The characters in this story aren't mine. They are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Ranma ½ and Takeuchi Naoko, the creator of Sailor Moon. This is a totally non-profit bit of prose also known as a fanfic. I am writing this for the enjoyment of other fans and myself. If Takahashi Rumiko or Takeuchi Naoko say they don't want their characters used in this way it will be deleted immediately. Anywho... onward into the story.

A little bit of background:

This is a crossover story between Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon. The story takes place sometime after the end of the Shishi Houkoudan story line in volume 20 of the original Ranma ½ manga (Viz has reorganized the volumes making them larger, and I have no idea what volume it is by their numbering.) As for the Sailor Moon storyline it takes place somewhere during the anime storyline of Sailor Moon S before Eudail died. I really don't know a lot about Sailor Moon so it's going to be difficult to be sure I make everything fit. However, with the help of the many websites on the subject, and a little luck the story line will hopefully seem correct. Okay on to the story... for real this time.

Lost in the Moon Light

By: Eric Evans

Chapter 1: First Impressions

It was a rather warm, pleasant day in Tokyo, however like so many other days Ryouga wasn't enjoying it. In fact he was quite upset. He had finally made it back to the Tokyo area, but that had been over a week ago and he had yet to find his way to the Tendo residence.

Although he couldn't be sure, he thought he had gotten close about two days before, but he wasn't even certain he was still in Tokyo let alone Nerima. In fact Ryouga was still in the Tokyo area but he had found his way into to the Juuban district. Ryouga began to grumble to himself, "If this turns out to be Sapporo again I swear I'm gonna…." His revelry however was cut short as an odd feeling swept over him.

What the hell…. Ryouga quickly spun around surveying his surroundings. It didn't take him long to realize where the feeling was coming from. He stared at the lady with long red hair dressed all in red carrying a large odd looking gun-like thing and followed by a huge almost female looking filing-cabinet daimon.

The woman smiled at him as she continued toward him. Ryouga wasn't sure what was going on, but he wasn't about to just wait and see. "What the heck is that thing?!" he yelled in as menacing of a voice as he could muster as he pointed at the daimon following the rather attractive yet altogether far too red lady.

The woman continued her approach. Her smile grew as she began to speak in a condescending tone, "You needn't worry about that my pure hearted friend. She is just a bit of insurance for later, but for right now I have a favor to ask you."

Ryouga for the most part was completely confused, "Uhhh… what…?"

The woman chuckled lightly as she approached Ryouga, "You have something I've been looking for."

Ryouga looked at her confused yet still on guard, "What do you mean?"

"Your heart, I need your heart," Eudail said as she stopped a little ways away from him.

Ryouga blushed. "Huh?! W-wha… what…?" Ryouga stammered as his mind whirled trying to comprehend what she had just said. Unfortunately he was too confused to notice what she was doing.

Eudail raised her gun and leveled it at Ryouga, "That's right. So please… give me your heart." An evil grin grew on her lips as energy began to gather in the weapon.

The sudden flash of light startled Ryouga and he looked up as the energy beam hit him in the chest.

Ryouga threw up his arms instinctively into a defensive position, but it didn't matter the beam passed right through them as if they weren't even there. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry out… but he couldn't. He felt as if his life force was being torn from him and a cold dark emptiness spread though his body.

Ryouga stared in awe his mouth gaping as his life began to take crystalline shape in front of him. He saw his hopes, his dreams… his life being taken from him.

Eudail watched the boy's heart-crystal take shape. His hands began to lower, but instead of falling to his side as he collapsed to the ground he seemed to embrace the emptiness her weapon's beam promised. She shook her head.

Ryouga could feel oblivion calling him. Can I really let it end like this? He was losing everything. I have nothing to lose. He was alone. I've always been alone. Unloved. No one will care. Soon he would be no more. No one will notice. His teeth clenched and his eyes, which had gone blank and lifeless, came back into focus and began to glow. His sorrow, his loneliness, his despair… they all began to burn inside him once more. The crystal that was his being began to fade back into him as his aura sprang to life and gathered into his hands.

Eudail gasped as the bandana-clad boy seemed to burn in a dark flame of suffering. Her eyes widened as she realized her energy beam could no longer penetrate the gathering energy in his hands.

