A/N: This sequel picks up 12 years later from the end of part one of July Rain. Lorelai is now 30 and Luke is 32. Rory is 14 and is about to start her freshman year of high school. I hope that those readers who enjoyed July Rain will also enjoy this fiction properly titled "July Rain II: Royalty In Name".

"You understand Ms. Gilmore that you're Grandmother specifically wanted it this way?"

"Yes, Mr. Shurtz I understand… I just can't imagine why." Lorelai replied, still in shock over the news.

Mr. Shurtz smiled. "Your Grandmother was a very stubborn and hardheaded woman. I asked her several times if this was truly what she wanted, and each and every time she replied 'I'm quite capable of making my own decisions, Mr. Shurtz.'"

Lorelai let a smile slide across her face as well. As she envisioned Trix saying those words.

"I'm very sorry about her death." Shurtz said in a much more serious and monotone voice. "She was an extraordinarily fine lady."

"She was indeed." Lorelai agreed. "Well, if that's all the business that needs taken care of today, I'll be leaving. I need to get home to my daughter."

"I'm sure the loss must be especially hard on her." Shurtz concluded. "Have you thought of how you're going to tell her about your Grandmother's will? I know situations like these are hard enough as they are, but to add something like this…"

"I'll figure out a way." Lorelai quickly replied as she stood to her feet. "Thank you, Mr. Shurtz, for being so corporative and caring."

Lorelai turned and left the lawyer's office. Losing her Grandmother had made life seem impossible to live. Lorelai had always put so much faith and trust into Trix that she was afraid of what may happen now that Trix would not be there to help her. To make matters more confusing, Lorelai had just discovered that Trix's entire estate and fortune was left to Rory. Rory would gain access and control to the estate and fortune when she turned 21. Until then, Lorelai would be the overseer. Lorelai had expected her and Rory to be in her Grandmother's will, and even expected a large amount of money, but never had she thought of such an extravagant gesture. Nevertheless, Lorelai would make sure that her Grandmother's estate and fortune would be properly taken care of until it was time for Rory to take over.

Lorelai reached the gate to the mansion where she and Rory had called home for the last twelve years. As she made her way into the driveway and up to the garage, she saw the door immediately open and her daughter's head stick out.

Rory walked out into the garage with her arms folded. Lorelai stepped out of the car.

"Hi, sweetheart." Lorelai greeted. "Did you remember to feed Samson?" Lorelai grabbed a suitcase and some papers out of the back seat.

"Yes." Rory shortly replied.

"Good… you should take him for a walk later. He's not been out in a few days." Lorelai continued on as if everything was as normal as normal could be.

"Did you see Trix's lawyer?" Rory directly asked, still standing with her arms folded.

"I did." Lorelai replied as she came closer to her daughter. "Don't worry, everything is taken care of." Lorelai walked up the steps from the garage and into the oversized kitchen.

"Well, what's going on?" Rory continued.

Lorelai paused for a second, then turned to her daughter. "We just went over her will. Don't worry about it right now, sweetheart. It's all a bunch of boring and complicated business stuff."

Rory realized her mother was not at liberty to discuss the subject and therefore she dropped it. "Grandpa called today…. He said he was sorry he missed the funereal. He was tied up in business."

A regretful look crossed Lorelai's face. "I'm sure he was." She opened the suitcase and placed the papers inside.

"He also said to tell you that if you needed anything you could call…"

"That won't be necessary."

Rory walked over to her mother. "That's what I told him."

Lorelai smirked. She was proud that Rory was turning out so much like her. They were so much alike that Lorelai sometimes found it freakishly abnormal. Determined to help ease Rory's mind about the loss of Trix, Lorelai had devised a plan for the next few days, which was to keep Rory busy and prove to her that life would go on without her great Grandmother around.

"Would you like to take the horses out today?" Lorelai asked. She knew this one of Rory's favorite activities. "I'm sure they'd enjoy the fine weather."

Rory lowered her eyes. "I'd rather not." She answered softly. "I don't feel much like riding."

"Well, we could go school shopping." Lorelai suggested.

"School doesn't start for another month."

"Hey, it's never too early to go school shopping."

A small sigh exited Rory's body. "Is it okay if we just hang around here today? Maybe we could watch some TV or something."

"Sure, if that's what you want." Lorelai replied sweetly. She was more than willing to do whatever Rory wanted, regardless of whether or not it fit into her plan. "I could rent some movies."

"Movies sound great." Rory's face brightened a little.

Later that evening, Rory and her mom snuggled up on the couch and enjoyed a peaceful evening of movies. Lorelai had only rented movies that she thought would uplift Rory's spirit and keep her from becoming more upset. Halfway through the fourth movie, Rory had fallen asleep on her Lorelai's shoulder. Unwilling to disturb her daughter, Lorelai position herself so that she too could fall asleep and did so soon after. The next morning, Lorelai woke up alone. She stood from the large sofa and stretched.

"Rory…" she called with a sleepy voice.

A maid entered into the room. "Good morning, Ms. Gilmore."

"Sondra, have you seen Rory?"

"Yes ma'am." The maid replied. "She's a bit upset this morning. I heard her in your Grandmother's bedroom. I'd check on her ma'am but I'm not sure what I'd say. I was going to wake you, but I figured you'd want your rest."

"That's alright, Sondra. I'll take care of it." Lorelai made her way up the stairs and to Trix's bedroom. She found Rory sitting quietly on the bed looking through old photo albums.

"Rory, sweetie, what are you doing up here?" Lorelai asked she sat down beside her.

"Looking at photos." Rory simply enough replied. "It just doesn't seem real that she's gone."

Lorelai gently removed the album from Rory's hands. "Only her body is gone. Her spirit will always be with us."

"Then I guess I'm selfish and greedy." Rory replied as her eyes began to fill with tears. "Because I want more than her spirit. I want her…all of her."

Lorelai embraced her daughter. "So do I… But we have to move on with our lives."

"This house is so empty… It's too big." Rory continued. "Why is it that it's so empty with only one person missing?"

"Rory, try to understand.." Lorelai directed Rory's eye contact to her. "I know this is hard… I wish I could take all your pain away, but you have to be strong. Be happy that Trix is in a better place. A place where she isn't sick anymore. She wouldn't want you to be sad all the time and upset. She'd want you to be living your life to the fullest and enjoying every moment."

Rory dried her eyes. She admired her mother so much. She was so strong in emotional situations. Rory knew that Lorelai had lost not only Emily but Joan as well and to see her lose yet another loved one, not to mention a mother figure, and still have such hope and understanding made Rory admire her even more.

"You'll see…" Lorelai smiled as she noticed her daughter's heavy heart begin to lighten. "We'll get along just fine. I promise."