Good day! I decided to create another SasuSaku fic based from another great Taiwanese series, entitled "It Started With A Kiss". I hope you'll like this one too!

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It Started With A Kiss


Chapter One: Sakura, The Letter, and A Bitter Reply


The sun shone brightly that early morning. Everyone in Meisho High School is heading for their classrooms, except for one girl who is patiently standing along the main entrance.

In her hand is a love letter, just for someone...

I've mustered all my courage just for this day. I had a huge crush on him since 1st year... and this is my only chance...

A very attractive boy walked towards the main entrance of the school. As he slowly entered the path to the main building, he noticed a girl standing on the way. She raised her hands toward the boy, and it contained something.

"Great," he muttered nonchalantly. He just ignored her as if he saw nothing as he continued walking.

The girl, on the other hand, couldn't believe on what just happened.

She was ignored.

She suddenly fainted on the ground. All the other students gathered around her.

"Miss, are you alright?" they asked.

The commotion made the attractive boy look back and see what's going on. He knelt down beside the girl, inching towards her.

"What are you doing, making this commotion?" he said softly, and it seems that the girl was the only one who heard it...

Uchiha Sasuke... I cannot have another chance to tell you how I feel... aishiteru...

The rest of the students heard the school bell and dashed on their respective classrooms...


"Oi! Sakura!" A girl called. Sakura, the girl earlier, walked wearily towards her seat.

"So... you failed, eh?" her friend told her. She tapped Sakura's shoulders. "Don't worry, there are lots of guys out there..."

Their class started and then the first half was over. It's time for lunch already.

Suddenly, a group of students crowded outside Sakura's classroom. As she was about to exit the classroom...

"Hey, is she it?"

"Yeah! I'm positive! She's the one who's going to give her love letter to Uchiha Sasuke, but failed!" the other one said.

"Oh! No wonder, she's from class F!"

"Yeah, class F don't make a stand against class A's like Uchiha."

Sakura covered her ears and ran away from her classroom.

"Hey! Show us your love letter!"

"Yeah!" the crowd cheered. And they chased Sakura at the entire campus. She was so tired that she didn't know where she was going.

Finally she stopped running. She was at the gym, their usual hang-out place. Her friends were already there. Sakura sat down on the floor, lamenting.

"Oh, this must not be happening..." she muttered, tears sprawling on her face. "I didn't think this would hurt so badly."

"Get over him," Anika said. "He's just smart, cool..."

"And rich," Yukino added, "but there are lots of guys greater than him."

"But he's different. I only want him. He's the only person my heart longs for..." Sakura insisted.

Then a group of boys came over.

"Sakuraaa! Why are you crying?" it was Naruto, a boy deeply in love with her. "Is it because of that Uchiha Sasuke?"

Sakura wiped her tears and walked away the gym.

"Don't ever remind her of it," Yukino whispered.

"Guys!" Naruto called out to his two other companions. "when we see that Uchiha Sasuke, you know what to do, huh!"

"Eh, Naruto, he's Uchiha Sasuke! We can't hurt him!"

"Yes we could! And I'll do it just for Sakura!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Forget it," Sakura muttered.


Sakura and her classmates returned to their classroom. Sakura can't help but sulk over the matter.

"From the very first time that I saw him, I can't stop looking at him..." she said.

/FLASHBACK, 2 years ago/

"Good morning high school students! This is your Head master welcoming you to a new year of exciting adventures and new friendships!"

"... to give us our opening remarks, let us call on Uchiha Sasuke of class A!"

"Wow... isn't he so handsome?" a girl sitting next to Sakura said.

"You're right!" Sakura agreed. "Wow... he's amazing! He could speak well in English. And he could say his speech without a copy..."

"From now on, I will start to admire Uchiha Sasuke! I will make sure that someday, we'll be closer than friends!"


Then their classes ended. Sakura and her friends are now approaching the school gate.

"Gee, Sakura, why don't we go to your house today? I have heard you just move in. Let's go and celebrate!" Naruto suggested.

"No way, our house is so untidy. We just moved in and we haven't arranged everything. You can go there sometime." She said.

Someone was approaching too. It's Uchiha Sasuke and a classmate of his.

"Hey, Sasuke, that's the girl from this morning!" his classmate exclaimed.

"Let's go home," he replied.

"Oi! Uchiha!" Naruto shouted, getting Sasuke's full attention. "Stay right there!"

"What do you need?"

"You should not look down on us, class F students, you know. Why don't you just accept Sakura's letter? Just appreciate it!"

He ignored what he said and he continued to walk.

"Wait up!" Naruto exclaimed, and his two friends stopped him from going near Sasuke.

He looked back, glancing at Sakura.

"Honestly, I do not like girls who are not level-headed." Then he walked away.

"What did you just say?" Naruto yelled angrily. "You bastard!"

Sakura just kept silent.

Right, I am definitely not his type...