Silhouetted by his own aura he glared at her with burning eyes. "So you want my heart…. Well…" he growled in a voice full of pain. "You're welcome to it!" he screamed as he released the Shishi Houkoudan.

The ki blast easily overwhelmed Eudial's energy. She clinched her eyes shut and screamed in horror as it hurled towards her. She felt a heavy impact and another as she hit a wall after being tossed through the air. Luckily for her, the daimon had stepped in front of her and taken most of the impact for her. However, she hurt all over and the daimon, although mostly undamaged had been knocked though the wall of the building.

She groaned as she tried to pull herself to her feet clutching her side. As she struggled to take in a breath she saw something that made her want to scream. Two Sailor Senshi were headed strait for them. Damn it! This guy is scary…. Taking his heart crystal would be hard enough, but with the Sailor Senshi coming…. Crap, I don't have a choice… I'm outa here.

The Sailor Senshi had heard rumors that there was a daimon roaming around town. Unsure as to what that could mean they decided they couldn't just ignore the rumor. After some debate they agreed to split into groups and have a look around town. While Usagi and Chibi-Usa had said they had something that they had to do the others, after complaining about Usagi for a while, split into two groups of two.

Makoto and Minako ran through the streets together in the area they had agreed upon with the other Senshi, hoping to catch site of the rumored daimon.

Sailor Venus sighed, "This is getting old…. What would a daimon be doing wandering around town anyway?"

Sailor Jupiter shook her head, "No idea. From what I heard though it sounded like it was lost."

"Yeah…." She laughed slightly, "That would be kinda funny."

"I guess. At least no one's been attacked yet." She rubbed her nose, "What was it supposed to look like again?"

"A filing cabinet, I think…."

"Well… that sounds about right from the others we've had to fight recently."

"Maybe it's just lost and we can give it directions and it'll go home," Sailor Venus said sticking out her tongue.

"Heh, yeah right."

"Hey, you know what they say, 'Don't judge a gift-book by looking in its mouth."

Makoto just stared at her with a slightly annoyed look on her face.

Minako felt a little embarrassed and decided to try again, "No, wait. Maybe it was, 'You can't judge a horse by looking under its cover."

Sailor Jupiter sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"Was that not right…?" Sailor Venus asked her cheeks staring to flush.

Sailor Jupiter looked at her and started, "I can't believe you. You're the…." Her little rant was cut off however when a flash of light caught both of their attentions. "What was that?"

"I don't know let's go check it out," Venus said as the pair speed toward the source of the light.

As they turned a corner they were just in time to see a second flash of light at the end of the street, much brighter than the first, explode across the street they had just entered. The immense ball of energy had slammed a woman into a wall at the opposite side of the street and knocked a good-sized whole in the building.

The energy blast seemed to have come from the man glowing in a dark flame. The two girls stared at him in awe as the woman that had been hit forced herself to her feet and began to flee down an alley next to the building she had impacted.

The man yelled something at her and began to follow her. Jupiter and Venus decided they needed to do something and dashed down the street beginning their speech.

Ryouga wasn't about to just let the lady who had attacked him run away. I have to stop her, and… and uhhh… turn her into the police or something…. I can't let her do that to anyone else. As he sprinted after her he heard someone yelling something about love and planetary bodies. He turned his head to see what was going on and saw two pretty girls in far-to-short skirts running strait towards him at an impressive speed. Damn it! Is that more of them!? He stopped dead in his tracks and turned his attention completely toward the two girls quickly closing in on him. Better be sure though… can't just attack them….

One of the girls began to yell once again as they skidded to a halt, "That's right stop right there. You're gonna have to get through us before you can try to harm another innocent traveler."

Ryouga's body remained ready to strike even as a puzzled look crossed his face, "Uh… what…?" His confusion however was ignored by the two girls and became even worse as they began to shout weird sayings.

The girl in green was first. As she touched her tiara she shouted, "Supreme Thunder!"

All confusion however left his expression as he saw the lightning bolt headed strait for him. He threw himself to one side barely avoiding the attack. Anger grew on his face. Why the hell is everyone attacking me today!? And, what kind of attack was that anyway?! He recovered his balance and sprang towards the girls.

