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Notes- The sequel to Death's Lessons yay! Set several months afterwards. Yes it is going to be just as dark as Death's Lessons in places. And to answer a few questions via e-mail Death's Lessons and Life's Lessons are not necessarily set in the same story arch as Chance Encounters and My Father's Tracks. Though I am using the same history for Chick and if they where in the same arch Death's Lessons would be set about six months after My Father's Tracks. Hope that helps for those who are going eh? Also this one was very difficult to start. But I promice it will kick up soon. Cheerio! And of course Rock on!


The brilliant deep gold light of sunset fell across the plain, heat of the day just starting to dissipate with the setting of the sun in the west. Among the peaceful silence of the late afternoon sun, a car's engine cut through the quiet, a steady roar that rose and feel with acceleration. Streak of red swept past a stone formation a cloud of dust pulled with it as the stock car whipped around the last turn.

"You're slowing down Lightning!" Doc called from his perch on a rock over ledge, looking down on the make shift track. Lightning surged on, but his performance was very much less than memorable. Engine roared but he was obviously not pushing, the car hanging back to almost nothing.

"Push on through the turn!" Doc called again, attempting to get the stock car to do something other than driving around in circles on an empty track. By the time he came back around he was dropped back down to fifty. He would have been disqualified from any race in the world right there.

Doc heaved out a sigh, eyes closing for a moment. "Pull up!" He called, silently waiting as Lightning pulled to a stop in front of him. "You hurting?" He questioned, studying Lightning for a moment.

"A bit... Little tired." Lightning muttered, panting softly from the work out that under normal circumstances would have been nothing.

Doc nodded a bit, watching the track for a moment. The Piston Cup qualifying rounds started in less than a month and they weren't even nearly to the point they needed to be. "Alright, lets head back. We'll try again tomorrow." He offered, hopping down off his perch, drawing a nod from Lightning. The stock car quietly pulled up along side of Doc, rolling slowly beside him as they headed back towards town.

"You don't think I'm gonna be ready do you?" Lightning questioned as they drove on, pulling a sigh from Doc.

"I think you could be. It'll just take some work."

Lightning sighed heavily a slight nod given. It had been a little over three months since he had been back in Radiator Springs. Last year's Piston Cup season had ended in tragedy where Lightning was concerned. He had wiped out during a race, sending him into a wall. He had been in a coma for several days... And after three long weeks had finally been discharged into Doc's care.

His progress had been incredibly slow... For a good two weeks he hadn't been permitted to leave Doc's clinic. Finally he had been able to slowly work up to short drives around town. Now he was once more training... For a lot of good it seemed to be doing him. Lightning swore up and down he was somehow getting slower with every practice round...

"Hey Doc?" Lightning questioned after a time, causing Doc to slow down for a moment and listen. "After your wreck... How long did it take you before you could race again?"

Doc thought on that for a moment and offered a slight dip of his grill. "Few months... Of course my case was a bit different..."

"How so?"

"Well, I was an idiot. I wanted to get back into that season and wound up pushing to hard. Blew out something I shouldn't have. Knocked me out for the entire season rather than just half of it." Doc explained, slight shrug given.

"Alright, that I can see I suppose..." Lightning muttered, a heavy sigh given.

"Something's on your mind." Doc reasoned, quietly watching the young stock car.

"Well yeah... What if I wipe out again?"

Doc only chuckled, slight shrug given. "Then you get up, and try again. No one ever said that racing was a safe sport... You know that as well as I do. But you'll be alright if you stick at it."

Lightning smiled a bit and nodded, following Doc into town in silence. He split off once they reached town, silently heading for the clinic as Doc headed for Flo's café.

"Evenin' Doc." Flo greeted, a smile crossing her grill as she set a can of oil down in front of Sarge.

"Evenin'." He muttered, slight chuckle given. Sarge hadn't even noticed, more intent on arguing with Fillmore over something or other. The topic of the discussion currently seemed to be the state of Fillmore's lawn.

