The characters in this story aren't mine. They are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Ranma ½ and Takeuchi Naoko, the creator of Sailor Moon. This is a totally non-profit bit of prose also known as a fanfic. I am writing this for the enjoyment of other fans and myself. If Takahashi Rumiko or Takeuchi Naoko say they don't want their characters used in this way it will be deleted immediately. Anywho... onward into the story.

A little bit of background:

This is a crossover story between Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon. The story takes place sometime after the end of the Shishi Houkoudan story line in volume 20 of the original Ranma ½ manga (Viz has reorganized the volumes making them larger, and I have no idea what volume it is by their numbering.) As for the Sailor Moon storyline it takes place somewhere during the anime storyline of Sailor Moon S before Eudail died. I really don't know a lot about Sailor Moon so it's going to be difficult to be sure I make everything fit. However, with the help of the many websites on the subject, and a little luck the story line will hopefully seem correct. Okay on to the story... for real this time.

Lost in the Moon Light

By: Eric Evans

Chapter 3: Third Time's a Charm

Ryouga woke to an unusual sensation. He was warm and comfortable. A bit too comfortable, it was starting to make his back hurt. He blearily opened his eyes and realized he was in a bed. He could hardly remember the last time he had slept in a real bed. A glass of water on the table next to the bed caught his attention. He noticed his mouth was very dry, but couldn't seem to find his arms and wasn't sure he wanted to let them out from under the warm blankets anyway.

He turned his head and looked out the window there for awhile until his mind began to clear. Ugh… what's going on…? A bed… am I dreaming? He didn't remember getting into a bed. In fact, he had no idea where he was. This however bothered him less than it would most people. His head still swam, but he tried to sit up and was rewarded with a shooting pain in his side. His fight with the Sailor Senshi came flooding back to him, but still he couldn't remember how it ended or how he had ended up in the bed.

The door to the room creaked open quietly and the pretty woman who walked in was surprised when the boy on the bed turned to look at her, "Oh my, you're awake already."

Ryouga nodded weakly and the pretty woman continued, "Well, I'm surprised. With your injuries and the amount of blood you lost, let alone the sedatives, I thought you would be out at least a few more days."

"Days?!" Ryouga managed to squeak out despite his very dry throat.

She noticed the boy looked uncomfortable. "Would you like a drink of water?" Ryouga nodded and the lady picked up the glass and sat down next to him on the bed. "Here you go, try not to choke," she said lifting his head a bit and tipping the glass to his lips.

Swallowing several gulps of water Ryouga felt much better. He cleared his throat and tried to speak again, "Thank you. That's a lot better."

The woman smiled at him, "Your welcome, now I have a few questions for you if you…." The woman stopped as she heard the door open again.

"Mom, I was wondering if… oh…." The girl stopped surprised to see Ryouga awake.

"Oh, it's alright Ami come on in."

Ami walked in and stood next to Ryouga's bed and bowed slightly, "Sorry to disturb you."

Ryouga started to blush looking at the girls pretty face, "Oh… uh, it's alright."

Ami smiled nervously, "Nice to meet you. I'm Mizuno Ami." She knew the magic of her Sailor Senshi uniform concealed her identity, but still felt uncomfortable introducing herself to the young man they had fought.

"Nice to meet you Mizuno-san. I'm Hibiki Ryouga."

Both Ami and her mother giggled. Very few boys his age were so formal, "Please, just call me Ami."

"Oh," he blushed even brighter getting flustered, "just call me Ryouga."

Ami's mom spoke up, "Well that answers one of my questions, I hope you don't mind answering a couple more."

Ryouga shook his head and she continued, "How can I contact your parents?"

"Uh… well, I'm not really sure," Ryouga said a bit uncomfortably

The lady and her daughter both looked at him strangely, "Well… is there someone I should contact and tell your okay?"

"Not that I can think of."

"I'm sure someone must be worried about you…." Ami's mom said beginning to wonder if he had run away from home.

"I kinda doubt it," Ryouga said easily.

Ami and her mom looked at each other and Ami asked, "Don't you have any friends?"

