Story Summary - The search for the young Tok'Ra Queens continues. The System Lords do not yet know about the Tok'Ra Queens. SG1, the Tok'Ra and the Furlings must find them before they learn of them. The System Lords form a new alliance, one that is wholly and completely evil, in order to attempt to defeat the Tau'ri and the Tok'Ra once and for all. Ba'al becomes suspicious of their new ally and makes a remarkable decision in the manner of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and "love conquers all". In order for SG1, and the Tok'Ra to overcome this new threat, they must look, with Daniel, to the distant past and continue to learn, trust, and believe in the sometimes unbelievable.

Genre: Romance/ Drama/Action/Fantasy.

Main Pairings: Sam/Martouf/Lantash, Daniel/Kataya, Malek/Gwennetha, Minor Pairings: Janet/Merdwin, Jacob/Selmak/Jocasta, Jack/Other, Teal'c/Other

Rating: Will be censored to fit under M, but the first part will be T. The Original NC-17 version is on Symbiotica and on my website which is my homepage in my bio.

Amat wyn – My Love

Amat - Love

"Italics" – Symbiote – Host or Telepathic Communications

Legacy of the Queen


Return to Valdellon

Sam and Martouf sat on the rocks looking out over the lake on Coreegadon. So much had changed so swiftly that they were still somewhat breathless. Not long ago, she and Kataya were trapped in the All and still battling Bastet. Slightly more than three weeks ago, they had finally defeated her and been able to return to the mortal realm from the All. They had been relieved. Martouf, Lantash, Malek, and Daniel had been overjoyed.

Sam's return had thrown her into a Furling heat cycle, something none of them had expected, and she was now going to present Martouf and Lantash with the requisite two children. She smiled remembering their less than enthusiastic reaction to the news as they experienced the symptoms with her.

Not only that, but just a day or so before they returned, Daniel, Martouf, and Lantash discovered evidence left by Egeria that pointed not only to the existence of more symbiotes, but also to Tok'Ra queens. They had found more than the possibility of both mature and immature symbiotes as well as queens, though.

They were still trying to assimilate the vastness of the discovery and its ramifications on the Tok'Ra and the universe in general because what they found was a world populated by willing hosts. They were not just willing either; they were eager, excited, and delighted. The residents of Valdellon, the world on which they discovered the information left by Egeria, had grown up hoping for the day the discovery of the symbiotes arrived so that they could join with them.

Among the population were many of Egeria's first-born children. Those that wished to share the host's bodies, but had no desire to fight the System Lords, unlike their later born brethren. In this atmosphere, children grew up honoring the symbiote and considering it a matter of great pride to be able to claim a family member who hosted one.

Not only were the people of Valdellon brought up wanting to join with a symbiote, they grew up wanting to take up arms against the Goa'uld. Against the abomination that had killed their dear Egeria. They were all aware that Egeria left her young with a very strong need to defeat the Goa'uld System Lords. Furthermore, they all knew that as their hosts, they would also be going into battle against them. They learned this from the time they were old enough to understand it as well as what it meant and this was simply the way they expected it to be.

Needless to say, the availability of so many eager and willing hosts had shocked and amazed the Tau'ri and Tok'Ra who gathered there. The information was wonderful, exciting, and astounding, most especially for the Tok'Ra. That they were overwhelmed, as well as overjoyed, was obvious and it was no surprise to anyone that they were still attempting to assimilate the sudden change in their fortunes and exactly what it meant to the Tok'Ra as a race. It was not unusual to come upon one of them simply staring off into space, a look of wonder on their face and a smile on their lips. The Furling were not as amazed by the turn of events as the others were, but they were quite clearly happy and delighted with the situation.

Four days ago, they came to Coreegadon and found the first of the mature symbiotes. There could be as many as ten thousand of them, not two thousand as they originally thought, and they had been pairing up hosts and symbiotes ever since.

Although there were still symbiotes and hosts to be paired, the newly blended Tok'Ra were taking over those duties. Knowing that the expertise of their older siblings, along with that of the Furling, were no farther than a short Chaappa'ai trip away, they had happily agreed to oversee the remainder of the blendings in the Temple of Coreegadon. They were anxious for the group of searchers to resume their quest for the other clutches of symbiotes and, of course, the little queens.

The members of the search party shared their feelings, for they all found that their thoughts frequently turned to the library on Valdellon and the knowledge, information, and hope still hidden within the many books, crystals, and manuscripts awaiting them there.