Doc quietly tuned them out, instead turning his attention to Sheriff who silently parked beside him, the ageing police car seeming to be in a world of his own.

"Sheriff?" He questioned, gaining nothing as the vehicle quietly stared off into space. "Sheriff... Earth to Sheriff." He called, once more, slight chuckle gained as Sheriff still kept up his blank gaze.

"That's not going to work Doc." Flo commented as she came back through. "Watch." She carefully moved behind him, a few empty can's picked up. She tossed them up into the air, letting them fall with a somewhat deafening clatter. Sheriff jumped forward, startled from his thoughts enough to turn and glare at the show car.

"What's caught your attention so much?" Doc questioned, once the patrol car had once more settled into his parking space.

"Things..." Was the only response gained, a quiet glare stating flatly for Doc to drop it.

Doc supposed he had a right to his own privacy... Sheriff had over the past month or so seemed to have settled right back to normal, if one didn't count the nights he woke up with a sharp scream, that always wound up in Sheriff making a late night phone call or leaving for a few hours... Doc supposed he deserved that much... He couldn't imagine what Sheriff's dreams held these days but one meeting with Death had convinced him not to think to lightly of it. From what very little Sheriff had told him he knew that most of his connections and visions did in fact come from dreams and start as what most would think of as a normal nightmare, only to later turn into something much more real and horrible.

Upon returning for a good week or two the patrol car had been distant and irritable. Doc had briefly attempted to get a bit more information from him, but that had been shot down quickly enough. The only thing Sheriff seemed certain on is that he didn't want anyone else to know of his little ability. He wasn't entirely thrilled with Doc knowing but he did so he wasn't making a further case on it.

"Sheriff maybe you should go take the rest of the day off." Doc advised quietly, drawing a slow shake of Sheriff's grill. "No Doc... I don't think that's such a good idea..."


Night fell slowly over a quiet little town, the neon lights that flickered across town the only thing cutting through the slightly overcast darkness. The lack of visitors to the town was normal for the off season. However the overcast sky was not.

Sheriff frowned quietly as he watched the clouds float by the moon and stars entirely hidden from view. It wasn't the season for rain... Unusual weather patterns that the dessert didn't normally see but he supposed it was possible. Just highly improbable.

The dust briefly picked up around him as he sat parked behind the billboard at the edge of town, suggesting the wind had changed. Also not entirely out of the question. Though once again strange for that particular time of year...

The wind blew harder, the sudden ping of sand hitting his side enough to drive him to the safety of the station. No one in their right mind would be out driving on a night like this anyway...

With a heavy sigh he quickly left the safety of his billboard and headed back for town. It was one of those nights that set his nerves on edge...

Ten miles south dust billowed up from the road. A flash of black and flame blended with the night, the eery glow of a fifties style Ford Roadster streaking through the night without a care. Though most would have looked at the car and seen an ageing vehicle attempting to retouch his youth... Not an ounce of age was held to him in appearance. As fresh and new as would have been held to the fifties.

He streaked to a stop only a few feet from the billboard Sheriff had been behind, gaze narrowed at the spot for a moment. Golden eyes studied his surroundings as if not entirely sure about it. With a slight shrug the Roadster kept going, now moving at a more sane speed towards town. Once more he slowed when coming up on the city limits, the lights of town seeming to fascinate him as he pulled to a stop in front of Flo's café. It was getting late. Even Lizzie had decided it was time to take her nap inside, the normal vehicles that chose to hang around town for a while once the hot sun went down choosing to spend their time inside instead.

The stray, waves of what sounded like Hendrix floated through the air from Fillmore's home but even he was settling for the night, the music stopping after a few moments and whatever lights had been on abruptly cutting off.

The Roadster quietly circled town for a few minutes before pulling into the Cozy Cone Motel. A pretty young Porsche dozed behind the counter, pulling a slight smirk from the Roadster.

"Excuse me Miss." Sally jerked awake, startled by the deep voice, though quickly professional as she let a smile cross her grill. "Hello sir. Welcome to the Cozy Cone Motel. Can I help you?"

