Want to know how it all began? Or better yet, why? Well, the second question can be answered by the standard issue reply of "Because we can", so I suggest that you don't ask it unless you want to make me a parrot. Parrots are pretty birds, but annoying after a while. That's why they stayed near half-blind captains; because they couldn't be shot at easily. Heh, and due to my lack of motivation at times for stories that are second priority, it might take a bit to have the other chapters up. But that's why I have my editor to jump on my aft for it, yes? Though she might be too busy reading her TF comics I got her to do so...

"Plotting is fun," Subitayo mused evilly, looking to an equally amused Karahrr in the Iacon Theater lobby. The place wasn't open yet, due to it still being early in the morning, so the two could talk freely without any mech getting suspicious and plotted against for it. That was too messy on such a lovely day. Their recent movie was very popular, bringing in suggestions of a sequel or continuation. Thus, a meeting was formed for just that purpose. Subi then smirked, adding, "We had a large turnout for "Prime Horrors"…"

The black cat-mech nodded in wholehearted agreement, chirping "Of course!" with the remembrance of the finer moments caught on film. "But just for the sake of asking, did you sell out for later showings?" She asked, her voice suddenly holding a snicker.

"Hell yes," the theater manager happily answered, turning her gaze to the screening room. "Half of the first showing came back with more friends later that very day." The maniacal smile flashed was replaced by a thoughtful look as an idea set in. "We need to make another one of those." Karahrr gave a predator-like grin in return.

"That could easily be arranged, yes?"

"Even if merely for self-entertainment…" She broke off, finally registering Karahrr's comment. "Indeed. Shall we get what we need then?" With a final cackle and dash before the cat could answer, the room upstairs was filled with clanging as objects were thrown on the floor, as well as mutters from a distracted Subi. "No, no, no, that won't work… He'll see that. This is good!" Subi bounded back down, handing a certain gleeful conspirator the main instrument of doom, a camera, chanting, "Got 'em all!" She snatched it eagerly, playing with the controls until it was safely usable. Compared to last time's fiasco, which left them using a tweaking spare. The rest of the items were put into a pile on the side, now being rifled through. "Let's see, what else will you need? Can't forget the datapad." Said object was tossed over at the mention of it. "And I think that's it. Aside from finding our stars, that is."

"That shall be the fun part!" the camera toting mech chirped, pocketing the datapad. Subi nodded, smirk appearing on her face.

"Indeed. You hunt down VP, there's something I want to set up first." And smirk still on her face, she ran out, almost flattening Jetfire, who was quite glad that he had swerved on time. Karahrr came out in a much slower fashion -camera hidden-, looking at the mech in confusion. The shock of almost being run over wearing off somewhat, he blankly glanced in her direction.

"'Ello, Karahrr." She twitched, hoping to get a clear getaway but obviously failed.

"Hello…" Her tone of voice didn't help either, because it was badly trying to hold a cackle in from all the plans. Jetfire didn't miss a beat.

"What're you and Subi upta now?" If a mech wasn't restricted by reality, she would be a popsicle by now, standing stiffly and shiftily looking for possible exits.

"Why ever do you ask?"

"'Cause Subi usually doesn' come runnin' out of the theater like that unless she's got som'tin planned?" He supplied, off-put by the sudden hesitation and guardedness of the question, though admittedly innocent sounding if one wasn't used to the antics. She didn't cave, not yet, but it was clear she wanted to leave for something.

"Sure…I guess that's plausible." At last, the dots connected and he gave a semi-suspicious look.

"Could I take the guess that its som'tin like "Prime Horrors"?"

The questioning getting to her, she finally snapped, sprinting off with an, "I shall not tell!" Behind her, Jetfire gave an awkward look.

"I was jus' gonna tell ya if you were lookin fer VP he was in the library, but okay... Both amusement providin' oddballs," he shook his head. "Gotta love 'em..." with that, he continued on his way to the Autobot command center.

In the distance, the words rung loud and clear to her audio receptors, and the chase was on.

"Oh Vector Pri-ime..."