Tonight all of them, except Daniel, would return to Valdellon. Tomorrow they would once again begin the process of sorting through the abundance of material awaiting them there. Daniel would remain behind on Coreegadon to wrap up what little remained to do on the translations. He was about to bring this project to its conclusion, and he fully expected to rejoin his friends and his lover, if not later tonight, then certainly by sometime early tomorrow. He had every intention of accomplishing his goal as quickly as possible and surprising Kataya by joining her during the night. He smiled thinking about how she would greet and welcome him into their bed. Yup. If it was humanly possible he would bring this to an end tonight.

Martouf stood and held out his hand to his Samantha.

"I still have a few things to gather, Martouf, but it will not take me long. I will be with you in a few minutes."

"Do not rush, Samantha. We have time."

"I know, but I still won't be long." She smiled cheekily at him as she skipped out of his reach, when he tried to swat her on the butt. "Ah, ah. No fair smacking the pregnant lady."

"Then the pregnant lady should be more careful. You could trip on these rocks, Samantha. Please, do not take chances."

Sam laughed at him, but slowed to a sedate and careful walk. Something happening to her and the kits was, after all, his as well as Lantash's, greatest nightmare. She would not add to it. Taking his hand, she headed for the camp they were living in, only shooing him toward the group of men standing to one side talking, after they left the rocks.

Selmak greeted them as they walked up, and Martouf gave control to Lantash. "Well, Lantash, it is over for us. I think that the new Tok'Ra can handle the remainder of the blendings. They can contact someone if something happens and they need help."

"I agree, Selmak. I believe that Valynara, or her daughter, will be here tomorrow to insure that any pair needing the added assurance of a mind link will not have to wait longer than necessary, for they will complete them quickly. I see no reason for us to remain. There are enough new Tok'Ra that we can go back, with a clear conscience, to our search for the other symbiotes and the Queens that are still waiting to be found."

"Absolutely. As exciting as this is, I believe we would be put to better use in unraveling the clues to where they are," Selmak replied.

Lantash nodded and turned to answer someone else.

Selmak gazed across to the Temple where the blendings were taking place. He watched as Merdwin exited the Temple. The sun caught the blackness of his hair and the silver at his temples. The silver he had gained saving Samantha and Kataya's lives and souls.

They certainly owed a great deal to the Furling. Not just to Merdwin, much as he had done for them, but to Artereos, Kataya, and now Valynara, as well. Without them, none of this would be happening. Without Artereos, Kataya, Merdwin, and the Katteri-enti Warriors they had brought to the SGC to help them fight Bastet, they would all be dead, Tok'Ra and Tau'ri alike, instead of standing here helping to "birth" new Tok'Ra.

Yes, they owed that almost immortal race more than they could ever repay, but then, they neither asked for, nor wanted, repayment. They wanted justice, and they wanted their people to be happy, content, and back within their circle, if not in body, then by knowing they were welcome there.

The fact that both Samantha and Daniel belonged within their ranks had been a shock, but once assimilated, they had all realized it changed nothing about their personalities. They were the same as they had always been. They could just do a few things they could not before. Like talking to you inside your head and using energy as a weapon. Well, Samantha could also change into a beautiful and deadly Dragon now, if she needed to. Watching her fight as the Dragon of the Star against Morgasha/Bastet had been an experience he hoped he never had to see again. Furthermore, perhaps, now that Samantha was carrying kits, she could not change until after her pregnancy was over. Selmak felt Jacob smile at the thought of them being grandparents again and smiled back at him.

At least Daniel did not have the abilities that Merdwin and Kataya had, although he, too, was remembering more of his past as time went by. He could link and talk telepathically easily now, but he still was not able to use energy to fight with. Daniel certainly remembered Kataya and the love he had always had for her. A love that had lived for millennia as over and over both died and were reborn, always finding each other eventually.

"Did you wish to take control back, Jacob?" Selmak asked, knowing that normally he would be the one directing them while Selmak watched and assimilated what was going on around them.

"Not particularly, Sel. I know you enjoy talking to Merdwin, and it looks like he'll be heading our way shortly."