"One room please." The Roadster offered a pleasant smile, drawing a nod from Sally.

"Of course. How long are you planning to stay?"

"I don't know yet." The Roadster offered slowly, quietly glancing out the window of the main office. "Maybe a day or two... Maybe a week."

"I'll just put you down for an indefinite stay then." Sally offered, silently checking him in and nodded. "Name?"

"Damien Cain." Was the simple answer, that drawing another nod. "Do you have an ID please?"

"Of course." Was once more the response as Sally quietly finished checking him in.

"Thank you Mr. Cain. Cone four."

That drew out a slow nod as the Roadster left the office just as silently as he had come.

"Strange fellow..." Sally muttered to herself before a shrug was given, quietly settling back where she was parked to flip through an old magazine she had swiped from Doc's office.


The morning light proved strangely misty and dark, the weather hanging on like a heavy blanket. Strange weather for Nevada, that time of year... Very strange.

Doc frowned as he quietly watched the skyline from his window at the clinic, soft sigh escaping him. That was the kind of weather that made every joint and gear in him ache. That was one of the reasons he had stayed in Nevada... Though he wasn't so sure he had ever seen this weather pattern, this time of year before. Sure they had their share of rain occasionally... Those instances where rare and very far between. They didn't call it a dessert for nothing...

"Doc?" Lightning's voice startled him from his thoughts, a slight chuckle given.

"Morning Lightning" Doc offered, slight tilt of his frame given. Lightning had been more or less living with Doc since coming back to Radiator Springs from Daytona. It had been a long and hard recovery but he was finally back on his tires. Lightning was technically ready to move out once more, though for the past year or so until his sponsors could afford to set him up with a grant to set up his racing headquarters in Radiator Springs he had been more or less living at the motel.

Not such a bad set up but when it came down to it, rather than have to move again it made more sense for him to wait another month or so until his actual home would be ready for him to move into. Doc was more than happy to offer his own home. It gave him a chance to fuss whenever he spotted Lightning doing something that was counter productive or in general not keeping tabs on his own health.

"Wow... Looks like rain." Lightning muttered, coming up beside Doc to gaze out the window at the sky.

"Yes it does... Strange weather." Doc muttered, silently pulling back and giving Lightning a good nudge. "Come on kid. Breakfast then to the track. Try and beat whatever storm is coming."

Lightning groaned but nodded, silently following the older car out and across the Flo's café. Most of the town was already out and about. Lightning split off from Doc and quietly parked beside Sally, a light nudge given to shake her from her thoughts. She smiled, a quick greeting offered and a friendly nudge.

Within' moments Mater had pulled up at Lightning's other side a sleepy sounding greeting offered. Seemed no one really wanted to wake up with the lack of sun...

"Morning Sheriff!" Lightning suddenly yelled out, drawing a soft grumble from the old patrol car that was pulling up.

Sally couldn't help a chuckle but gave Lightning a reprimanding nudge with one tire. That had been Lightning's thing since coming to Radiator Springs. Sheriff wasn't exactly a morning person on a normal basis. Mostly because he was out for most of the night patrolling the surrounding area. Lightning on general wasn't either but every time he saw Sheriff in the morning that didn't mean he couldn't act the part of a morning person.

Sheriff's reaction didn't disappoint either. He raised one eye ridge, soft grunt given. His entire frame was stating flatly, 'speak to me again and I will lock you in the impound until it falls down around you.'

That look was always enough to shut Lightning up fairly quickly but he still held the quiet smirk that suggested, the next morning he would once more be bouncing around Flo's café with a chipper good morning for the old patrol car. That simple morning greeting would never get old.

"Who's that?" Flo's voice broke the relative silence, drawing the attention of all gathered to a lone black Roadster making his way out of the Cozy Cone Motel.

"Mr. Damien Cain..." Sally supplied quietly, slight frown crossing her grill. "Checked in, near midnight last night... Kinda gives me the creeps." She muttered.