"Yeah… well, kinda but I don't get to see them much."

Ami's mother picked up the answer, "Oh? Why in that?"

"Errr… well…" Ryouga tried to avoid talking about his poor sense of direction, "I... don't find my way there to often… same with my house."

Ami and her mother where both confused by his answer so Ami's mother continued her questioning, "Why is that?"

Ryouga sighed, "I have trouble with getting lost…."


"Oh that reminds me, this isn't Sapporo is it?"

Ami's mother was too confused to think of anything to say so Ami spoke up, "Ummm… no this is Tokyo."

Ryouga's face brightened, "Really!? Is this the Nerima district?!"

Ami shook her head, "No, we are in Juuban."

"Dang…. Well, at least I'm close."

"You mean you didn't even know what city you where in?"

"Well... no..."

"Uh, well… why do you want to go to Nerima?"

"Nerima is where my friends live."

"Where do you live, Ryouga?"

"I, uh… usually just live out of my backpack. Oh! That reminds me, do you know where my pack is?"

Ami pointed to the large pack in the corner of the room that had taken all of the girls just to drag into the room, "It's right over there, but… but how can you live with out…."

Ryouga blinked as Ami stopped her question with a downcast look, "You mean how can I live with out a house?" Ryouga continued when Ami nodded her assent, "I dunno, but I've been doing it most of my life. My parents have the same problem."

Ami's mother stood up a determined look on her face, "Well, we can't have you just wandering off with those injuries, so you'll just have to stay here with us for awhile until your feeling better."

Ryouga looked surprised and a bit uncomfortable, "I… I don't want to be a bother, I'll be alright."

"Nonsense, you can stay in our guest bed room. There is no way I'm letting one of my patients wander around the city with out a place to sleep."

Ryouga blinked at the forceful older woman uncomfortably, but accepted the offer. "Errr… well, thank you for your hospitality, Mizuno-san," he said bowing as best he could with out hurting himself.

Ami's mother smiled at the polite young man and nodded, "Now that we have settled that, you had better get some more rest."

Ami looked at her mother, "Do you mind if I talk to him a bit more?"

Ami's mother smiled, "Only for a bit, dear, he needs his rest."

Ami nodded, and her mother walked out the door and closed the door behind her. Ryouga cleared his throat nervously, "Ummm…."

Ami turned back to their guest and notice he looked a bit uncomfortable, "Oh, you don't mind do you?"

Ryouga shook his head, "N-no, it's okay."

"What happened to you?" Ami asked wanting to hear his version.

"Ummm, well… I got into a fight…."

Ami nodded, "With who? I heard it was the Sailor Senshi who brought you here."

Ryouga turned to the window and ignored her first question, "Yeah, well, I guess. Do you know who they are?"

Ami's expression grew a bit nervous, "Ummm… you mean the Sailor Senshi?"

Ryouga nodded and Ami continued, "Well… they protect the city from monsters and daemons that attack it…. No one really knows who they are. You've never heard of them?"

Ryouga shook his head and turned to look at her, "No…."

Ami decided to press her earlier question, "But, what happened to you?"

Ryouga sighed and decided he should tell her something, "I… got attacked by… one of those monsters and…." He stopped unsure what he should say. He didn't really want to tell her that the Senshi had attacked him. Having been attacked by the defenders of the city would definitely make him look like the bad guy. "I, uhhh… got hurt in the fight… the Sailor Senshi ended up saving me…." He said leaving out huge bits of information, but not actually lying.

Even had she not been there Ami was sure she could have told he was not telling her the truth. He was a terrible liar. That aside she could understand why he didn't want to tell her that he had fought the Senshi. Still she was oddly happy he had said the Senshi had saved him for some reason. She decided to redirect her questions, "But you survived, you must be strong."

Ryouga's gaze turned to the window, "Too strong for my own good but still always to weak," he said lost in his own thoughts.

Ami recognized the loneliness in his eyes. She had seen it in her own eyes all too often before she had joined the Senshi, "Ummm…."

Ryouga blinked realizing what he had said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you for the complement. Actually, I'm a martial artist."

