(X-Men) So much for my happy ending.


"Bobby what do you think you're doing?" Shrieked Rogue.

"Um… Fucking Kitty?" was Bobby's reply.

"What, why!" Rogue asked in a sad tone.

"Because I finished with you. You're untouchable, why would I want you?"

"You said you loved me!" Rogue all but pleaded.

"No, I was trying to get into your pants to put is simply." Bobby replied brilliantly. Rogue just looked at her ex and her roommate, turning on heal she bolted from the room. Making it to the lake in record time Rogue ran right into Logan. Logan took one look at her face and knew something was wrong.

"Marie, darling what's wrong?" Rogue just looked at him, pulling off her glove she reached up and touched his face. There was no reaction, no sucking feeling, nothing.

"Marie?" Logan asked puzzled.

"I was going to tell Bobby I could control my powers when I walked in on him doing the dirty with Kitty! How could he! He was everything I wanted! At least I thought he was." Rogue cried as Logan pulled her closer into a warm embrace.

"SHHHHH, he didn't disserve you. You're to good for him."

"Logan, no one wants me! I'm untouchable, who would want me!" Marie cried harder.

"Hey, hey you can touch now remember? Any guy would be lucky to have you."

"Then why does no one want me?"

"I want you." Logan said.

"I want someone who loves me as more then a friend Logan."

"Marie, darling I love you in everyway possible. Marie, stop crying."

"Logan, do you mean it? Do you really love me?"

"Yes, I do love you in every sense of the word."

"Oh god Logan, I love you too! I guess you're my happy ending!"