Chapter One

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Harry was running his right hand through his hair as he went over the prophecy. 'What the hell, was the old fool thinking? He's known for over a decade. Occlumency with Snape, the slimy git hates me as much, if not more then my dad. Did he even want me to learn?'

With that last thought in mind, Harry again ran his hand through his wild untamable hair, while he made his way through the secret tunnel to Honeydukes, behind the statue of the one-eyed witch. Pausing before he exited the tunnel, Harry quickly pulled on a concealment cloak followed by his invisibility cloak. Stepping out of Honeydukes secret passage he stealthily left the store, made his way to an empty alley, and pulled the invisibility cloak off. He then stuffed it into an inside pocket of the concealment cloak while muttering, "No bloody training, I swear pure insanity."

As Harry stepped in to the Three Broomsticks, he made his way to Madam Rosmerta and asked, "How much to use the floo?"

"5 sickles," She replied watching him carefully. Since You-Know-Who finally, officially confirmed back, everyone was a bit more on edge, making it a difficult time for most.

He nodded and slid the coins across the bar, then grabbed some floo powder and headed over to the fireplace. As he tossed in the powder, and the red and yellow flames turned green, he stepped in then shouted Leaky Cauldron. Once at the Leaky Cauldron, he moved to the back of the pub and into Diagon Alley.

As Harry moved through the alley, he had one focus running through is mind. The Headmaster, his lack of planning, and the endless amount of second chances he gives Death Eaters.

'Love? That was supposed to defeat Voldemort. Yeah right, I'll send a letter off right now, set up a meeting and hug him to death. What's he trying to do? Get me killed?' Shocked he stopped in the middle of the street. 'Could that be it? Keep as much from me as possible. Keep me weak and ignorant. Then be used in the final battle for a mutual take out; is that what he's aiming for?'

Once he steadied himself, Harry headed for Gringott's, to get some cash to buy some books for studying and a new place to live in during the summer. Something heavily warded, and a way to remove tracking charms.

About books: Don't forget that at this point, Harry is still at Hogwarts, thus still has the forbidden section of the library available.

When he reached Gringotts, he passed quickly through the entrance and made his way past a couple people already busy with goblins, and found an empty station.

"Excuse me, I'd like my visit here to remain confidential," Harry said while he slid his key across the counter. The goblin nodded in agreement.

The goblin paused briefly; as he checked over the key then called out in Gobbledegook. Shortly there after a second goblin wearing a nametag came up to the teller, a brief discussion in Gobbledegook, he handed Harry's vault key back to Harry and spoke in English, "He will guide you to the inheritance office."

With a nod to the teller, Harry turned and followed the goblin, with the nametag. Once they entered the office, once Harry was inside the office the goblin started to leave Harry took a brief look at the nametag and said "Thanks Griphook."

Griphook smiled and left the office, happy someone finally remembered his name.

The goblin seated behind the desk, looked up from his paperwork to study Harry briefly, while smirking to himself, he loved it when Griphook got the hope in his eye that someone actually remembered his name. He'd have to crush those hopes later of course, brother-in-laws are such fun.

He folded his hands in front of him and began, "Mr. Potter, my name is Geignak. I'm the Potter account and investment manager. I'm quite surprised you came this early or about this matter at all, we weren't actually expecting you. As I had been informed, it was too dangerous for you to come so you'd be sending a representative in your place."

"I didn't even on plan on making a visit till about three hours ago. What do you mean representative? To my knowledge, I have no representative."

"Well your magical guardian; has handled a couple of your affairs over the past few years," Geignak said. "Were you not aware of these occurrences?"

"The only things I know about are the times I came here, for my first three years at Hogwarts and other then that, when a Molly Wesley has bought my school items, but that's it. I was actually going to ask you about my account statements, if you have such things here, I know we do in the muggle world."

"Mr. Potter, were you ever aware of the fact that you could have accessed to your Family Vault since the age of 14, as you are the last member of your family? And that you should be receiving your account statements, monthly from the age of 11. However, your magical guardian, Headmaster Dumbledore, has received them all so far. We were told you were informed of all these actions, and they were being made in your interest."

Harry just shook his head. 'That's another lie old man.' "No Geignak, I thought Sirius Black was my guardian and upon his imprisonment, my muggle relatives were thereupon made my guardians. In fact till you mentioned a Family Vault, I had thought I only had the one vault I've been visiting."

"This is most disturbing Mr. Potter, do we have your permission to check past transactions to see if there have been any, unauthorized or suspicious withdrawals?"