"Oh? Still, daemons can kill most people with out even trying," she said a bit sadly. "Even the Sailor Senshi can't handle them one on one."

Ryouga's expression turned serious, "Well… it's not easy living most of your life wandering lost. I am stronger than most, but in my family you learn to fight as soon as you can walk… you have to if you want to survive."

Ami didn't know what to say and said the first thing that came to her mind, "How do you go to school…?"

Ryouga was a bit confused by the question, "Huh? Oh, well, I carry my school books with me all the time, and go to class when I can… though I haven't been to school in over a year…."

"T-that's… that's terrible…."

Ryouga moaned as darkness spread through his vision. Ami noticed he was getting even paler, "Oh, I'm sorry I had better leave, you need some rest."

Ryouga nodded already almost asleep and Ami slipped out of the room.

When Ryouga awoke he had no idea how long he had been sleeping, but felt it was about time he got out of the bed. As comfortable as it was he was stiff and his back was hurting from lying too long, let alone needing to find a bathroom. He slowly pulled himself out from under the covers and sat up on the side of the bed.

He noticed for the first time that he wasn't wearing a shirt or even his bandana. Bandages covered nearly his entire chest and abdomen as well as his arms and part of his head. He was relieved to see he still had his pants on though his calves were no longer wrapped. He stood up shakily and walked to his pack and found that all of his clothes were gone and he headed out the door.

After a bit of searching he realized he was in the closet and made it to the correct door. He was careful to not walk through anymore doors. He didn't care which he found first the bathroom or Ami and her mother, but he had to be careful he didn't end up walking down the street. He heard voices and decided to follow them, and end up in the bathroom.

A bit later he continued his search relieved. After ending up back in the same closet he had been in earlier a couple of times he opened another door and saw several very pretty girls sitting around talking, "Ummm… excuse me…."

They all fell silent and stared at him. He broke the uncomfortable silence with the first thing that popped into his mind, "Errr… this isn't Sapporo is it…?"

The pretty girls looked at each other completely confused. Ami walked out of the kitchen with some snacks and saw Ryouga, "Oh, you shouldn't be out of bed yet!"

Ryouga was relieved to see Ami. He was afraid he had wandered into someone else's home. He rubbed the back of his neck, "Ahhh… well… I was stiff so I thought I'd walk around a bit…."

Ami walked over to her friends and sat down the snacks, "Well, I'd like you to meet my friends. Everyone this is Ryouga, he's a patient of my mother's."

After a bit of silence Minako was the first to speak. "N-nice to me you, I'm Minako," she stammered.

"I'm Makoto."

"Oh, uhhh, yeah, I'm Usagi, nice to meet you," she waved happily no longer nervous.

"Yeah, I'm Rei, glad to meet you," not sounding very glad.

Ryouga bowed deeply, "I'm Hibiki Ryouga, it's an honor to meet you all."

The girls couldn't help giggling a bit at his formality.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything…."

Ami smiled at him, "No it's okay, please join us."

"Oh… thank you," Ryouga walked over and sat down nervously.

Silence descended on the group as they exchanged glances. Minako nervously started to look the bandaged boy over, "Wow, you're in really good shape aren't you? It shows even with all of the bandages." Normally she would have been clinging to such a well built handsome young man, but she was uneasy even being in the same room with the boy who had broken her nose.

Ryouga blushed a bit, and began to fidget, "Well, I'm a martial artist, so I have to keep in shape."

Makoto was a bit interested, "Oh you practice martial arts? What style?"

Ryouga looked up at the tall brown haired girl the conversation having started in a direction he was comfortable with, "It's my families school, the Hibiki School of martial arts."

"Hmmm… can't say I've heard of it."

"Not many have. It hasn't been taught outside the family for several generations…."

Rei decided to join in, "Oh, why is that?"

Ryouga turned to look at her, "No reason really, there just hasn't been anyone to do it. I've been thinking lately that once I'm ready and I'm old enough I might open a dojo, though."

Minako tried to sound calm, "W-what do you mean when your ready?"