Seeing his advance the orange-clad girl began her attack, "Venus Love-Me Chain!" Her chain of hearts shot out in hopes of entangling him, however Ryouga pulled his umbrella from the top of his pack and batted it to the side continuing his dash strait toward the pair that had attacked him.

The girls dashed off in different directions circling him in hope of finding a quick opening and to make themselves harder targets. Ryouga focused on the one in green who he thought to be the stronger of the two.

Seeing her chance Venus once again charged her attack this time aiming for the boy's umbrella, "Venus Love-Me Chain!"

The boy with the enormous backpack turned in time to move his umbrella to block the attack, but was surprised when the chain instead wrapped around it.

Minako pulled with all her might on her chain to yank the incredibly strong boy's weapon free from his hand. However instead of disarming him she only managed to pull him off balance for a moment after which he swept his umbrella forward jerking her off of her feet and sending her flying though the air.

Jupiter used the opening her friend had bought her and once again charged her attack as the orange and black clad boy was pulled off balance, "Supreme Thunder!" The bolt of lightening connected just as Venus was being thrown through the air.

The young martial artist's body convulsed in agony as the electricity arced through it. He collapsed to his knees as the electrocution stopped, but shuddered as his muscles continued to spasm.

Jupiter hadn't been able to enjoy her victory for long as Venus slammed into her and threw them both against the wall behind her. After shaking the stars from her vision she began to stand helping Sailor Venus to do the same.

The still smoking young man rose to his feet at the same time as Venus and Jupiter, his muscles mostly back under his own control, and grim determination etched on his face. He charged at the girls before they had completely recovered and focused once again on Makoto.

Makoto shoved her still dazed friend aside as the boy in orange and black closed on them once again. She quickly decided that if he wanted a hand-to-hand fight he could have it. A small grin crossed Jupiter's lips as she dropped into a fighting stance. He has no idea what he's getting himself into.

The bandana-clad boy leapt at her with a crescent-kick towards her head. Jupiter managed to duck the attack, but as she stood back up she saw his umbrella coming around at her from the other side. Not having time to do anything else she raised her arms to block the blow. As the umbrella connected however Makoto was surprised to realize that the force behind the attack was tremendous and completely unstoppable for her. Oh hell, that thing must weigh more than I do! She was thrown into the building at the end of the street by the force of his attack

Makoto struggled to stay on her feet as parts of the wall crumbled around her. Her vision was blurry and her head swam. She blinked several times trying to clear her vision, and when she finally looked up what she saw was the impossibly strong boy rushing towards her with his umbrella already stashed back onto his pack. Before she could react through the disorientation that had swept over her he slammed a fist into her midsection and another into her chest.

The air exploded out of Sailor Jupiter's lungs and she collapsed to the ground, her head drooping, as darkness threatened to consume her completely.

Seeing the tall girl nearly unconscious and more or less incapacitated for the moment Ryouga, not wanting to permanently injure anyone, especially such cute girls even if they were trying to kill him, turned his attention to the very pretty blonde who was beginning to recover. He pulled several bandanas from his head as he dashed towards her.

Unsure what he was doing and seeing her friend having been taken out of action Venus began to fearfully charge another attack, "Crescent Beam Shower!"

The eternally lost boy gasped as he saw the many beams of energy descending upon him from above. Just as the attack reached him he managed to pull out his umbrella and open it blocking all but the first couple of beams, one of which grazed his cheek and the other slamming into his left shoulder, which burned and nearly went numb from the attack.

Minako stood staring in awe at the young man who had just stopped most of her attack with an umbrella. My Crescent Beam should be able to cut right through a bamboo umbrella…. What is going on here?! Shrugging off the pain in his shoulder the boy let loose the bandana-shurikens and Minako dodged them as best she could avoiding all but one which sliced through the side of her skirt and gashed her leg. Sailor Venus gulped hard with small tears forming in the corners of her very wide eyes as she realized that the fanged boy had already crossed the distance between them.

Ami and Rei were finally nearing where Minako and Makoto had said they had seen a bright flash and were going to investigate. It hadn't really taken them to long, but they knew that if it really were a daimon every second would count.