"Griphook!" shouted the goblin. Shortly there after Griphook returned, looking disgruntled at still being the bitch goblin after five years. They both spoke in Gobbledegook for a minute, then Griphook again left. Turning back to Harry, Geignak asked, "That will take awhile, so Mr. Potter is it alright if we continue while we wait?"

Harry nodded his approval.

"Were you aware that Mr. Black died a few days ago?"

Harry again nodded sullenly.

"It seems, Mr. Black finished his part of the paperwork required to adopt you, all we need is for you to sign. Now this is slightly dubious but he provide us with a nice fee so exceptions were made. He had also set up your emancipation paper work, in the case of his death, it also only requires you sign, but after you sign your adoption paper work." Geignak slid the first set of paper work towards him, which Harry quickly signed. Then he replaced those with the emancipation paperwork.

"Now Mr. Potter, with that you are now an adult and have full access to you vaults, if you want we can merge your vaults and the ones you will inherit into one larger one. We have vault number 7 open the last family to have that one no longer needed the space and were moved to a smaller vault."

Harry nodded. "Could that happen tomorrow? I want to go through them first and see what I want to take today."

"That's fine Mr. Potter. Now let's continue on with the wills."

The Last Will and Testament of Sirius Orion Black

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and health hereby declare this to be, my last will and testament, thus nullifying all previous wills.

To those reading this I am now dead, yep kicked the bucket, bought the farm, etc. As I am currently unaware as to how this came about, I will assume I died slipping when I got out of the bathtub. If that did happen, lie, and make up some heroic act.

Anyway, now that, that unpleasant business has been taken care of, we can now get on to the fun stuff, my fortune.

To Remus J. Lupin, I leave One-million galleons and Number 12 Grimmauld Place, however to claim this Moony, you'll have to take at least 10,000 galleons and spend it on purely frivolous pursuits, such as getting new clothes.

To Nymphadora Tonks, my favorite second cousin, I leave One-million galleons. There is also a letter for you.

To Harry James Potter, I leave everything else, the remainder of the gold and property. I also hereby emancipate you. Your an adult now, do what you want; go get drunk, find a girl, or even a couple. Do magic. You now have that right. And don't forget, have fun and live your life.

Now in closing, I would like to say that no matter how I died, do not get stuck mourning me; remember to live, have fun, and prank people. Make the Marauders proud.


Harry's eyes glazed over briefly, as he worked on controlling his emotions, before the goblin started the next will.

The last will and testament of James Henry Potter

I James potter being of sound mind and body hereby declare this my last will and testament, thus nullifying all previous wills.

To my lovely and talented wife Lily Jean Potter nee Evans

I leave all my properties and control of all my assets. Until such time as Harry is legally able to accept the title lord potter. This includes the family seat on the Wizengamot.

To my son Harry James Potter I leave a trust vault in your name with 10,000 galleons annually deposited from the Potter vault.

If my above stated wife is also deceased then guardianship and control of the Potter assets and titles will fall to Sirius Black as Harry's godfather.

The goblin the flipped to the next page moving to the last will.

The last will and testament of Lily Jean Potter nee Evans

I Lily Jean Potter being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, thus nullifying all previous wills.

To my husband James Henry Potter I leave all monies properties and assets.

If my husband is deceased at time of this reading then all my assets will transfer to Harry James Potter to be placed in trust until his 17th birthday.

Guardianship should be placed with Sirius black if both parents are deceased.

If Sirius Black is unable to perform said duties guardianship should be placed through the following people in this order.

Remus Lupin

Ted and Andromeda Tonks

Amelia Bones

Minerva McGonagall

Under no circumstances are you to be left with your mother's sister Petunia, she is a spiteful woman who hates magic and who would never raise you, the way you should.

"Here Mr. Potter," said Geignak as he handed him a letter, "This is a charmed letter to you, that was with your Parent's Will. Just run your hand across the seal and it will open."

Harry scanned the outside of the letter, which read:

Private letter from the Last Will and Testament of James and Lily Potter to their son Harry James Potter

After he collected himself, Harry ran his hand across it, then unfolded the letter and began to read:

Harry, if your reading this it means we died and odds are some thing happened to Peter Pettigrew. Since, he was our secret keeper.

We want you to know, that we love you and are very proud of you no matter what. You are our son.

We hope that you had a happy childhood with Sirius and Remus.

Now, we need to tell you something we learned about your mother. You see your mother has always been the studious one, therefore she could always, be found leaning. Whether from a book or people, she never stopped. Anyway, after we got married we both went through the goblin's heritage ritual. It turns out your mother is the last magical descendant of Ravenclaw.

We have also left quite a few things inside the vaults, that we think you should have.

We love you son, and we know Sirius will watch over you, as if you were his own.