Ryouga turned to the very pretty blonde, "Well, our family school has rules to becoming a Sensei."

"Oh? Like what?" Makoto asked genuinely interested.

"In front of the entire family I have to show that I have mastered all of the techniques of the school along with several new techniques that will benefit the school and that I have the ability to teach them. Then if the head of the family and at least half of the rest of the family approve I become a master of the Hibiki School of martial arts and I can start a dojo."

Makoto nodded, "That is pretty rough. How are you doing?"

"Hmmm? Well… I don't think I'm much of a teacher yet… but other than that I'm ready."

Rei stared at him impressed, "You've already mastered every technique in the school?!"

"Errr… well, that's not quite true, but that's because some techniques are only passed down to masters of the school."

Ryouga looked happy and his fangs showed as he smiled. Minako couldn't help but think it made him look cute, "Wow, so there isn't really anything more you have to do?"

Ryouga shook his head, "Actually the hardest part is yet to come."

Makoto didn't understand, "What do you mean? Learning how to become a good teacher?"

"Nope, getting all of my relatives to one place at the same time," he said mater-of-factly.

They all stared at him dumbfounded and Ami giggled in understanding. "Is that so hard?" Usagi finally decided to add to the conversation.

Ryouga sigh and rubbed the back of his head a bit irritated at the thought, "You wouldn't think so, but…."

Ami giggled a bit more at the increasing confusion on her friends faces, "Ryouga told me earlier that his family has problems with getting lost."

Usagi looked at Ami skeptically, "Oh come on, it couldn't be that bad."

"Believe me it could, but I think it will be worth it to be the first Hibiki to become a master of the art in over a century."

Makoto blinked, "W-what, so long?!"

Ryouga nodded, "Yeah my great-great-grandfather was the last master of the Hibiki School and he passed away before I was born."

Usagi scratched her head, "Wait, then who taught you?"

"My dad did. He's not a master, but parents are allowed to teach their children. That's the point of the school. It was formed so that our family could survive. You only need to be a master if you want to teach outside the family."

"So your family could survive?" Minako asked.

"Well, like Ami said my family gets lost a lot. We end up traveling around in unfamiliar places all alone a lot of the time. It's not easy living on the road. You never know what's going to happen or when some bad people might attack you for no reason."

The girls all fell silent. "Kind of like what happened to you a few days ago," Ami said sadly.

Ryouga's good mood died in an instant as he gazed into the distance through a window, "Y-yeah…."

The girls exchanged ashamed glances. "Yeah… Ami told us what happened," Rei covered, realizing they shouldn't know anymore than what Ami had said the boy had told her.

Ryouga nodded and returned his gaze to the floor trying to remember what he had told Ami, "Yeah. I'm lucky to be alive. If the Sailor Senshi hadn't… saved me… when they did I doubt I would have made it."

"Still, it's hard to believe you could stand up to… a daemon… martial artist or not. I mean I know some martial arts too, but there is no way I could use it to stand up against a daemon," she said truthfully still impressed by his skill.

Usagi spoke up trying hard not to put her foot in her mouth, "Yeah, even all of the Senshi together have a hard time with the daemons."

Ryouga sighed, "Maybe, but I still couldn't win…." Ryouga blinked, "I… I'm just gonna have to train harder." Ryouga's expression suddenly seemed at bit less depressed, "Say, do the daemons attack often?"

The girls looked at each other grateful for the change in subject but confused by the change in his mood. Ami spoke up, "They've been attacking more and more lately."

Ryouga was once again staring out the window lost in thought, "It must be dangerous…."

Usagi looked like she wanted to burst into tears, "Oh those terrible daemons! I worry about my family and friends all the time."

Rei nodded, "We can only hope the Sailor Senshi will be strong enough to stop them."

Ryouga turned to look at the girls once again, but this time his face was etched with determination, "I may have to stick around awhile…."

The girls once again looked at each other confused, but Ryouga changed the subject before they could ask, "I'm feeling pretty good, but I could really use some fresh air, would you all mind showing me around town a bit?"

They all smiled except Ami who was quick to speak up, "I don't know if that's such a good idea…."

