M4M: Life sux, sometimes. It seems I have a rollercoaster life. First, I was too angsty, then too happy, and then not angsty enough. I am now back in school, so finding time to myself for stories is even harder. I have hard classes and a job that takes up most of my spare time on the weekends. I'm trying to cope with everything, hopefully, I can learn to balance everything out. Please enjoy this short drabble I wrote a while back while I search for a near workable scenario with my life.

Tenuous Hold Spin-Off:

Retrospective on Friends

He felt more lonely than ever before...

Once upon a time, he had had friends... and he was happy. Because they were there to temper his loneliness.

But things happened, and he was left alone once more. Just with Sakura and Sasuke.

And you know what? It's even lonelier when you know what you're missing. So incredibly, emptily lonely when you know that you could be happy with your friends, and to not have that. To just be all by yourself, without anyone to make you happy and lift the fathomless dark from your heart.

Sakura might've cared for him in some sort of way... but she was preoccupied with the darkness that seemed to be contagious.. spreading through Team 7's members, and then overflowing.

Sasuke... was part of the darkness itself. He was a vampire... that's what vampires were... darkness. And while part of Naruto reveled in being cacooned in it, and being beaten up by it, the pain an empty reminder he was alive, it didn't satisfy his lust for happiness.


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