"Very well; we will continue as we are for now then,"

As Merdwin turned from talking to the Tok'Ra at the Temple doorway, he smiled at them from across the distance that separated them; once again, the feline grace and beauty of the man forcefully struck Selmak. Tall and slender, raven haired with dark blue, mesmerizing eyes, he turned women's heads wherever he went. Watching him as he started to saunter toward them, Selmak sighed. Although the silver at Merdwin's temples was distinguished and took nothing away from his amazingly handsome good looks, he was sorry that they had been partially to blame for putting it there.

Then again, Selmak had to admit that the ordeal they endured during the past six months did not appear to have changed him in any other way. He was still very charismatic to both men and women. They were drawn to him and enjoyed being around him. He was not only extremely likable, but apparently, he exuded a great deal of sex appeal, judging by the looks he garnered from the women. Daur'rin and Jocasta had assured Jacob and him that it was so.

He knew that he had heard him speak in a tone of voice that had every woman within hearing range looking at him as if they would like to throw him to the floor and have their way with him. Seduction personified, or so Samantha had told Jacob, when he had questioned her later about the incident that had taken place in the Temple of Coreegadon during their discussion of whether or not they needed more searchers. The men had not heard the same thing, evidently, because it had not done anything to them other than cause a little envy, and if he had not noticed the women's reaction, he would not have realized anything had happened.

Samantha had explained that it was an unconscious tone in his voice, and that he had to suppress it consciously. He had forgotten to do so and had he continued to use it, she assured them, the women could very possibly have followed him anywhere he wanted them to. Kataya, too, had to be careful, for hers was quite pronounced, though not as strong as Merdwin's. His was exceptionally strong and enticing.

It was a Furling trait and many of them had it to a lesser or greater degree. Moreover, even though they were quite young at its first appearance, instruction on controlling it, along with the consequences of not doing so, began immediately. Consenting partners often used it as part of the mating ritual; at all other times, it was to be controlled. Furling's were, for the most part, not affected as deeply and strongly by it as were "others", although it did still affect them. Furling law considered it a crime to use it for seduction of an "other," or anyone else, for that matter, but especially on an "other," and penalties were often assigned. Consenting adults, however, could use it whenever they chose to do so.

If he was really interested, Sam was sure that Kat would demonstrate hers to him. As long as he did not blame her, if he ended up trotting after her like a puppy dog until the effect wore off, if she miscalculated and kept it up too long. The thing was that it was such a beautiful lilt in the voice that it was just plain lovely to listen to, and you wanted to hear it again and again. Selmak had thanked her for her offer, but declined, at least for now.

Voice, charisma, and looks aside, the man was an amazing warrior, for all practical purposes virtually indestructible; he and Jacob were certainly very glad that they were on the same side in the war against the System Lords. He had never seen him manifest fully as a Katteri-enti, but he had seen other of their Warriors transform into the human being that was a Katteri-enti Warrior.

Once a Katteri-enti manifestation was complete, they were more muscular and taller. They had inch or more long incisors and one to two inch long claws, which extended from their fingertips. Their eyes would glow amethyst, sapphire, gold, or a deep dark emerald green depending on their original eye color. Surrounding all of this were swirls of colored energy that reached out and killed, or at the very least disabled their opponents. That did not count the sword and hand device that was slinging energy with deadly accuracy.

Oh yeah, as Jacob would say, he would love to see Merdwin, second only to Artereos, manifest as a Katteri-enti warrior in real action. Not just a practice session, which he had seen, but in true pitched battle. He believed that he would be truly awed and that in itself would take some doing after seeing Kataya and Samantha as both Katteri-enti and the Dragons.

It made him wonder what Artereos would be like as a full Katteri-enti Warrior in battle. He almost shuddered at the thought of all that leashed power released upon something or someone. Merdwin would be awesome. Artereos, well, he was not sure he even had a word for what Artereos would be.

"Actually, Sel, I'm not sure there would be a lot of difference. I know they say that Artereos is the greatest Warrior of the All, but, hey, Merdwin has all of his other abilities that he can add to the mix, doesn't he?" Jacob commented on Selmak's thoughts about Merdwin

"You are speaking of his Enchanter, Sorcerer, and Warlock abilities are you not, Jacob? I believe that what you say could be true, however, for pure energy, power, and fighting abilities, which is what I believe they mean; I think that Artereos would be more powerful. A very unsettling thought if he were not on our side."

Jacob laughed at Selmak's understatement. "Yeah. Very unsettling," he concurred, then added, "Like you, I am really, really glad that he is on our side. Hell, Merdwin, too, for that matter."