Ryouga looked at her and smiled, "Don't worry, I feel okay. I'm sure Mizuno-san won't mind as long as it's just for awhile."

Ami sighed but nodded her assent, and the others cheered.

By the way, I couldn't find my clothes, do you know where they are, Ami?"

The girls all blushed at his question, but Ryouga was oblivious. "T-they're in the wash," Ami stuttered embarrassed. "My mom was going to get some clothes out of your pack for you but, since they where all a bit dirty, she decided to wash them. They should be done. I'll go check," she said as she hurried out of the room.

The others giggled a bit. It was rare that they saw their quiet friend get flustered. "You know, the bandaged look is cute on you," Minako said feeling playful and almost completely comfortable around the boy now.

Ryouga's eyes grew wide and his face turned a bright red, "Errr… I was… well, you… uhhh…."

Makoto giggled at him, "Heh, you know she's right. You kinda remind me of my old boy friend."

Rei and Minako both gave her any annoyed stare, and Usagi laughed at the expression on his face. "What?! He does!" Makoto protested

"Yeah, sure," Rei brushed her off with a giggle.

Ami walked back in with Ryouga's clothes just in time to save the nearly over-loaded boy, "Are you alright Ryouga you look sort of flushed."

The question jolted Ryouga back to reality, "I, uhhh…. Y-yeah, I'm fine." He rubbed the back of his head laughing nervously.

Ami handed him the clothes in her arms, "Here you go."

Ryouga looked down at the bundle in his hands, "Hmmm… is this all of them?"

Ami shook her head, "No, but… but the clothes you were wearing when you got here were… soaked in blood… and torn in quite a few places. The other shirt you had was in nearly the same shape." The girls' moods once again lowered, but Ryouga still had no idea, "My mom said she would sew them up after she got the blood stains out. They won't be done for awhile…."

"Dang… I'm running out of shirts. Both my good shirts got messed up, one completely destroyed and one nearly torn to pieces. That only leaves me with only undershirts for awhile."

"T-that's all the clothes you have?" Usagi asked in disbelief.

"Well… yeah," Ryouga said not understanding why she was surprised. "Ah, well. It's pretty nice out. This will be fine."

The girls watched as Ryouga walked towards the front door. "Ummm… don't you want to put them on before we go?" Usagi asked confused.

Ryouga immediately turned away from the door and started walking towards a different one laughing nervously, "Oh, uhhh, yeah."

"That's a closet, Ryouga," Ami interrupted.

Ryouga began laughing louder, "Heh, heh, of coarse it is."

They all stared in amazement as they watched him walk around the room and end up back at the front door ready to walk right out. "Ummm… this way Ryouga," Ami corrected and lead him to the correct door and then to his room before walking back out to join her friends who where all staring wide-eyed.

"W-what was that?" Makoto asked.

"I don't have a clue," Minako responded.

Usagi looked at her friends, "D-did he just get lost in your living room, Ami?"

Ami looked as surprised as the rest of them, "I…I think so…."

"Well… it is his first time here so… I can see how he could get turned around," Rei pointed out.

Ami nodded, "I guess that's true, and he did say he gets lost pretty easy."

"Yeah I guess he wasn't kidding," Rei added.

They all sat down and talked very quietly waiting for him to return.

"You know your right Ami, he is kinda strange but he seems nice enough," Usagi started.

Rei nodded, "Yeah, but can we really believe all that martial arts stuff he told us? Could he really get that strong?"

"I don't know…" Makoto added, "but he really did seemed to care about martial arts when he was talking about it."

"Yeah, he did seem pretty happy to talk about it," Minako chimed in.

"But still… I don't understand why he lied about fighting with a daemon," Usagi said solemnly.

They all stared at her annoyed. Rei spoke up, "What do you think, dummy, he's gonna just go around telling everyone he fought against the defenders of love and justice? "

Usagi gave her a hurt look, "Well…."

Makoto shook her head, "I can't say I blame him. No reason to make himself look like the bad guy when he didn't do anything wrong."

"I guess…." Usagi gave in.