As they rounded the corner to where they were headed they were just in time to see a muscular young man wearing a yellow bandana connect a spinning kick to their friend's face sending her roughly to the ground unmoving.

Ami's eye's widened. No, no, no, no…. this can't be happening!

Rei screamed, "No!"

As Ryouga's foot whirred towards the cute blonde's pretty face he felt a pang of guilt. The spinning kick connected and he felt sick as he heard a crunching sound. He watched her collapse to the ground and blood began to trickle from her nose. Damn it! I broke her nose…. I'm so sorry…. He had no time for remorse however as he heard someone shouting and looked up.

Two more similarly dressed girls only in red and blue were headed towards him. Well crap…. This just keeps getting worse.

The girl in red began to shout at him angrily, "I don't know who the hell you are, but your gonna pay for messing with the Sailor Senshi! In the name of Mars I will punish you! Fire Soul!"

Ryouga barely tumbled out of the way as the wave of fire shot towards him. As he stood he stared at the new combatants and started, "Sailor Senshi?! What the hell does that mean, and how many of you are there anyway?!"

"Heh, that's doesn't matter because I'll beat you by myself," she gloated before charging up another attack. "Fire Soul!"

As Ryouga dodged the attack he noticed the other girl wasn't attacking instead she seemed to be going to check on the others. Well that's fine with me.

Mars was annoyed at how easily he had avoided her attacks and decided a plan was in order, "Fire Soul! Fire Soul! Fire Soul!" She threw the blasts as quickly as she could charge them up.

The perpetually lost martial artist dodged the attacks with only minor difficulty, but was surprised when the fiery black haired girl sprang towards him.

"Akuryou Taisan!" Rei flung the ward at him and it stuck to his forehead.

He reeled backwards in shock, but quickly recovered and pulled the piece of paper from his forehead and looked at it, "What the hell? A spirit ward?! What the heck was that supposed to do?"

Sailor Mars froze as she considered the implications of this. So… he's not evil? That doesn't make any sense. Why would he be trying to hurt the Sailor Senshi if he's not evil…? However, he was not one to let an opening pass him by, and he charged Rei and connected a roundhouse-kick to her side that sent her crashing into a building at the side of the street.

Ami looked up from where Makoto lay starting to regain herself relieved that both of her friends were still alive only to see Rei fly into a wall and collapse to the ground. "Oh no!" I've got to buy us some time! "Shabon Spray!"

The fanged boy turned to see where the voice had come from only to see every thing disappear into a mist. "Oh great, what now…."

Jupiter rose to her feet, "Thank you Mercury. Go check on Mars, I'll take care of this guy."

Mercury nodded, "Right," and dashed off to her newly downed friend.

Makoto took deep breaths trying to pull herself together. Her head still swam, her vision was blurry, and her body ached all over from the pummeling she had received, but she was up. The Shabon Spray will last for a little while still… gotta focus. She watched as Ami helped Rei to her feet.

Rei clutched her side as Ami kept her shakily on her feet. She turned to her friend and between excruciating breaths she managed to say, "T-thanks… M-Merc…ury…. I… I thi… think… one of… m-my ribs is… b-broken…."

Ami nodded at her solemnly, "Yes, or at the very least cracked…."

They both looked towards Jupiter as she began, "Supreme Thunder Dragon!"

Ryouga had figured out long ago that every time one of those girls yelled out some strange saying something bad was gonna happen. However, he had never heard that one before, and he couldn't see anything through the mist that had settled on him. Every muscle is his body was tense and his senses stretched to there limit.

He heard something that sounded like the roar of lightning hurtling towards him and turned to find it. What he saw was an immense dragon of electricity lunging at him mouth gaping as if to swallow him whole. Ryouga stared for an instant in awe of the beast with electricity arcing along it, and recovered only in time to put his arms out in front of him and remember all of his misery and loneliness.

Ami watched in amazement as the dragon of thunder arced toward the boy trapped inside of the Shabon Spray. As it engulfed him everything flashed in a bright light that for an instant turned everything white.