Leaving his conversation with Jacob, for the moment, Selmak smiled at the man they were thinking and talking about as he strode up to them and joined the group of men congregated there.

Merdwin immediately opened a conversation, saying, "So, Selmak, are we about ready to return to Valdellon? I must admit that I am anxious to return. Samantha and Kataya have returned from their deaths. Their journey into the All for healing and the return of their true spirits is finished, and they are well again, if not at full strength. We will be able to put all of our efforts into searching for the little Queens, and I am more than ready to begin again. Now that I can leave Malek's side and he and Gwennetha have resolved their problems, I can truly begin to help. I am looking forward to it very much."

"I am getting excited about it again as well, Merdwin. Now that we are about to head back and start again, I find myself anxious to leave. As exciting as this has been, and I must confess that it has been very exciting, I am ready to take up the search again."

"Yes, it has been quite exhilarating, and I am hopeful that this last find of Daniel's may hold some more information. Perhaps only a last letter from Egeria, but even that would be a welcome addition to our store of knowledge about her."

"Yes, it would." Selmak looked at him speculatively for a moment before changing the subject. "I am surprised that Kataya and Daniel have consented to be separated for tonight. I sometimes think that they do not like to be out of each other's sight for long and I cannot blame them for that. Five hundred years apart, eight weeks together and then parted again. It is no wonder they cannot bear to be apart for any length of time."

"Yes, it has been very difficult for them. They love one another so very much and yet, they have spent so much time apart. Kataya has always put her duty before her heart, and Daniel has always understood that. It is an amazing thing, actually, considering how non-military he sometimes is. Of course, over time he has slowly become more militarily minded. He loves her, and she loves him, that is what has always mattered in the end. Her Heartmates have been important as have his. Lantash and Daniel can attest to that as can I, but always they each take the one special place in each other's souls and hearts."

"Kataya is a beautiful woman and an excellent Warrior. I think her heart and her Warrior's training fight within her at times, but the warrior wins out. She does what she had to do and then turns to Daniel, for the shelter that her heart needs. As coldly dangerous, vicious, and deadly as she can be, I think that she still needs that warm place to return too. She still has a soft and delicate heart that weeps easily."

Murmuring his agreement, Selmak looked to where his daughter, Samantha, and Kataya were talking together. Samantha had many of her sister's characteristics, as well. She, too, had become a formidable warrior. Her love for Lantash and Martouf was every bit as strong and indestructible as was Kataya's for Daniel. When one saw them stand together as they were now, you could almost see the thread that bound them to each other and to their mates. It made sense since each of them loved and honored the same men. Each sister was bound to the other's mate by a heart-bond that would never die. Selmak smiled at Jacob and his feelings of contentment as he looked at them. He understood the feelings and shared them with his internal mate. His musings were cut short when Merdwin brought his attention back from surveying the two women.

Mentally picking up on Selmak and Jacob's stray thoughts and ruminations about Sam and Kataya, Merdwin agreed with them, saying, "Exactly, so. They are each very much in love with their respective mates, as well as, their sister's mates. The pairs complement one another in many ways, and that is one of the reasons that Kataya and Daniel, just as it is with Samantha, Martouf, and Lantash, are so perfect together." He shrugged slightly, before continuing to explain his meaning, "Kataya is the Warrior, and Daniel is the safe harbor."

Merdwin paused once more before stating almost softly, "Yet when he needs to be, Daniel is quite capable of being the coldly calculating warrior. Do not ever doubt that, for he can slit your throat as quickly and easily as I, and not think twice about doing so, if the circumstances merit it. You never need to worry if Daniel is watching your back, Selmak, I assure you. I know that some do worry, thinking him too much the academic as well as being something of a pacifist. They have no need to either wonder or fear."

Selmak looked at him for a long, silent, somewhat tense moment, and then he nodded decisively, stating tersely but firmly, "Understood."

Merdwin smiled and then laughed abruptly. "Come, there is no need, at least at this moment in time, for such serious discussion. I would rather speak of Kataya's beauty than of her vicious nature. It is amazing that something so lovely could be that coldly calculating and dangerous, is it not? It has often caught her enemies unaware."