Your Mother and Father

Lily and James Potter

The goblin slid two keys across the desk. "The current Potter and Black Vaults open via keys; the new Potter-Black vault will open with blood. We will set them today upon your vault inspection."

Harry nodded as a small tear ran down his cheek, he quickly wiping the tear away, and steeled himself. While promising to deal with his emotions later once his tasks for the day were complete.

"If you'll follow me," Geignak said as he stood and headed towards the door behind his desk, Harry raised his hood and followed. They headed towards the cart. Once properly seated they began moving through the tunnels the cart twisting back and forth.

Soon they had slowed down and stopped in front of the Black Family Vault. Harry pulled the Black's key from his pocket he opened the door.

As he stepped inside, Harry slowly made his way to the center where a trunk lay with a letter and ring on top. Harry picked up the ring, he saw on the crest a black Chinese dragon, the emblem of the black house, which identified it as the Black signet ring. After he examined it closely, Harry slipped it on his right hand ring finger where it magically resized to fit. Next, he picked up the letter opened it and read:

Dear Harry,

I wrote this for the simple fact I'm being hunted by both sides. I love you like my own son Harry. I hope that you've agreed to the paper version of adoption. If you have then great if not well I'm sure you had your reasons.

Now on to what's been happening since I got out. After seeing what that Rita Skeeter woman put you through during the Triwizard tournament, I decided to get some marauder revenge for you. Therefore, I've been buying up stock of the PW Inc. which is the company that owns the daily prophet and teen witch weekly.

So as of the making of this letter you own 51 of the company you'll find all the paperwork in your vaults have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't.

The one and only super lovable,


Harry slipped the letter into the trunk and set about the room looking for anything he might want to take, there was loads of books so he just moved the ones of interest to one of the empty trunks.

He then took several pouches of gold, and placed those in the trunk as well. Seeing nothing else that caught his eye at this time, he closed the trunk and headed out of the vault, which closed automatically behind him.

As he climbed back into the cart, and they set off to the Potter Vault. Once there, Harry got out dragging his trunk behind him, and open this vault same as the last.

Inside he found a sealed pensive and a letter next to it with the Potter signet ring on top. As Harry picked up the silver ring, he was a bit surprised to see that the Potter crest had a phoenix on it. When he held it, he felt an urge to slip the Potter ring onto the same finger as Black. Having no reason not to he slid it on, and watch in awe as it melted into the black ring without heat, thus creating the crest for Head of the Potter-Black family. A silvery white band, with a crest of a black dragon along the edge swallowing its own tail with a phoenix set in the middle with wings spread wide. Harry looked at it approvingly before he opened the letter.

Dear son,

We wrote this as we went into hiding as these are dangerous times we took some of the same precautions other families did.

We have so much we want to tell you, starting with that we love you so much. We have had a painting made of us, which we placed in this vault for security; it has a note attached with directions on how to activate it.

Now as we can't tell you everything we want to in a letter, so that's what the pensive is for it has both mine and your mothers memories of our times with you. Hopefully this will let you see how much we love you.

Love Dad & Mom

Harry picked up the pensive placing it inside his trunk and set about going through the vault for the painting. As he made his way around he took all the books he could find of interest. He found a few suits of battle armor. After about a half hour, he found the painting. Not wanting to deal with all the emotions of seeing his parents right now he set the painting still wrapped in the trunk.

As he was leaving, he noticed a trunk in the corner. Standing in front of it, he looked at it closely. On the top was, three animals circling a moon. Smiling slightly Harry grabbed it and placed it in his trunk as well.

Now finished with the Potter vault he stepped out and got back into the cart. They sped down the tracks until the came to a stop at vault number 7. Both got out and preformed a small ritual that created new wards, which would only, recognized Harry. Making their way back into the cart, they headed to the final vault, The Ravenclaw vault. As he stepped from the cart, Harry turned to Geignak and said, "I want this vault and its contents to be kept separate from the others as I'd prefer to keep my linage a secret for the time being."

Geignak nodded. "Of course Mr. Potter, your entire visit is completely confidential; It's one of the perks of banking with Gringotts."

Harry nodded and placed his hand on the indention in the door. After a small poke to his palm, the doors cracked open and Harry proceeded to push the doors open. Making his way to the podium in the center Harry picked up the Ravenclaw ring and slipped a piece of fabric through the hole and tied it off so it wouldn't be lost in the trunk.

Opening his trunk, he set about placing all the books in the vault into the trunk. He studied the room briefly and decided he had everything he wanted at this time. But stopped at the podium the held the Ravenclaw ring picking up the small pamphlet titled Ravenclaw family ring and is properties.