"Shishi Houkoudan!" was all she could hear over the roar of the explosion. Rei who had almost been standing on her own collapsed into her arms covering her mouth trying not to throw up. The flash of light had burned away her Shabon Spray in an instant, and it seemed as if nothing could have remained, but as the light disappeared and the energy dissipated one thing remained. The rather tall muscular boy with black hair dressed in a yellow-brown tunic held by a black belt, black pants bound around the calves by crisscrossing leather cords, and a yellow bandana stood at the center of where the explosion had been panting.

Mercury lowered Mars to the ground where she knelt clutching her stomach and her chest protectively as her stomach continued to lurch. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jupiter collapse to her knees from the effort of creating the thunder dragon. More importantly however in her mind was the fact that she was now alone, a fact that the fanged boy had seemed to have noticed.

The depressed martial artist gaze fell onto her and he charged at her. Ami backed away in fear as fast as she could until she backed into a wall. Realizing she had nowhere to go her mind began to reel. She mustered her courage and began to charge her attack, "Shine Aqua…." She was too late. She knew she couldn't finish her attack before the fist the fanged boy had chambered shot out and connected with her face. She winced in anticipation with her eyes clenched shut.

Ryouga stumbled to a halt in front of the cute innocent looking girl he was about to pummel. I can't do it…. She just looks too helpless…. Besides she hasn't really done anything to me. He scratched his head. Though that mist thing was kinda annoying. He shook his head. No, I can't do it….

Ami waited for the pain that she knew should be coming, confused as to why it seemed to be taking so long. Mercury opened one eye to see what was happening and was surprised to see the bandana clad boy standing right in front of her looking rather confused and depressed staring at the ground.

Sailor Mercury timidly opened her other eye and looked up at his face, "Ummm…." She had no idea what to say.

Apparently neither did the boy who was supposed to be pummeling her. He lifted his gaze from the ground and looked into her eyes, "Oh, uhhh…." He began to rub the back of his head and laugh nervously.

Ami was trembling in fear, and yet she felt like there was nothing to be afraid of when she looked at his face, "W-what are…." Mercury was interrupted by the shout of, "Mars Firestorm Flash!" and watched as the boy she was talking to was blasted away by a stream of fire that was far to close to her for comfort.

Ryouga was barely able to cross his arms in front of his face before the wave of fire impacted with him. The force of the attack forced him backwards as his feet slid along the ground. He screamed in agony as he felt the heat burning though his clothes and beginning to scorch his flesh. The pain was nearly unbearable by the time the attack subsided leaving the fiery girl panting and clutching her side.

Gasping for breath and shaking from the pain of the burns on his arms and the light burns on his face Ryouga collapsed to his knees tearing off the now sleeveless charred remains of his tunic which was still burning in places. Geez, I didn't think she was ever gonna run outa steam… firewood, whatever.

He rose back to his feet with his arms clutched against himself protectively, and looked around to assess the situation. They seem to be waiting for me to make the next move… that gives me a little time. Okay… the lightning girl and the fire girl are both almost completely exhausted. The pretty blonde is still unconscious, and the cute innocent looking girl has yet to really attack me. So what now…? Ryouga looked around looking for a way to distract them and escape. Damn… still nothing…. Well, lets see they still haven't seen my Bakusai Tenketsu or the Full Shishi Houkoudan maybe I could…. Ryouga's thoughts were interrupted when something caught his attention. Oh hell….

Sailor Moon bounded around the corner to the area that the fighting was supposed to be happening and was horrified at what she saw. Minako was down. Makoto and Rei seemed seriously injured and exhausted. Building walls, lampposts, benches, mailboxes, everything… everything was trashed except one thing. That one thing was what worried her most, the young man more or less intact in a stand off with the Sailor Senshi.

Usagi rushed to her friends, "For love and justice, I am the pretty, sailor-suited fighter Sailor Moon! Hurting my friends is something I will never forgive! On behalf of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Ami who had been concentrating on her visor looked relieved to see her. Rei turned to her as she approached, "About time you… got here… we could… c-could use a little help."

Usagi, Rei and Ami gathered near their fallen comrade never taking their eyes off of the fanged boy who was doing the same to them. Makoto who was on the wrong side of the bandana clad martial artist stayed where she was. Sailor Moon began in hushed tones, "So, what's been going on?"