Ami agreed, "Yes, him saying he fought the Senshi would only make things more complicated for everyone. Besides, even with everything else that happened he has still been saying that the Senshi saved him."

"Yeah, I guess he doesn't hold a grudge," Rei said thoughtfully.

"Kinda cute too," Minako added with a grin.

"Did you see his muscles? Even under the bandages you could tell he's got a great body," Makoto added with a giggle.

They all blushed, and continued whispering for awhile before Ami interrupted, "Ummm… it's taking him awhile. I had better go check on him."

A minute later Ami walked back out with a confused look on her face and Ryouga following close behind. He wore black pants with leather cords once again wrapped around his calves. His bandana covered some of the bandages on his head, but his black sleeveless shirt did little to hide the bandages that covered most of his arms and neck. "Sorry, about making you wait," he said sheepishly. Ami just shook her head and sighed unable to believe she had found him in a closet.

Ranma wasn't having a good day. He had said something stupid. He was sure of that. The problem was he didn't know what it was. Akane, Ukyou and Shampoo were all mad at him. He really didn't like making them mad. When they where mad they tended to attack with out warning, let alone no free food. Not only that but Pops and Tendo-san are royally pissed too. I sure wish they would just tell me what I did and get it over with.

At the moment all was quiet. He was the only one in the house. Even Kasumi had left to buy groceries. Ranma was glad to have a bit of peace and quiet though he knew it wouldn't last long. He sighed as he lay back on the porch enjoying the warm sunlight.

Just as Ranma began to drift into a peaceful slumber he was jarred awake by the ringing of the telephone. He moaned as he sat up, "Alright, alright, I'm coming."

He walked over to the phone and picked it up annoyed at the interruption, "Yeah, what is it?"

"Uhhh… excuse me I'm Doctor Mizuno. Is this the Tendo residence?" she asked startled by the rude greeting.

Ranma yawned, "Yeah, this is the Tendo's."

"Errr… well, I was calling to inquire about Hibiki Ryouga, I thought some one there might know him," She said clearing her thoughts.

"Hmmm? Ryouga? Yeah, I know him. What about him?" Ranma answered a bit interested.

The lady on the other end of the line continued, encouraged by his answer, "Well as I said before I am a doctor and he is currently in my care. There is no need to worry, but…."

"Huh?" Ranma interrupted laughing, "You mean something actually hurt that ox?"

"Ah… well, yes. Actually, he was caught up in a fight between the Sailor Senshi and a daemon. As I said he is doing…."

"Whoa, wait a sec," Ranma interrupted once again, "the who and a what?"

Doctor Mizuno tried to ignore the young man's rudeness, "Oh, you've never heard of the Sailor Senshi? They protect the city from daemons. I really…."

"Oh yeah I think I might have heard that somewhere," he said completely unaware he was annoying the lady he was talking to, "So they beat up Ryouga, huh?"

"Well, at any rate he is injured and I wanted to notify his family or friends so they could visit him. I've found that friendly faces can help speed along recovery for…."

"Yeah, well good luck finding his family. I think I have the phone number to his house somewhere, but it really wouldn't do you any good. There is never anyone home."

Doctor Mizuno considered this for a moment before continuing, "I see. Are you a friend of Ryouga?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Well, I could give you the address if you would like to visit him."

"Alright, I guess," Ranma answered easily. The lady told him the address and he wrote it down and stuffed it in his pocket.

"I hope we will see you soon."

"Yeah, I should be able to come over in the next couple of days. I just need to talk to…." Ranma froze when he heard crashing sounds from outside. "On second thought, I think I'll be able to come over right away," he quickly blurted out hanging the phone up and ignoring the lady's response. Everyone here wants to kill me anyway. I might as well head out of town for a while. Maybe everything will blow over by the time I get back. Not wanting to worry Kasumi he quickly jotted down a note and stuck it to the refrigerator. He ran upstairs grabbed his pack and leapt out the window just in time to avoid the angry mob that had come in the house looking for him.

Ranma didn't even look back as he ran down the street to the train station. Well, Ryouga, looks like you just saved me a lot of trouble.