Doki Doki

By: Guiltshow

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Chapter Three: Feelings and Figures

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'I can't believe how stupid I'm being...It wasn't like I missed him that much this week,' a quiet girl thought as she rode the bus home. The whole week she hadn't seen a glimpse of Kiba at school. It made her realize how much she needed him - not like she was going to admit that. And so, our little heiress decided to track down our lovable hero for the sake of homework. Needless to say, she thought that giving him homework was right thing to do...even if Kiba lived on the outskirts of town. Luckily she had found a seat near a window in the middle, and quietly thanked God that she didn't have school tomorrow, because she calculated by the time she had gotten back it would have been late; her monthly dinner with father would just have to wait.

She looked down at the clothes she was wearing and hoped they were presentable enough. She knew Kiba would tease her if it looked silly, so she decided to play it safe and wear uniform with her winter coat over it. She, of course, had her glasses on and no makeup. Her violet hair was in a messy bun. The plan was to tell Kiba she had a meeting with student council and got suckered into bringing his homework to him. Therefore he wouldn't jump conclusions; this whole plan was fool proof.

Finally, the bus had halted. She looked down at her watch and found that it only took an hour with stops included to get to his housing complex. Having already been blown away at the sea that accompanied itself on the side of the housing, she took it lightly that these apartments were quite nice. She looked down at her bag, hoping that he was home. Lifting her head, her nose had caught a scent of meat buns. She smiled softly, and tracked down the vendor. Buying four, she thanked the man selling them and left for Kiba's home. She looked at the piece of paper, and followed the directions written down by Sasuke. Hinata walked up the stairs of the furthest red, bricked building and began to walk up and up...and up.

'How can someone stand living on the sixth floor?' Hinata was never use to this much of a workout, maybe coming over to his house would have benefits. She finally made it up the stair case and looked down the hallway. 'Eto...his apartment number should!' She smiled, and brought a fist up in the air. 'Success!' Now pumped for actually making it up the stairs in due time, without hesitation, Hinata rang the door bell. She heard footsteps coming, and quickly brushed off her coat, and fixed her hair. She smiled softly as the door opened.

"Eh? Who are you?"

Hinata opened her eyes to see a lady in her mid-forties; She was in a white bathrobe, and had pajama bottoms on with...was that pink bunny slippers? Hinata looked closely at her face: it was wrinkled with smile and worry lines and she had the same tattoos as Kiba did.

"Ano...are you Inuzaka-san?"

"Mmm. Yes. The last time I checked." The lady grinned the same wolfish grin that Kiba had. Hinata was certain that this was Kiba's mother.

" you are the mother of Kiba-kun...?"

"Oh man. What has the bastard done to you? Please don't tell me you are pregnant...I don't know if I can handle that scenario again..."

"OH! Ano...ano...I'm just a friend from school. I'm Hyuuga Hinata. I was wondering if-if-if Kiba-kun was home?"

"Hm...Hinata-chan, I'm sorry but Kiba went back to Suna for the day, the place where we moved from. His band members, those jack asses, conned him into another show. He will be back tonight."

"Oh...I see...Well, I brought him his homework. He missed a week of school, and-and I thought he would need it." Hinata felt her cheeks flame as she fiddled with her bag of meat buns. "Oh! He-here you go, Inuzuka-san...Kiba-kun...he really likes these meat buns...ano-ano, I would like you to have them." She lowered her head and thrust out the bag of delightful pastries to a now smirking woman.

"Keh...I guess I must. Meat buns are a favorite of the family." The woman said tuffly before snatching the bag from Hinata. She grinned down at her, before rubbing her head. "I like you, squirt." Kiba's boisterous mother laughed loudly. "One week, you say. That shit-head...Hahaha! Hm. So, Hinata-chan, would you like to come inside. An old lady like me can't eat this alone."

"Oh, I wouldn't want to...get in your way."

"Naw! Don't think that crap. I love company. Lately, my daughter Hana...well, she has been thinking of an aboard program...I haven't seen much of her. Makes one realize the load of shit they should be glad for. Come on now, don't get your panties in a bunch, let's celebrate our meeting!"

Hinata was roughly dragged into Kiba's home. She widen her eyes. It was very clean, and simple. She smiled in approval. It was just the right size for a small family. She noticed three doors leading into different rooms, but other than that, the open floor plan was nice: a simple kitchen that flowed into a living room. Hinata's smile widen as she looked at all the photos hanging on the wall. They looked so professional. Her eyes jumped from a family portrait. It had been faded on the edge, but besides that, she saw Kiba's mom looking exceptionally happy with a young girl and an almost identical, but younger Kiba.

' cute.' Hinata laughed at the other pictures of him. This would definitely come in handy when Kiba pissed her off. You could never go wrong with good dirty laundry.