"None of them think that anyone with such glorious gold and silver hair, dancing so softly around her face could possibly be dangerous. Those amazingly breathtaking violet colored eyes, surrounded and set off so beautifully by those long black lashes and perfectly arched brows, so wide-spaced, so innocent looking, surely, she cannot be a threat to them. The perfectly sculpted mouth would say nothing to wound or give false information. The satiny complexion, seemingly as soft as a flower's petal, the high, delicately tinted cheekbones, the lovely, enticing throat that makes one wish to ravish it; certainly, none of those could possibly belong to someone working against them or meaning them harm. Then, there is that which remains; the body one would almost be willing to die for; it is easy to see its perfection. So delicate, so innocent, so—so deadly…at least, I tend to think that is their last thought, as she leaves them broken and bleeding to death. If, that is, they are not already dead."

Selmak shook his head. "You are a very cynical man, Merdwin."

He hesitated slightly before answering him, saying quietly, "I am a very old soul, Selmak. You realize that it is the same with Samantha as it is with Kataya. She is so beautiful that her enemies, too, will underestimate her. She, too, will leave them wondering those same things, as they lie broken and dying. She has a warrior's heart, and just as Martouf is her haven; Lantash is her warrior."

That statement, neither he nor Jacob could dispute, for it was most assuredly the truth, and therefore, he did not even try. He did have a question about Kataya though, and as Jacob was reminding him, this was the perfect opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, not to mention settle their bet. "You mentioned Kataya's eye color earlier, and I have to admit that it seems unusual as well as lovely. Where in the world did it come from? I have not noticed Furlings, other than Gwennetha, that have that color of eyes."

Merdwin smiled at him. Many people asked this question. "She received them from her mother. Many Wiccadians have violet and amethyst colored eyes, Selmak. In fact, it is considered quite common on Wiccadia and not unusual at all."

"It is strange how something that is so commonplace on one world can be so remarkably different on another. Due to intermarriage between the two races, there are Furlings that have that color but it is not as common as the green of Artereos', the deep blue of mine, or the lighter blue of Samantha's. Amber eyes are rarer for a Furling, as well, but they do show up in those that mated with Tok'Ra." He shrugged. "The father of Samantha's soul has blue eyes the same color as Jacob's wife's—and Samantha's. It is a lighter and more common color among us than the darker blue of mine, but both are seen often enough not to cause comment."

Selmak nodded. "Jacob has been asking me about it, and I found that I had never heard why they were that color and so could not tell him. He is now being very smug since that was his guess. I thought it could be something to do with the prophecy; he disagreed saying it was probably a common eye color and that she inherited it from her mother. I must now acknowledge that he was correct."

Merdwin laughed. "I am sorry I had to prove you wrong, Selmak."

Selmak smiled wryly, and shrugged, a habit he had picked up from Jacob. "It is not the first time that I have been proven wrong, Merdwin, and I doubt very much that it shall be the last."

As Sam walked up to the men who were standing and talking quietly together, they turned toward her. "Well, we are packed up and ready to head out as soon as you guys finish yammering," she said briskly, as she hefted her pack and watched Lantash frown. She laughed and turned toward the gate. Kat, Gwennetha, Taesha, and several other women waited patiently for her. As she strode toward them, she was aware of the silence behind her, followed by swift footsteps and rapid scrambling, as the men hastily gathered the remainder of their belongings and camping gear. They were on their way back to Valdellon and the quest for the daughters of the queen, the legacy that Egeria had left them. The Legacy of the Queen.

Sam stood at the window looking down upon the scene below. It had certainly changed since she had arrived three weeks ago. Now there were people coming and going, using the transporter to go to the Temple of the Twilight Nights and from there to Coreegadon to be paired with a symbiote, or as they called them, their lifemate. She liked that name for the symbiote and felt it was a very apt description, for they did, in fact, become life-long mates.

Martouf's arms came around her, as he softly stepped behind her. The sun was just falling below the hills, and the beautiful twilight was soon upon them. It never ceased to amaze her. Such startling colors and bright stars and yet a moon would soon be up as well. It would be a bright and glorious night. The Temple on Valdellon lived up to its name. The Temple of the Twilight Nights sat off by itself where one could watch the universe go by in utter peace and beauty; they had done so many nights already. However, they would not do so tonight. Tonight she was very tired for some reason. All she wanted to do was go to sleep as soon as possible. Thankfully, they would eat early.

She smiled as Martouf's hands rubbed the slight swelling of her belly where the twins lie snuggled together. She was already feeling light fluttering movements, but she had not yet told him or Lantash. She felt Martouf stop moving and realized that he was not breathing. Yes, there it was again, a light little fluttering, right under his hand.