Rei grumbled, "T-that… b-bastard has been… b-beating the… heck out of us… t-that's wha… what."

"But, he looks like a normal person…." Usagi interjected looking at Rei's injuries and wanting to cry.

"T-there isn't anything… n-normal about that guy!" Rei forced out

It was Ami's turn, "That's not completely true…. My visor can't sense anything evil about him. He seems to be completely human although I do detect some sort of faint chaotic magical aura about him it's nothing distinguishable."

Rei turned to Ami, "W-well, what about tha… that thing he did t…to Mako-chan's dragon attack…? T-that sure as h-heck… w-wasn't normal."

Ami shook her head slightly, "I'm not really sure. I wasn't actively scanning at the time, and although I still had my visor set on passive scan to detect any magic from when we were looking for the daimon, it didn't detect any magic from him when he stopped her attack…."

Rei shook her head in disbelief, "T-that's not possible…. S-so it… wasn't m-magic…?"

"That reminds me Mars what happened to you when he did that? I remember you seemed to be recovering but then you just collapsed."

Rei's expression grew dark, "I… I don't know…. I felt… I f-felt like someone had… had just… opened up their heart… a-and there w-was nothing… nothing but p-pain…. The depression… the loneliness… the suffering… it was overwhelming…. It made me sick to my stomach…." She grew quiet as the memories haunted her. She continued to herself, "And you say he's not evil…?"

"Ugh… wha…?"

The Sailor Senshi looked around unsure where the voice had come from, before Mercury noticed that Minako was struggling back to consciousness, "Oh, Venus your awake!"

As Venus' mind began to clear the pain in her face started to become overwhelming, "Oh, god…." She rested her hands lightly on her nose as tears started to fill her eyes. "I-it hurts… it hurts so bad…." was all she could choke out even though she was relieved to see her friends. All relief along with most of the blood drained from her face however when she noticed the fanged martial artist.

Ryouga stood cautiously eyeing the three girls standing if front of him talking among themselves. Well, what now? I gotta get outa here… but how? Okay… first choice, fight until they are all unconscious. He shook his head. No, there is no guarantee there aren't five more waiting to jump in… beside I hate fighting girls. Well… second option, I could try to surprise them and then get the heck outa here while they are distracted…. Ryouga's planning was interrupted as he realized that the pretty blonde girl he knocked out earlier was once again conscious. Oh hell…. The other girls' attention also turned to the prone orange clad girl. Damn, no more time to think this over, I gotta act now while they are distracted.

Ryouga didn't waste a moment as he sprung toward the four girls. He had covered most of the distance between them by the time they realized what was happening. Now! Gotta do it now! He turned to the side digging in his heels to stop his forward momentum only a few feet from the girls, and touched the ground with his index finger.

The girls screamed in shock and tried to shield themselves from the debris as the rocks and dust exploded from the point he had touched. As soon as he had completed the Bakusai Tenketsu Ryouga began to sprint in the other direction. Perfect! Take that Ranma! "Heh."

As Ryouga ran at full speed toward the end of the street he heard, "Sparkling Wide Pressure!" and his mind whirred. Crap! I didn't think about her! Ryouga ground to a halt and sprang backwards just in time to avoid the huge blast of electrical energy.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" Ryouga turned his head just in time to see the brilliant beam of pink energy shoot towards him. He tried to shift to one side out of the beam's path but was to slow. The beam of pure energy still managed to burn his side. He collapsed to his knees clutching his bloodied side and screaming in agony.

The Sailor Senshi didn't waste any time. As soon as she had fired her attack Sailor Moon helped Sailor Venus, who had barely been hit by the explosion of rocks since she was on the ground, back to her feet.

Mercury continued to analyze the boy on her visor, and Mars who had been hit by a rather large rock in her already broken rib laid gasping on the ground, but the others closed in on the injured martial artist circling him hoping to finish him off.

