next morning, Hinata tried to calculate what her new friend was planning. When she woke up, she certainly wasn't expecting the knock on the front door of her apartment.

Yawning, she slipped on her slippers and glasses and shuffled to the the door. She yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"OY! HINATA-CHAN WAKE UP!" A loud, deep voice yelled.

She flung the door open.

"K-k-kiba-kun? What are you doing here?"

"Hey. Good morning Hinata-chan." He paused to look closer at her face. "Wow! Hinata-chan. You look cute even with glasses." He grinned cheekily, nodding with his comment. "Well, get ready. School is going to start and I decided we should discuss our plan."

"P-plan?" She sputtered out. It was too early in the morning to ask anymore questions. It was too early in the morning to ask how he knew where she lived or what he had meant with the whole 'cute' comment.

"Hey! I brought food. Let me in, it's freezing out." He shivered dramatically, and she unwillingly let him inside her apartment.

He sat on the tweed couch and placed the food on the coffee table. Hinata had quickly rushed to her room, and then came quickly back out in her school attire.


"Hinata, at least act like yourself when you are around me."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm expecting a 'bastard what the hell are you doing here?' or a 'Damn you, idiot. Get out of my house!'. Something to that degree of welcome."


"Anyway, eat up before we need to leave. I brought curry bread! Eat up!"

They silently ate, and gathered their things before leaving the room.

Both walked silently to the bus stop.

"You know Kiba-kun..."

"Hm...what is it, Hinata-chan?" He asked, getting ready for a profession of love or a kiss of thanks.

"You really suck at buying breakfast. Tomorrow bring something more...morning like. Like coffee or something."

"Eheheh." He dryly laughed. "You are welcome."

"Anytime Kiba-kun."

They went onto the bus with the same silence that had always tended to follow them. It was packed, and both had to stand. It went on until Hinata began to fall forward to a sudden hault. Kiba could have gallantly caught her, but instead smirked as she hit the floor with a thud.

"You idiot..." She quietly said, and glared up at him. Tears formed in her eyes as she brushed herself off.

"Hinata-chan...I'm sorry. I promise that won't happen again." He smirked down at her, feigning innocence. His arm wound around her waist, and he placed his large hand on her waist. "There."

"Ah!" She squeaked, squirming uncomfortably at the measure of closeness. "K-K-kiba-kun. You can let go. I-I-I think I can man-Ah!" She squeaked again as he pulled her closer.

"Nonsense. Anyway, let us begin our discussion of our plan to make you noticed." His voice was hot on her ear.


"Okay, so I was thinking..."

And so it had begun.


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