"Yes, Martouf, that is one of the little ones saying hello to you. They are just now beginning to make themselves known. I talked to Kataya earlier today when I felt it, and she said it could happen any time now. I am going to start to grow pretty fast, too, you know. You should probably be prepared for that."

Not taking his eyes or his hand from her abdomen, he walked around in front of her and dropped to his knees. Lantash came forward and looked up at her for a moment before lowering his eyes once again. They waited in silence for several minutes before the slight flutter came one more time. He smiled and stood, his face holding an expression bordering on awe. These were their children; with each new occurrence, they became more and more real to them.

"They really are not very active yet, Lantash. You are very lucky that they moved again. From what I have been able to find out, they are pretty much just laying around for the first part of the entire thing. I am only three weeks along, so we could have as long as four months and a week to go yet. Furling births can take five months, though Kataya says the majority are four to four and a half."

"I understand, my Samantha. Now it is time for you to rest. Come, you must get ready for a nap. You have not slept in a bed for several nights; you must be very tired."

"Actually, I am tired, but I think it is just the release of all the tension from the excitement of finding the symbiotes. It was exciting, Lantash."

"Yes. Yes, it was, my Samantha, and I hope we will be able to do so again, soon."

Sam yawned and nodded her head. She smiled at them, reached up, and gave Lantash a quick kiss, before he released to Martouf. Watching as they changed, she then kissed Martouf. "I'm going to get ready for that nap. I feel like I could fall asleep standing here."

"All right. I will wait here for you. Go ahead, Amat Wyn."

Ten minutes later, they were both on the bed, and Martouf pulled his Samantha into his arms. As she began to caress him, he grasped her hands gently. "No, I do not believe that now is the right time, Samantha; perhaps later tonight if you are no longer tired. You need to rest and so do I. Neither Lantash, you nor I, have rested long, or well, for the last few days. As good as making love to you sounds to us, and as much as I know you would do it for our sake, I do not believe that you truly wish to right now, do you?"

Sam sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. "No, not really, I am just so sleepy. I am sorry."

"Do not be. I am sleepy too. Come, let me wrap you in my arms, and that is all I need. That is all we need to make us content. We love you, Samantha."

Sam did not answer. She was already asleep.

Martouf looked at Samantha as she stood gazing out into the night. "It was a wonderful meal, as always. Lantash is complaining that I am making him work too hard to keep me from gaining weight. He is very particular about how we look, you know."

Sam laughed softly as she turned back to the room and slid into the bed. "So it is only Lantash that is vain about your body? Somehow, I do not quite believe that, Amat. I think that you are both equally careful of how you look. There is nothing wrong with that."

"We will stay this way for you and because it would be harder to be a warrior if we allowed our body to become less fit and heavier."

"Very true." Sam yawned delicately. Sliding into the bed next to her, Martouf brought her into his arms and began to stroke her back softly. It was not long before he heard the even breathing that announced she was asleep.

"Now, we too, will get some extra sleep, Martouf. It will not hurt us to go straight to sleep for one night."

"I am almost there already, dear one."

"Of course you are. I have seen to it. Goodnight."


Why was she back on Coreegadon? Moreover, why was she walking along this beach? It was dark and cool. Where were Martouf and Lantash?

The moon was up. She felt that she should hurry; she had to hurry. Yes, she had to run but she was not sure why. Up ahead there were some rocks. Maybe she could shelter there. Shelter from what? She was not sure what or why, but whatever it was it would be very, very bad.

There was a rumbling noise and the ground shook. Oh, God no. Was it a mother ship? Not now that they had just found the symbiotes. Daniel was up ahead on those rocks, and he was waving to her. She looked back toward the way she had come but saw nothing. The ground had stopped shaking and the noise had stopped. She turned around, but Daniel was gone. Had they taken Daniel? Where was he? For that matter, why had the landscape changed so drastically? "Daniel? Daniel! Daniel!"

Sam woke up sobbing and screaming Daniel's name, as Martouf tried to soothe her. "Samantha, it was a dream. Come, you were having a night-terror. I will hold you. Do you wish to talk about it?"

"I have to go tell Kataya. Daniel is gone. He is—I think he is dying."

"Samantha, you have had a night-terror. Hush now, lie down and let me hold you."

Sam laid back down on the bed. She was missing something. Something in her dream. She could feel it. She replayed it over and over. All she knew was that something was wrong. Very, very wrong.