Ryouga regained himself quickly. He was used to pain. He saw the girls gathering around him. They want to end this, huh? Well, that's fine with me! He pulled himself to his feet, and began to concentrate on his pain and suffering. He remembered all of the lonely nights he had spent. He remembered all of the insults Ranma had thrown at him. He remembered his curse, and all of the pain it had caused him. He remembered the unending fights, which he could never win. He remembered how he had never been able to tell Akane how he felt. The darkness inside of him grew. It was a void that existed where he thought his fragile heart once had been. His hair and clothes began to blow about in the storm of emotions. He lowered himself arms crossed to his knees and threw himself back up arms falling to his side as he opened his heart upon the world. "Shishi Houkoudan!"

As Usagi, Makoto, and Minako closed in on the now bleeding boy Rei began to pull herself to her feet. She wanted to help her friends and she knew she couldn't do that by just laying there. However, as she finally stood up she felt it. She stared at the boy who was also pulling himself to his feet. No… he's doing it again! She felt sick to her stomach. It was much worse this time. Oh god! The nausea threatened to overwhelm her, "No! Get away from him!" The energy exploding forth from the lost boy was the last thing she saw before she lost consciousness.

Usagi heard her friend scream from behind her, but the warning was to late. As the pillar of ki exploded forth from the fanged boy she collapsed to her knees. She could feel it, all of his suffering, all of his pain, all of his loneliness, it was right there. She could see it. It made her want to cry, so she did.

Makoto began to run as she saw the enormous ball of ki gathering above them, but realized that Usagi wasn't moving and ran towards her instead. The energy was starting to descend as she reached Usagi.

Minako stared in awe at the massive ball of energy that was descending on her. She felt like a deer caught in oncoming headlights. She couldn't move. She saw Makoto try to drag Usagi out of the blast, but it was to late. She screamed as the enormous weight of the energy blast burned into her back and crushed her into the ground.

Ami watched her friends being crushed under the enormous blast in shock. As the energy dissipated she saw the boy who had released the blast standing in the middle of the crater it had formed unharmed and looking like he wished he was dead.

Mercury realized she had to get ready and attack. As she readied her Aqua Shine Illusion she watched the boy shake himself free of the depression that was holding him and begin to sprint toward the buildings at the end of the street. Ami realized he was trying to escape and decide that it would be better if she just let him for now, her friends were more important. She watched as he leapt to the roof of the building and turned to survey the area. She saw his eyes meet hers, and his head lower, and she thought she could hear, "I'm sorry," whispered on the breeze before he turned and disappear from her sight.

Ami rushed to her downed friends and saw Usagi, who had been mostly shielded from the blast by Makoto was already getting up, "Sailor Moon, you're okay!"

Usagi nodded at her rubbing the tears from her eyes, "Yes… and it looks like I had better start healing the others."

Sailor Mercury nodded quickly, "Yes, I think Mars is hurt the worst. You had better start with her."

Makoto woke to the voice of Sailor Mercury gently encouraging her, "Come on, Jupiter. Everything is going to be all right now. Do you think you're seriously injured anywhere?"

Jupiter blinked several times hoping to clear her mind or at least her vision. As her sight began to clear she saw Rei sitting on the ground rubbing her head but looking much better than she had before, and Usagi healing Minako with her Moon Healing Escalation. "No… no, I think I'm okay. What happened?"

"Well, after his last attack that guy just ran away. Sailor Moon has been healing Mars and Venus, and I've been trying to wake you."

Makoto sighed, and began to push herself up. Ami quickly helped. The two walked to where Rei was sitting with Makoto leaning heavily on Ami.

Rei looked up at them, "Glad to see you two are alright."

Jupiter smiled down at her, "You're looking quite a bit better yourself." She shifted her weight off of Mercury to try and stand on her own. Ami looked at her worriedly, but she managed to shakily stay up.

Ami offered Rei her hand and helped her to her feet as well, and they all walked to where Minako was starting to wake up.

Usagi turned to them as they approached looking exhausted, "Oh, Jupiter! You shouldn't be walking around like that. Let me heal you."

Makoto shook her head, "I'll be fine. Besides you could use some rest."

Minako sat up groggily, "Ugh…." She moaned and tenderly touched her nose then looked up at the others, "You're all okay…." Relief washed over her face. Usagi and Makoto helped her up.

Rei nodded, "Yep, but we have a lot to discuss."

Ryouga leapt from building to building wanting to get as far away from the Sailor Senshi as possible. However, he was injured and exhausted and soon he found he couldn't go any further.

