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Chapter Two

Ishida couldn't face Inoue. He hadn't been there… he hadn't been able to rescue her. Not even Kurosaki had been there, but that was just a small consolation. She was covered in bandages and hadn't come to school for so long. Why was he so weak?

"I can give you back your Quincy powers, but you have to promise not to involve yourself with Shinigami and their friends ever again"

He wanted his powers back. He couldn't stand not to have them. But that would mean leaving the only friends he had ever had. It would mean leaving her. Would he survive? Ishida was strange and sometimes really dumb yet pretty clever in his own way. He knew. He had fallen for Orihime and he had fallen hard. But what would hurt the most? Falling in love with her knowing she loved another? Knowing that he had to leave her in order to be able to protect her?

He had to make a decision, but his mind couldn't decide which one. What should he do? Leave and regain his power to protect himself and the people he loved, even from far away or stay and be useless? Maybe this decision wasn't up to him.

Slowly he turned towards her. She was trying to be her usual cheerful self. But he could see that she was worried about Ichigo and jealous of Kuchiki-san. He didn't exist in her world. And yet… maybe she had never thought that he could be in love with her. He had to be sure. That would be his way to decide.

Orihime was completely oblivious of what was going on in Ishida's mind. She was too busy concentrating on Ichigo.


Ishida wasn't the kind of man to worry. Once he had made up his mind, he did what he had to do. He wasn't shaking, walking like a mad man or looking at his watch every two seconds… he was perfectly calm and collected.

When everyone, except for Inoue and him, had left the sewing club, he rose from his chair and walked over to her. Kindly he showed her how she was supposed to sew a particular part of her teddy bear.

She didn't react when he put hand near hers. She was startled when he finally grabbed her hand and locked his gaze with her own. Softly he bent over and pressed his lips on hers. It was his turn to be surprised. He hadn't expected her to close her eyes, grab him by the tie and deepen the kiss. Incredibly happy he let his arms slide around her waist and pressed her against him, tilting her head.

She had locked her arms around his neck; one hand nestled in his hair. When the kiss ended, she pulled him back for another one. But then she whispered, "Ichigo…"

Ishida didn't break the kiss. He waited until she ended it, as if he had heard nothing. Then he took a step back. It would be better not to let her know he had heard.

"Inoue-san, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

She pressed her hand to her lips, startled by her own actions. Was she really this desperate? To hurt Ishida-kun like that! To have kissed him while thinking of Ichigo just to have a taste of her dream, she was disgusting.

"Thank you for your kindness, kissing me back just to be nice to me, even while you are in love with Ichigo. Thank you and sorry, I was just being stupid."

Orihime blinked, he hadn't heard her? He thought she was nice? God… she…

He left, after all Tatsuki was waiting outside for her. That day he didn't go home, he took the bus and went straight to his father. His decision had been made.


"So you've come."

Ishida remained silent. He was facing his father. The one person he didn't understand in the least, and that didn't understand him either. He couldn't say he hated his father, yet he didn't love him like a son should. Their relationship was really strange.

"Well then, what is your answer?"

As if he had to ask! "To regain the power of a Quincy!"

His father's eyes hardened.

"And then?"

Ishida didn't hesitate even one second.

"I swear, that I will never involve myself with shinigami ever again"


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