"So Hinata-chan would you like some iced tea-AH!" Hinata looked up and saw Kiba's mom trip forward. She let out a gasp of air before rushing to catch her. Rather than catch her, tea spilt all over Hinata's clothing. "Oh fuck...I'm sorry, squirt. I can be such a freaking clutz...Hm...I wonder...Hold on, Hinata-chan!" Hinata stood up and watched the lady slip into her room; With a few shuts of drawers and a "AHA! ER-FUCKING-EKA!", Kiba's over-eccentric returned with a few clothes. Hinata stared, and felt her eye twitch. "So, you twitch...and you are quite skinny...Alright, your nickname is Twiggy. I like it, squirt. It gives you edge. Lord knows the world is filled with love-obsessed females that scream with annoyingly high pitched voices. Now, Twig, you are going to wear this, and when Kiba's friend comes over before leaving for their show, you can leave with him and bring my son back. You see...that little bastard hasn't returned in a week. I haven't seen him for a week, and now I want you to bring him back...Okay, Twiggy?"

"Uh..." Hinata was flabbergasted. She looked at the plaid skirt and studded belt...the collared white shirt wasn't that bad, but...the accessories looked so...tough. Far from what Hinata was.

"I remember...when I would dress Hana...It would be feel that happiness before she comes back would be even more wonderful than those fucking meat buns, Twig..."

'Oh didn't you know? His sister, Hana, died about a month ago. His mom hasn't had her youthfulness set straight ever since then."

"Okay! I'll do it for you Inuzuka-san!" Hinata felt so compelled to bring this woman matter what.

About ten minutes later, Hinata stumbled out of the bathroom(needless to say, the whole "I wonder what soap Kiba uses" mystery was solved) desperately trying to make her skirt shorter.

" look wonderful! Now, I pulled out my trusty boots to add to it. Those penny loafers wouldn't go with this outfit. I'm glad you wore the necklaces and bracelet...I would have forced it on you anyway, Twig. Hm...AH! Yes...Make-up! Heh...Too much will make you look like a two dollar whore, so I believe some eye liner shall do good. It will bring out your pretty, little eyes...Heehee."

Hinata felt her eyes water, as she stared up into the older, lonelier woman. She tried to smile but couldn't. The bursting of her tears certainly surprised Kiba's mother.

"Oh, Twig, I didn't poke your eyeball out...did I!"

"No...I'm sorry...I didn't mean -!"

That day, Hinata felt closer to the woman as a fearsome embrace seemed to connect to lonely souls. When the tears and the hugs were over, Hinata decided one night wouldn't be harmful to go one was for Kiba's mom. It had purpose to dress up in ridiculous garb. Hinata would never admit it, but she secretly liked the boots.

The door bell rang, and she heard the older woman squeal in delight.

"It's Nancy! You will love her! Oh goodie!"

She opened the door, and standing out side the door was a girl.

"Nancy, it's about time. Where is that lazy-ass?"

"Shikamaru is waiting in the car. Is this the girl?"

"Yeah. Twig, this is Temari. Nancy, this is Hinata-chan! Doesn't she look gorgeous? She is going to bring the bastard home! They have a thing going on..."

"Good Lord, I feel sorry for you. She isn't pregnant, is she?"

"Not yet...That hormonal dick-wad..."

"Ah, it's very nice to meet you, Temari-san."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go, Twig. Tsume, see ya later. I'll tell Hana-chan that you are fine."

"You do that, Nancy. See ya later, Twiggy. I hope to see Kiba with you...with his hands off you. AHAHA! Bye, loves!"

Hinata looked at Temari, and felt her jaw slacken. The girl was tan, and blonde. Her hair was let down, and fell loosely around her shoulders. She had purple eyeshadow, and heavy eye make-up. The pairings barricaded her ears and outline them. She wore a short skirt with fish nets held up with garter belts. Her boots were similar to Hinata's but shorter. Her top had some band called "The Sex Pistols" on the front and barely covered her shoulders. Overall, it would have been considered tacky, but she could pull it off.

"What the fuck are you doing, you damn lazy bastard!"

"Troublesome bitch, get in the car."

"Like fucking hell I will! Who the fuck do you think you are! I'm driving, you bastard."

"Go screw yourself, this is tiresome."

"I fucking mean it. Get the fuck out of my fucking car. I swear to God that I will kill you if you don't get out of there, Shikamaru!"

Hinata was amused by the language. Being sheltered when she grew up, she hadn't gotten use to it, but found it amusing none-the-less. The guy called Shikamaru got out of the car. He sported a leather jacket and tattered jeans(no shirt, surprisingly). His hair was black and stuck up like he had just gotten out of bed. He wore a scowl as he moved towards her.

"Troublesome bitch."

"Lazy-assed bastard."

Hinata had to save her eyes from their suck-face embrace.

"So, can look."


They got into the car and were quite amused at Hinata. She seemed so out of place but at the same time...they felt as if she belonged with them.

"All right, let's go!"

The car sped off. Hinata mentally struggled to get her mind set right. It didn't matter. She had to get Kiba matter what it took.

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