Hey, I just kind of had this urge to write something like this, so…tada? It's ok if you think it sucks, it doesn't really mean anything, but I will be really happy if you think it's good!

Maybe I was stupid

Dear Ino,

Maybe I was stupid when I picked up this pen only seconds ago and began to write these very words on this very paper. Maybe I was stupid to even think or feel everything I'm thinking and feeling right now. Regardless of how troublesome it is, Ino, I have to confess something. I agreed with you during the chounin exams when you said 'we are a three man team. We do everything together.' Those words were some of which I must admit, I had wanted to hear. But the thing is…since then we didn't do everything together. We grew apart. I don't even know where Chouji or Asuma are now. When I bumped into you the other day in one of the shops, I was confused as to what to feel. Excitement? Happiness? Grief? Annoyance…love? I never knew. It only became slightly clearer to me when I asked to see you the next day. When I saw you that next day, I wanted to see the day after that. Then the day after that, and so the cycle went on. Then that one day rolled around. That one day that changed everything between us. Ino, when you admitted that you felt for me what I had unconsciously felt for you all these years, from the moment you yelled at me for being too lazy, I was overjoyed. But for some reason, I didn't know how to accept it. I didn't want our relationship to soon turn to drivel, and us grow apart as we did all those years ago. So I didn't respond. Maybe I was stupid for not admitting my true feelings. Maybe I was stupid for just watching you walk out the door in tears, me not making a single move to comfort or soothe you. Maybe I was just plain stupid Ino, I don't know. Those are some of the hardest words for me to say, 'I don't know.' But I know something that's even harder to say. It's not maybe to me anymore. I love you Ino, and I was stupid to let you walk out of my life.

Much love,


I know, If you look "incredibly cheesy" up in the dictionary, it will say "See fanfic titled 'Maybe I Was Stupid' by Everlite". I won't be surprised if this gets little or no reviews because it only took a few minutes, but I just kind of felt like writing from the heart at the moment. If you are reading this, thank you so much, and review if you want.