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There Vector Prime was, catching up to his own ancient sanity in the park. He didn't even have a chance. "Hello, PINK mech." He yelped at the unforeseen encounter and jumped to his feet, shaking the ground with impressive force in the process. Karahrr, already questionable in whatever remained of her sanity, followed suit.

"Indeed; hello pinky!" His expression spoke even more volumes of mental agony and regret at their appearance. The fox took advantage of his silence.

"What, are canines doing a cats' job of catching tongues, PINK boy?" Subi jibed again, smirking even more at his discomfort and the cat mech's enthusiasm. He once again gave a shifty glance, moreso in irritation than anything else.

"No…" To make matters worse for him, Karahrr was getting a high off of this chaos to form.

"So you claim", came out as a speedy chirp, and she dodged another box thrown by the mech. "You have bad aim, you know that?" Subitayo couldn't help but notice how odd it was to throw a mere box at someone.

"You know, that looks semi-odd as a greeting, VP." another thought came to her at this. "Are those filled with chocolate or something?" he glared at the comment, for some reason enraged at it.

"What kind of suggestion is that?.!" Karahrr smirked, intent on being fluent in sarcasm.

"A suggestion." Subitayo, on the other hand, was pretty wondering herself about that question.

"No idea." A disturbed look crossed her face and she mentally noted to give deathly torture to Soundwave afterward. However, she recovered from the split second mental lapse, and came back to speed in a slightly despairing tone. "If it hasn't got chocolate, then where is my box?" Vector Prime's glare intensified, and he nearly twitched.

"You do not want a box." He irritatingly stated, causing the cat mech to space out even more between the two in confusion. Subi just smirked.

"Sure I do." At last, thoroughly ticked off at the exchange, he threw a golden sphere at her, his bad aim making it shoot over her head.

Purely on instinct, she dived after it, joyfully shouting, "Ball!", then stopped as realization kicked in as to what he did, ball in grasp. Facial features twisted to rage, and the ancient mech knew that he did something wrong without even trying. Karahrr, on the other hand, was too busy reminiscing about something similar.

"I remember when I kicked Topspin around; the guy deserved it though." She was ignored, and the fox kept her flaring optics on the protector of space and time.

"For an ancient tin can, you're pretty smart occasionally." And that was all she said, before barreling at him, missing when he warped away just in time. She gave a shifty glance and twitched, murderous intent leaking into the atmosphere. The cat mech looked on, not knowing what to do as she was pretty much having to stick with the theater manager anyway.

"Okaaay then…" whatever else she tried saying, Subi interrupted.

"Ohhhh the both of them are going to regret that..." What began as a simple twitch turned into a temporary habit, and the cogs of her chaotic mind started turning at a faster pace. A few seconds later, it was decided with an evil grin. "Mass embarrassment!" Karahrr, previously disturbed, was now gleeful in expression at the possibilities. Subi noticed, mood back to its happy chaotic hum, and offered, "Care to help set up?"

"I'd love to." Karahrr replied, now donning an insanely happy smile. That decided, the fox, mirrored expression on her face, dashed back to the theater, Karahrr in tow. When they arrived once again at the entrance, both paused for a moment, giving time for Subitayo to speak.

"I love the secondary purposes of my 'palace'." She said jovially, waiting for the cat to catch up.

She did moments later, asking, "Amusement is coming?", like an eager child, laced with chaos. Finally in the same place, Subi rushed into the pitch-dark theater, still being followed.

"Indeed," Karahrr's face lit up again, "after we set it up." This didn't hinder the cat mech's mood in the least bit.

"Setting it up shall be amusing too."

"It'll be easier to set up this way…" Now fully immersed in the abyss, several 'droids' of sorts, only knee height at the most, approached with sudden activation on the will of the now human Subitayo, still smiling sinisterly. Upon an unheard command, they lined up, ready to do as told. "It's a two-er, boys; onstage, romantic-ish, get it ready, 'kay?" Watching their retreating forms as they prepared, she muttered contentedly, "I love my creations."

Karahrr, to her credit mostly oblivious except for the task at hand, inquired with naturally obtained curiosity, "Does this happen to involve the main stars?" The reply, either by how obvious the answer was, or sheer lack of caring, was simple and taunting.

"That's my secret." The cat mech pouted, ignored as usual. "But there's something I need you to get before we even start it." Karahrr looked at her even more curiously. "And yes, you're recording it from up there; a perfect view." Following the slightly clawed finger in the direction above, there was the projector room. Eager to set up, and most likely forgetting the other comment that Subi had said, she looked for the quickest way up with her optics.

"Shall I get it set up now?" The other appeared to have rolled her eyes at the blind enthusiasm.

"First I need you to go to the Iacon Gardens and get a PINK rose for one of our...'friends'..." That finally through the cat mech's thick metal skull, she grinned.

"Ah, gotcha."

"Then you can set up." The reminder fell on deaf audio sensors as she scampered off, leaving Subi to turn to the blue-gray robot/droid to give further instructions.