"Bad vibes man." Fillmore whispered, in agreement the old bus quietly backing into his spot near Sarge.

"Just a traveler..." Flo offered, slow shake of her grill given. Though even with that in mind she shrunk back a bit behind Ramone as the Roadster came closer, a slow nod given to those gathered.

"Can I help you?" Flow questioned, drawing a slow smile from the Roadster. He was pleasant and polite... But somehow still almost surreal. Dangerous somehow...

"Just breakfast if you don't mind." He offered, that voice of his sounding almost like, very distant thunder. Deep but much to soft.

"Sure thing honey. I got the best fuel this side of Nevada." She offered happily, seeming to be ready to get out of dodge with the excuse of serving. She quickly ducked inside the building to set the fuel pumps and grab a can of oil as the Roadster silently pulled into an empty space somewhat away from everyone else... To silently. His engine was barely a soft whisper.

"So... Where ya from stranger?" Sheriff questioned, the patrol car seeming to be the one more than willing to pry out who this strange vehicle was...

"Just south of here." Was the simple answer, the car not seeming to be willing to speak if it wasn't in his best interest.

"Oh really? Here for a reason then?"

"Just passing through... Liked the town. Thought I might stay a while." The Roadster explained, drawing another slow nod from Sheriff.

Well no one could fault him for that...

Flo quietly returned with his fuel and oil, a quick nod given before she made herself scarce again.

The occupants of the little town fell almost silent so long as the Roadster was there, only commenting on the weather every now and again. The Roadster was just as silent, quietly finishing off his fuel and oil before he quietly paid Flo and set off, the old car leaving as silently as he had come.

"He gives me the flippin' creeps!" Lightning stated flatly, light shudder given.

"Nothin' wrong with him." Doc muttered, still watching the direction that the strange vehicle had taken.

"I didn't say there was anything wrong with him." Lightning offered, slight shrug given. "But you can't honestly tell me that he doesn't give you the creeps."

Doc was quiet for a moment before a soft sigh was given. "That's entirely beyond the point."

"But I still notice that you don't deny it- ouch!" He yelped as Sally gave him a good nudge with one tire.

"Be nice Lightning. He hasn't done anything."

"Hey, weren't you the one that just ten minutes ago-"

"Kid if I where you I would drop that argument." Sheriff advised, drawing a slow nod from Lightning. Sally only laughed a slight wink shot in Sheriff's direction.

"Thanks Sheriff."

"Hey, sometimes the kid needs help keeping himself in your good graces." Sheriff offered with a shrug, drawing a soft laugh from Sally.

Distant thunder erupted across the sky as Lightning nursed his oil, drawing a slight wince from the stock car. Without a word he set his breakfast aside, Doc silently moving out once more to the make shift track. That storm was rolling in fast.


Cain quietly watched the town from his vantage point just inside Ornament Valley. He quietly watched as Red went about watering his flowers and Mater silently headed off to his junk yard to do whatever it was that Mater did with his time...

He watched as Sheriff drove out to his normal post and parked behind the billboard... Watched as Lightning and Doc headed out to the track...

They went through their day to day lives, entirely happy with their own existence...

"Hmm Just a happy little town..." He muttered to himself, coming to attention for a moment, to the outside world the Roadster seeming to be talking to himself.

"Yes of course I know..."

He frowned, once more seeming to be listening to some unheard voice and sighed.

"So little patients... Very well."

With that he silently rolled off of his view point, moving into the quiet little town below once more.

The problem was he needed someone... A puppet of sorts... Someone to feed off of. But who?

He fed off of fear. Fear and the chaos that it created... Therefore he needed someone with a lot of it...

He silently reached out his mind, brushing against the minds of the town's citizens. Mostly a dull, and quiet little town... Still though... He just might find what he needed.

Fillmore was a no go. The bus was to laid back. Plus he was so superstitious that he just might try some weird mumbo jumbo in retaliation that just might work.