Moving out the vault the doors closed behind him. Shrinking his trunk and pocketing it, he made his way back into the cart and he and Geignak made their way back to Geignak's office.

There waiting on them was Griphook with a stack of parchments which he handed to Geignak. Then he slipped out to continue his work, as Geignak and Harry took a seat.

"Well Mr. Potter after looking this over, it appears that only your normal vault fees were taken out. Up until your first year; then it looks like the withdrawals made are all in the amounts customary with normal school supplies.

"So it looks like all he had done, was to keep you uninformed of you assets and monthly statements, as well as not showing you the Potter vault on your 14th birthday."

Harry nodded. "Thanks Geignak, I appreciate the look into my finances."

"No problem Harry. Is there anything else you need?"

"I'll need some American muggle money as well as some pounds."

At this Geignak nodded and rummaged through his desk and pulled out a small plastic card. "If you would Harry place your thumb to the center of this card it's a one time activation to your blood. Once done only you will be able to use it and it works like a muggle credit card. To Muggles it will appear to be a platinum card. Also since you are now emancipated we offer muggle identification, such as passport, and drivers license."

Harry activated the card and slid all the items he just received into his trunk.

"Can you send a copy of my emancipation and my parents will to Madam Bones and all the required departments? I don't trust Minister Fudge or Dumbledore not to try something to stop it going through." The goblin gave a sharp nod in confirmation. "Of course Mr. Potter its my job to handle those needs for you."

"Well I think that's all then Geignak. I hope your day will be profitable."

"It was my pleasure Mr. Potter."

Harry nodded, slipped his concealment cloak over his head, and stepped out of the office; where he smoothly weaved through the now larger crowd inside the bank, as he made his way to the exit. After leaving the bank, Harry headed towards the Leaky Cauldron at an angry pace. 'The old man had witnessed my parents' will being read. That means he knew that my parents didn't want me going to my aunt's. That manipulative, bloody bastard. Why send me there if he knew I could be somewhere where people actually cared. Did he want to break me, make me idolize him? The manipulative old goat.'

Harry kept muttering swear words under his breath as he moved through Diagon Alley, cloak billowing behind him and the crowd parting from the anger they could feel rolling off the wizard. Shortly he reached the Leaky Cauldron making his way to Tom; he paid five sickles for the floo and made his way back to the Three Broomsticks.

Stepping from the pub his thoughts continued to focus on other manipulations he might not have seen at the time. He made his way to an empty alley close to Honeydukes he put on his invisibility cloak and made his way into the secret passage. Once he made his way out from behind the statue of the one-eyed witch, and headed straight to the Room of Requirement. Once inside he sealed the door and pulled off his cloaks before he set about working off his anger by firing curses at the target dummies that lined the far end of the wall. After about 45 minutes of curse, and hexs being thrown around, and some plain old ranting. Harry collapsed onto a newly appeared couch. Leaning his head against the back of the couch, he started at the ceiling pondering all the events in his life. First, there was the will and then the Dursleys clearly knowing they hated magic. His Hogwarts letter addressed to cupboard under the stairs, his first year three first years are able to get to the philosophers stone. Then he looked over the past years and found out he was always rushing in ready to sacrifice himself for anyone. Then there was Snape and Dumbledore's legitimacy. He just got frustrated. He need to plan acting rashly did nothing for him.

It was time to get some help and actual guidance and he knew just the person to ask. He smiled knowing what his actions would do and just grinned.

He stayed in the Room of Requirement for a while staring at the fireplace in front of him trying to calm his mind down, eventually he wound up falling asleep on the couch.

He woke early the next morning, went ahead, showered, and changed before heading off to the hospital wing to check on his friends. He noticed Hermione was sitting up in her bed reading as soon as he walked though the door. Making his way over to her, he realized Ron was still asleep.

She looked up and forced a smile as she saw Harry enter. "Harry, I'm glad you came. Are you feeling okay?"

He just smiled and shook his head. "That's what I'm supposed to ask you remember. You're the one in the hospital wing."

She scooted over to the side of the bed and patted the empty space. As tears started to well up in her eyes but she held them back. "I'll live Harry but the curse damaged me, I'm not a woman any more it looks like the curse might have made it so I can't have kids. I have to wait till I'm all healed to find out." As she rushed out the word her voice continued to fill with gasps and small sobs.

She leaned in and hugged him tight, as sobs racked her body as he whispered in her ear.

"It will be okay Hermoine; I'm sure and if there is a problem there are solutions. I heard they were working on better ways in the muggle world for surrogate pregnancy, and there's also that Invetro thing as well. Maybe they could use your mothers' eggs.