He dropped down into an alleyway and collapsed to the ground. He pulled off his pack and began rummaging though it for his first aid kit. After a little searching he pulled out a large canvas pouch with a red cross on it.

He opened the bag and pulled out a bottle of disinfectant and a bunch of gauze and bandages. After a while he had wrapped his forearms and the back of his hands in bandages, as well as taken off what remained of his black under shirt so he could see the wound in his side better.

After cleaning the large wound he packed it with gauze and wrapped bandages around his chest and stomach to hold them in place. Damn… this looks kinda bad…. After only a bit more work he had also cleaned and wrapped his shoulder hopping the growing numbness in his arm wasn't too bad of a sign.

He began to shiver. Great… I lost too much blood…. He quickly repacked his first aid kit with shaking hands and pulled out a new black t-shirt and orange tunic and slipped them on and retied a white belt around his waist.

Realizing he was still to cold he pulled out a wool blanket and wrapped himself in it as he started to lose consciousness. Damn… this is gonna be a long night….

The exhausted Sailor Senshi had transformed back into their normal clothes and were walking down the street discussing what had just happened. Ami was the center of attention.

"So who was that guy?" Minako asked.

Ami thought for a second, "I'm not really sure… he is a complete mystery. Even his attacks were different than anything we have dealt with before."

Makoto looked at her confused, "What do you mean? It was a huge ball of magic that fell down on us, sure that's a new one but…."

Ami corrected her, "Actually I'm certain that it wasn't magical. From the readings I was getting it seemed like it was based on life energy."

Usagi shook her head sadly, "If felt more like a wave of bad memories to me… it was so sad…."

Rei looked at her, "Well, I don't know about memories but it did kinda seem like a lot of negative emotions rushed into me at once…. It was overwhelming…."

Ami nodded, "Just like when he blocked Mako-chan's electric dragon attack…."

Makoto interjected, "Yeah, I think he yelled the same thing too…. What was it…? Lion… Bullet… something…."

Ami thought about the attack, "Yes, I think it was the Lion's Roar Bullet…."

"Yeah, that was it. The Shishi Houkoudan," Makoto added. "That was probably the same thing we saw when Minako and I first found him attacking that lady."

Usagi looked at her curiously, "Oh yeah, how did that all get started anyway?"

Minako chimed in happy to be able to add to the conversation after being unconscious most of the fight, "Well, we saw a bright flash and we went to check it out figuring it might be the daimon. Then when we came around the corner we saw another even brighter flash and the guy was standing there glowing and some lady in red was thrown into a wall. We ran over worried someone was gonna get hurt, and the lady ran away, and the guy came after us."

Makoto nodded in agreement as Minako took a breath, "But I think I was the first one to actually attack…."

Ami shook her head disapprovingly, "So he could have been just defending himself?"

Minako interjected in Makoto's defense, "Well, we did see him attack that other lady… well sorta…."

Ami looked at her and continued, "You already said you didn't really see what was going on between that guy and the lady. So, there is no way to tell if he attacked or not then either…."

Usagi looked hurt, "So are you saying we are the bad guys here…?"

Ami thought, "No, it seems highly unlikely… but still we need to know. We shouldn't assume he is an enemy."

Rei rubbed her nose, "Well, I don't think he'll be too happy if he ever sees us again in either case."

Usagi opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by a voice coming from in front of them, "Oh, there you girls are. I was kinda worried."

Usagi looked up to see Mamoru who had one hand in his pocket while the other was held by Chibi-Usa's. She burst into tears and rushed over to him giving him a hug, "Oh Mamo-chan! It was so scary! There was this scary guy, and the girls were hurt, and the ground exploded, and we blasted him and started to close in on him and he did this thing with this huge ball of energy. It was so sad though, it made me cry and not because it hurt, but it did hurt, a lot! Then I woke up and he was gone." She continued to sob into a stunned Mamoru's shirt.

"Uhhh… huh? What's going on?"

Rei shot an exasperated look at Usagi and began to explain, "Well… we got into a fight with some really strong guy. The fight didn't really go very well."

"Damn… I was afraid something wasn't right…."