Lightning was a no... The car had lived to good a life. But for the occasional fear of commitment their was nothing to work with... And his little phobia of clowns wasn't exactly what he was looking for.

Mater was a no... The truck was to innocent to be truly afraid...

Doc no... His memories where sad but there was very little to truly cause fear...

Sheriff no... He couldn't use a medium. He would pick up on things to fast...

Sally no... Once more there was nothing that she could really fear...

Flo? No... The only thing she feared was losing Ramone... And vice versa. Something he might be able to work with if push came to shove... But for now no...

Red? Now there was a thought. The fire truck had real demons in his past... Demons that had long ago driven him to silence. Maybe later... For now he needed something... Special.

Lizzie? No. The old bat was possibly useable after a while. But she wouldn't last long if he started in on her.

Luigi and Guido? Not enough.

Sarge? He stopped where he was, a smile crossing his grill. A soldier... He had seen war. Real terror and death. Had seen his friends dying around him... That one would know what fear really was... True fear came from reality. Not the creepy feeling one got after watching a monster movie and certainly not the ridiculous fear of clowns or spiders.

Real fear came from living it. From seeing something so horrible it would forever be worked into the thoughts and emotions of the one who had seen it. Sarge... Had been there. Had seen real fear... He could see that just from the brief connection, so brief that the army jeep didn't even feel it.

That he could work with. Slow smile crossed his grill as he silently drove through town. The fear of the unknown for the time gained the ability to do what he needed to. Their fear in him would be what condemned the Jeep.


"Lightning your frame's to tight! Keep the turns looser or your going to wind up in the dirt again!" Doc yelled, above Lightning's engine as the young racer roared around the track. Lightning roared around the track, determined to nail the turns this time... That had been a problem since his injury. The turns...

Frown crossed his grill as one of the trickier turns popped up on the old dirt track. He threw his entire frame into, counter steering against the curve as Doc taught him. He went into a slide, flowing with the turn rather than against it.

"Good! Keep going!" Doc yelled, drawing a smile to Lightning's grill. He roared on, moving for another lap. Around Willie's Butte and back to that tight turn repeating the action. He was finally getting it...

"Boy's gettin' better." Sheriff's voice startled Doc from his thoughts but he chuckled and offered a nod.

"If he keeps going at this rate he'll make the beginning of the season." Doc explained, watching Lightning as he roared around Willie's Butte again. "Much better than he was."

Sheriff nodded a bit, quietly watching Lightning drive for a long moment before a crack of thunder ripped across the sky.

"Ain't gonna be out here much longer." Sheriff mused, Doc nodding in agreement.

"So what's the stranger up to?" Doc questioned, turning his attention briefly to Sheriff.

"Don't know. Ain't seen him around town for the better part of the day. He rolled through, late morning but no one's seen him to much."

"Probably a good thing." Doc muttered, gaining a nod from Sheriff. "What are your thoughts on him Sheriff?" Doc questioned, his voice dropping down enough to let Sheriff know he wasn't just talking about a gut feeling or the car was acting suspicious.

"I don't know yet... He hasn't done anything wrong yet so we should wait it out I suppose. So far just... Something don't feel right about it. But for once my mind is pretty quiet." He explained, with a sigh.

Doc nodded slowly, frown crossing his grill as he thought. "Alright then... Keep an eye on him."

Sheriff nodded, silently leaving the two to keep training. He couldn't have called it better himself...


Night fell slowly, the threat of a storm still there but never quite coming. The clouds hung over the sky like a morbid warning...

Once more the town was tucking in for the night, Cain disappearing into his room at the Cozy Cone as silently as he had the night before. The town fell to normality in the absence of the Roadster that uneasy feeling somewhat lifting. As usual the occupants of the town settled in the late hours of the night, sleep one by one finding them...

