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"I'm so glad to see you!" Emily threw her arms around her best-friend as soon as Casey had opened the front door.

"Me too," Casey smiled. It was the first time she had seen her best-friend in over six months. She was afraid that things would be awkward because they hadn't really kept in contact while Casey was away, but Emily was the same as ever. Much to Casey's relief, of course.

"So, tell me all about the immersion program you were on," Emily grinned as Casey let her inside the warm house. She took off her coat, gloves, and hat, fluffing her wild curls before sitting on the couch. Casey sat down next to her best-friend, her smile faltering slightly.

"Oh, it was… très magnifique," Casey said with a shrug and Emily laughed.

"Really? I think being immersed in a foreign language for six whole months would drive me loca," Emily said with a short laugh at herself. "What about the guys? Are the Québécois hot or not?"

"Definitely hot," Casey said with a wink for emphasis.

Emily flittered again. "Got any numbers or screen names?"

Casey was glad that she was interrupted then by the front door opening. A gust of cold Canadian winter air filled the house as Derek bombed in.

"Man, it's cold out there," he commented, busily pulling off his gloves and blowing into his bare hands to warm them up. He was so preoccupied that he didn't notice their guest, and Emily would not have that.

"Hey, Derek," she said flintily. Casey couldn't help but roll her eyes at her friend. The unrequited crush she had on Derek was just ridiculous.

Nora, George, and Marti burst in then, Marti being carried by her father and a removable baby car-seat clutched in Nora's hands.

"Casey, warm-up a bottle of formula for Tyler, okay?" Nora said to her eldest daughter as she set the car-seat down on the hardwood floor.

"Do I finally get to meet your new baby brother?" Emily grinned over at Casey, leaping off the couch just as Casey was getting up to go get the formula.

Casey didn't respond, so Derek did. "Sure, come see the newest Venturi-MacDonald addition." He smirked over at Emily, kneeling down on the floor. A real smile erupted on his face as he looked in on the sleeping newborn.

"He's a whole week old already and still all he does is eat and sleep," Marti exclaimed to Emily, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. "I wanna play with him!"

"You'll get to play with him soon enough, honey," Nora said soothingly to her little stepdaughter, helping her out of her unicorn winter coat.

"Emily, do you want to stay for dinner?" George asked as he crossed the room to pick up the phone. "We're ordering pizza," he said temptingly.

Emily laughed. "Sure, Mr. Venturi, thanks." She watched as Derek carefully took the small bundle out of the car-seat.

"Emily, do you want to stay for dinner?" George asked as he crossed the room to pick up the phone. "We're ordering pizza," he said temptingly.

Emily laughed. "Sure, Mr. Venturi, thanks." She watched as Derek carefully took the small bundle out of the car-seat. She looked down, leaning her head purposely on Derek's shoulder as she strained to see the baby in his arms.

"Oh my gosh!" Emily squealed as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake the sleeping little boy. Casey came out just then, carrying a warm bottle in her hand. "Casey, your little brother is the cutest thing ever!"

"Yeah, he is," Casey smiled, looking over at the sleeping baby. "We've got to wake him up so he can eat, though, it's past his feeding time."

"You guys can handle feeding him while I go check in on Edwin and Lizzie, right?" Nora asked, already climbing the stairs as she spoke.

"I wanna feed him!" Marti bounced around, standing on her tiptoes to catch a glimpse of the newborn in her brother's arms.

"We're fine," Derek said offhandedly, gazing at the tiny bundle. He seemed almost entranced by the little guy.

"Yeah," Casey echoed. She peered over at Derek. "Do you want to feed him?"

Derek looked over at Casey, and their eyes held for a moment before Casey broke the gaze, moving her blue eyes down to the floor.

"Sure," Derek said, his voice sounding slightly strange to Emily. She watched as Casey handed the bottle to Derek, skilfully avoiding any hand contact.