That way it will still have part of your genes. There will be a way for you to have kids I'm sure of it."

He continued to comfort her until she stopped crying and wound up drifting off to sleep next to him. Shortly after he wound up falling asleep still being clutched by Hermoine.

About an hour later, Ron rolled over to look at Hermione only to find her in Harry's arms as they slept. An angry scowl soon crossed his face. Before he rolled over turning his back on them.

Harry visited as much as possible over the next few days before school let out. Ron was seemingly was always asleep. Harry's visits were brief. Mostly bringing new books for Hermione from the library, she seemed sad but tried to keep a positive attitude.

When he wasn't in the hospital wing with his friends he was in the library going over any books he could find on Occlumency. He didn't want the old fool or his pet bat in his mind any more then Voldemort.

It was the day before they were to head home is when Ron and Hermione were released from the hospital. He greeted them both in the common room but Ron just shoved past him and headed off to the 5th year dormitories. Hermione gave a shrug and they both headed after him.

"Ron, what's wrong?" Harry asked

"Nothing Potter" Ron snipped back.

"Ron" Hermione chastised.

"Look Ron I'm sorry you got hurt."

"I don't want your apology Potter. You think you can just apologize and everything will be alright. I saw you two in the hospital wing you know. I knew you'd try and take her from me. You have everything else fame, money, girls tossing their knickers at you and now your trying to take Hermione from me too!" Ron's face was getting redder as he yelled his fists clenching.

"Ron, I'm not your property! You don't know what you're talking about anyway, Harry and I aren't dating." Hermione said.

Ron stocked forward. "Oh just shagging another seeker huh? First Krum and then Potter! What's a matter I'm not famous enough, don't have enough money for you! I'm glad that curse hit you deserve it you're nothing but a whore!"

Hermione reeled back if struck, and ran out of the dormitory sobbing just as Ron turned to face Harry. To find Harry launching a fist towards his face, the impact echoed across the room. After Ron fell to the ground holding his nose, Harry kicked him a couple of times in the ribs followed by one to the face before body binding him. "Listen here you envious bloody git. You've gone to far our friendship is over. You're just like Malfoy, Ron a pathetic little man. She was upset and I was comforting her like any friend would do."

Harry pulled his wand stunned Ron and covered him with his invisibility cloak and levitating him out of the dorm. On the way out of the dormitory he passed the through the common room to see Hermione crying on the couch into Ginny's shoulder as Lavender and Parvati tried to help comfort a crying Hermione. Ginny looked at him questioningly, he just shook his head and left the common room. A floating Ron trailing behind him.

Stepping back through the door, he made his way back over to Hermione and pulled her in to a hug.

"I'm sorry 'Mione, I can't believe he said those things to you."

Lavender and Parvati looked between Harry and Hermione as Ginny asked. "What happened Harry?"

"Simple Ginny. Your git of a brother saw me comforting Hermione. And, he thought I was stealing her from him and then said she was just shagging me like she did Victor because we're both famous. Then he called her a whore." Harry said still in a fit of rage over the way his former friend had acted. The three of them gasped as Harry spoke.

Just then the door to the common room opened and in stepped their head of house. "Mr. Potter, a word please."

Harry nodded and slipped from Hermione and Ginny took his place following her out the door. She waited until it was closed before speaking. "Mr. Potter why did I find Mr. Weasley stuck to the Ravenclaw common room entrance? Spelled so that the only way to enter the common room, was to some how strike Mr. Weasley?

"I don't know professor. I did stupefy him and toss him out the dorm after what he said to Hermoine. But I do not have any knowledge of how the rest happened."

"And tell me Mr. potter why you felt it was necessary to stupefy your friend?"

"Ron is not my friend professor anyone who tells Hermoine that she deserved to be hit with that curse in the ministry is no friend."

"I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Potter."

The professor sighed before heading towards the hospital wing. "Go see to your friend Mr. Potter."

Harry walked back into the common room and saw the room deserted. Harry moved to the couch and sat down staring at the fire. Harry sighed as he watched the fire dance between red and yellow, the wood occasionally popping as his mind went over events of the day.

He was going to need help during this summer but who could he count on? He would have to test those around him to protect himself, to many people were betraying him lately. He thought of Remus and his loyalty to his parents. But would he be too far under Dumbledore's thumb to help? He would still have to check them all out first, just to be cautious. He sighed deciding to think again later, and headed up to his bed, he needed to sleep before he headed out in the morning, and it had been a very trying day.

After waking the next morning, Harry went and packed all his things before shrinking his trunk and Hedwig's cage. He stopped in the common room to write a letter it was time to accept that offer he received in second year.