Sarge wandered about his small home quietly, putting things into the perfect order he was accustomed to before bed. He had kept up his military like training and neatness right through his retirement. A good habit to keep in his thoughts... Slight smile crossed his grill as he headed for bed, unable to suppress a soft yawn. He hadn't realized just how tired he was. In the distance he could hear the sounds of Hendrix... He knew from experience that he didn't need to bother with yelling at Fillmore to shut it off. It would shut off on its own in about half an hour.

In the mean time he was so use to it, he fell asleep without trouble to the sounds of the old music that Fillmore called the classics.

He dreamed...

Horrible images. In Sarge's mind he was no longer in Radiator Springs... He was much younger and in the company of soldiers...

His best friend had been drafted along with him... They had left their small home town in the middle of Tennessee and boarded a ship to take them overseas... Now they where in the middle of a war. At first the two where excited to be over there. It was far away from the farm. It was far away from anyone they knew. It was an adventure... Then it had turned into a nightmare. The reality of war had hit.

Explosion after explosion... The fear of possibly never going home...

In his dream a shell exploded only feet away from him, catching his best friend in the full blast, killing him instantly and knocking Sarge back several feet before he came to rest, rolling onto his hood, helpless with his tires in the air.

In reality thunder cracked across the night sky with the force of an explosion... The loud sound woke Sarge from his sleep... But his mind didn't entirely click to reality...


Doc snatched awake as a loud knock rapped against his door. In the next room Lightning groaned and got out of bed, apparently taking on the responsibility of seeing what was up. A frown crossed Doc's grill as he listened, wondering what would draw someone to waking him, this time of night. It was Fillmore's voice at the door.

He sounded worried... That wasn't like Fillmore... He silently got up, moving up behind Lightning, the relieved expression crossing Fillmore's features worrying him.

"Doc, Sarge is sick." He explained, emphasizing the word sick. Doc's eyes widened a bit, but he nodded slowly.

"Where is he?"

"In his house. He was in the yard when I found him. I think he figures his house is safe... Sheriff is already over there."

Doc gave a nod and silently nudged Lightning who was looking a little bewildered. "Lightning go see Flo. Tell her that Sarge is sick and I need a bit of fuel to calm him down." Lightning frowned and nodded, silently heading out into the night.

Doc pulled out of his clinic, a frown crossing his grill as he followed Fillmore. Sarge hadn't done this in years... What had brought it on?

Normally he could expect it... One year there had been an air show in the next town over. All through the night and day there had been jets going over head in a wild display of their skills. Sarge had, been beside himself...

There was also the cold nights that January brought... The cold reminded Sarge of something though he wasn't sure what...

Then there was the time that the transformer on the telephone lines had blown in the middle of the night. It had been loud enough to wake everyone in town. Sarge had woken up in another world entirely...

But this time? He couldn't think of anything... The only thing strange was the storm and he didn't think that would set him off...

Doc silently rushed into Sarge's home right behind Fillmore, side stepping the business part and into his two room living quarters.

Sarge was parked in his living room/kitchen though he didn't look happy about it. He remained tense, getting up every now and again to pace quickly from one side of the room to the other like a caged animal. Sheriff was steadily attempting to talk him down, insisting that he was safe, where as Sarge didn't seem to think so.

"Sarge" Doc tried, his voice soft and soothing. It always depended on how far gone Sarge was as to what method worked... Doc would rather try soothing first.

Sarge's attention instantly snapped to Doc. He let out a low snarl, seeming to be ready to pounce.

"Sarge, now don't start. It's alright. Why don't you tell me what happened?" Doc tried, but he was getting nowhere fast.

"Stay back, Soldier." The snarl it was said with, caused Doc to back away a few inches. He gestured with one tire, sending Fillmore out to see what was keeping Flo.

"This is one of the worst..." Sheriff whispered quietly, drawing a nod from Doc. "I don't think he's really awake."

Sarge once more snarled and backed away, suddenly bolting in an attempt to move around Doc and out the door. Doc quickly pulled to the side, side stepping into his path. That was enough to drive Sarge back again apparently.