Derek gently brushed the tip of the bottle against the tiny baby's pink mouth, and instinctively, without opening his eyes, the infant took the nipple of the bottle into his mouth and began slowly suckling.

"Aww, he's so precious," Emily cooed.

"Pizza's on its way!" George shouted from the kitchen, ruining the tender moment.

"Pizza!" Edwin came rushing down the stairs. "Where!"

"On its way!" Marti replied sassily, doing a little twirl. "Babies can't eat pizza, right Casey?"

"Right," Casey smiled at the newly-turned-seven-year-old. "Babies drink a special formula that helps them grow."

"Is that what Tyler's drinking right now?" Marti inquired, hopping up and down to look at the slurping infant.

"Yup. You want to see, Smarti?" Derek asked, bending to sit on his knees so he was now the same height as Marti and she could peer in on Tyler.

"He's so great with his siblings," Emily swooned quietly to Casey.

Casey sighed in response. She frowned for a moment and after quite a delay, simply said, "Sure."

"How's the feeding going?" Nora asked as she came back downstairs, with Lizzie trailing behind her.

"Not so good. The pizza isn't even here yet and I'm starving," Edwin replied, shaking his head in disdain.

"Not you, Smart One, she means the baby," Lizzie said, rolling her eyes, feigning exasperation at her favourite stepbrother.

"He was hungry," Derek responded, his eyes soft as he watched the baby drink up his bottle.

"Edwin, Lizzie, Marti, come help me set the table," Nora said, ushering the kids into the kitchen, leaving the oldest ones alone for some privacy.

"It's so great that you came back just in time to see his birth," Emily said to Casey as the three of them watched Tyler continue sucking on the bottle. "Perfect timing, huh?"

"Yeah," Casey said, somewhat half-heartedly.

"You finished, little guy?" Derek asked in a surprisingly soft voice, feeling that the bottle was at its end. At that, Tyler finally opened his large blue eyes and looked right up at Derek.

Emily gave another squeal and Casey couldn't help but give a small smile as the baby stared up at Derek innocently.

The doorbell rang just then, and Edwin burst in from the kitchen, flying past them to open the door. George was right behind him, taking out his wallet.

"I'll go put him upstairs in his crib," Casey said, seeing that Tyler's eyes were beginning to close again. Derek nodded, silently handing the bundle of light-blue blanket to Casey. Casey tenderly stroked the baby's chubby cheek before turning to go upstairs.

"I thought your parents' room was downstairs in the basement," Emily said to Derek, her eyebrows furrowing.

"Yeah…" Derek said. "But, uh, temporarily Marti is staying with Lizzie and Tyler's in Marti's room."

"Nora doesn't stay with him?"

"They have those…uh…walkie-talkie things…" Derek explained as he began walking into the kitchen. Emily followed close behind.

"You mean a baby monitor?"

"Yeah, that," Derek nodded, sitting down at the table in his usual spot. "Edwin, soda," he commanded distractedly with a finger snap, and Edwin reluctantly handed over the 2-litre of Pepsi.

Casey strolled in, and Nora smiled gently at her daughter. "Tyler in bed?"

"Yup," she nodded, sitting down next to Emily. "Sound asleep already."

"See? Babies are boring," Marti said to Emily and Emily smiled at the young girl.

"No, they're so cute," Emily refuted, accepting a slice of mushroom pizza when Casey offered it to her. She smiled over at George and Nora. "He's beautiful. He looks like the perfect combination of the Venturis and the MacDonalds." She took a bite of pizza and swallowed quickly as she thought of something. With a grin, she eyed her best-friend. "In fact, he looks like the perfect combination of you and Derek," she laughed at the irony of it, waiting for everyone else to join.

Nobody laughed with her. Casey choked on a mouthful of pizza and Derek awkwardly looked down at the table, chewing a bit more slowly.

"Imagine that," Lizzie stated finally, quietly taking a sip of her soda. Her eyes flickered across the table and met Edwin's just before Nora changed the subject completely.