"Sarge, look around you." Doc reasoned quietly, keeping his voice low. "We're not on the battle front. This isn't a Nazi camp. You're in Radiator Springs Nevada. Your at home and your safe."

Sarge, didn't seem to believe him. He only snarled and yelled out his name rank and serial number, putting as much distance between himself and Doc as possible. Soldier defiance... Name rank and serial number was all that was permitted to be known...

Doc, sighed heavily. He didn't want it to come to this but Sarge was getting out of hand... He was a trained soldier... He could hurt someone if he really got going. He nodded at Sheriff and the two quietly moved to corner their friend.

"Sarge, come on now. You know us." Sheriff insisted.

Sarge was having none of it. He abruptly bolted, zeroing in on who he saw as the leader and therefore the primary target. He charged at Doc, but Sheriff was a step ahead of him. He leapt at Sarge, hitting the Jeep in the side and knocking him several feet. The Jeep shook a bit, slowly seeming to 'wake up' a puzzled gaze given to Sheriff and Doc. Sheriff quickly backed off, willing to give Sarge room if he needed it, while Doc slowly approached.

"Doc?" Sarge whispered quietly, sinking down on his shocks a bit.

"It's alright Sarge." Doc insisted, moving to park near his old friend. Sarge gave a slight shudder, shaking on his frame.

"What happened?"

"I don't know... Everything was alright this evening... I don't know..."

"Alright Sarge it's ok. Just take a few deep breaths." Doc instructed, giving the Jeep a slight nudge. From his side, a light nudge startled him into turning to face Flo. He offered her a strained smile and silently took the can of oil she pushed towards him.

"Here Sarge, take this." Doc instructed, pushing it towards the distressed Jeep. He didn't question it. After so many years he knew what it was. It was laced with a sedative that Doc used when he started losing it...


It was nearly three hours before Doc was comfortable to leave Sarge. Even then Fillmore wound up sleeping in Sarge's living room. Doc always found that friendship highly amusing but despite their arguments the two where as close as siblings.

Doc quietly sat parked under the town's lone street light as the town once more shut down after it's brief rush. The lights in Sarge's home shut off, as well as the lights in Flo's home. Sheriff didn't even bother to head back to the billboard. He quietly ducked into the station, that had eventually turned into his own home...

The only lights on in the town where from his clinic... And cone number four at the Cozy Cone.

It took him a long moment to realize there was someone in the window... Cain... Not just standing in the window the car was watching him.

The black Roadster offered that pleasant smile of his and quietly winked.

Despite all that had happened... Doc got the distinct impression that the car was laughing at him...


Fire... It was everywhere...

There wasn't a building in town that wasn't burning...

The Cozy Cone was gone...

So was Doc's clinic but he wouldn't notice. Doc himself was gone. Massive engine failure only a few days before... A good thing maybe... It would have killed the old car to see the destruction of his home now...

When the fire hit Flo's Café the whole damn thing had gone up...

Somewhere in the chaos... There was laughter. Deep laughter like rolling thunder.

In the middle of the chaos was a black Roadster... Flames etched up across his ebon finish.


Sheriff snatched awake with a sharp yelp, quickly glancing around the comforting darkness of his living quarters...

The pain lacing through his hood and engine drove him to his tires, quickly searching for a can of oil and a Tylenol...

He remained in the small area that made up his kitchen for a lone while, quietly panting and willing the pain away...

That hadn't been a nightmare... It hadn't been someone speaking to him from the other side either... That had been a vision... He was sure of it. Only visions came with that much of a splitting hood ache...

But why in the hell would a vision show him something as horrible as that?

"My guess would be so you could learn something."

Sheriff jumped, the can of oil in front of him spilling out across the kitchen floor.

That was a voice he didn't think he would hear again... Didn't particularly want to, knowing what was attached to it, considering what Julia had told him. He hadn't even realized he had spoken out loud...

He slowly turned around, facing off with the familiar frame of the young female black viper. Ebony only offered a smile, the sports car giving a chuckle. Death had returned...

To Be Continued...