Hybrid Legacy


The new year had passed and Draco was required to return to Hogwarts for classes. Since Harry wasn't allowed to stay alone so close to term, Draco moved Harry and the twins to Hogwarts with him. This way, Madame Pomfrey would be close at hand when Harry went into labour.

Harry was about ready to kill Draco. They had been at Hogwarts for only a week, and Harry was tired of Draco's constant nagging. Draco tried to tell him what to eat, when to take a nap, what activities were acceptable, and asked how he was feeling every five minutes. He was about to go completely batty.

"Draco, I'm fine," insisted Harry, waddling into the living room. 'I wish he'd just leave me alone for a little while,' thought Harry. He didn't get that luxury, of course, because Draco insisted on Harry attending classes with him, refusing to leave him in their quarters alone. He didn't even have the choice of staying with the twins because Draco had arranged for them to be tutored during the day.

"Harry, I'm just worried," said Draco, trying to placate his irritated mate. He knew he was being a bit overprotective, but he had good reason damn it.

"I know, Draco," said Harry with a soft sigh. "What did Dobby bring for breakfast?" Dobby had insisted on coming to Hogwarts with them to better serve his Master Harry.

"Just some porridge and strawberries," said Draco. "We'd best eat quickly, though. Class starts in an hour, and you have to take it easy."

Harry rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue at Draco's continued nagging before sitting down to eat.


Harry and Draco arrived for their first class of the day just as the last student entered the room. As soon as the girls in the class caught sight of them, they started blushing and giggling madly. They thought it was just so romantic that Draco doted on his mate so openly and took such care while he was pregnant.

The class passed slowly for Harry. He was completely bored, for one, and he was tired of the constant stares for another. He breathed a sigh of relief as the bell rang to end class, and the students started filing from the classroom. He was startled when someone tapped his shoulder. Harry turned around and saw a first year girl.

"Mr. Malfoy, I hate to bother you, but I've never been around a pregnant person," she said nervously, wringing her little hands together. "When are you due?"

"Any day now," said Harry, smiling encouragingly at the girl. He saw her glancing wistfully at his belly and grinned when the little brat chose that moment to start kicking again. "He's kicking now. Do you wanna feel?"

"Oh can I?" she asked eagerly. Harry just nodded and placed her hand over the spot Iain had been kicking. She jumped and grinned when the baby kicked her little palm as if on cue. "Wow, that's amazing. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, but you might want to hurry. Next class starts in five minutes," said Harry warmly.

"Oh my goodness, you're right. Thanks again," she said and rushed out the door.

Draco was still out in the corridor talking to a student, so Harry hefted himself out of his chair and walked to the door. He'd just stepped out of the room when he suddenly went flying. Instinctively unfurling his wings before he hit the wall, Harry just barely managed to avoid a collision. When he landed, though, he immediately fell to his knees as his stomach cramped fiercely. He heard Draco yelling at someone, but his water broke and the cramps intensified.

"Draco," he managed to gasp out, "Poppy, now!"

Draco gasped when he saw the puddle of water surrounding Harry. He quickly lifted Harry into his arms and started running towards the infirmary. Harry, however, was in no mood to wait. He opened a portal to the infirmary directly in front of Draco. Draco emerged from the barrier and stopped just shy of tripping over Harry's normal hospital bed. Carefully placing Harry on the bed, Draco went in search of Madame Pomfrey.

"What is it, Mr. Malfoy?" asked Poppy impatiently.

"Harry was hit with a spell and his water broke," said Draco in a rush.

"Do you know which spell?" asked Poppy worriedly, rushing to the bed where Harry was lying.

"I have no idea," said Draco quickly. "I heard some students bickering in the hall, and I assume a stray spell hit him. All I really know is that he walked out of the classroom and went flying. He just barely missed hitting the wall, and that's only because his wings saved him."

Madame Pomfrey finally reached Harry's side and immediately set to work. Casting a diagnostic spell, she gasped as she realized that Harry's contractions were only a minute apart. "Draco, help me strip him. He's ready to give birth now."

Draco jumped to do her bidding, stripping his elf in record time and waiting for further orders. Madame Pomfrey checked to see how far Harry was dilated and gasped once again. "Get some blankets ready, Draco. The baby is already crowning."

Harry just whimpered continuously as contraction after contraction seared through his body. When Poppy ordered him to push, he just grunted and pushed, collapsing as the contraction passed and trying to catch his breath.

"Harry, you must push again," Poppy commanded. "His shoulder's are already free, you just have to push the rest of his body free."

Harry pushed as hard as he could, sighing in relief when he felt the baby slide from his body. Poppy handed the baby to Draco, instructing him to bath the child and wrap him up warmly. She then told Harry to push once more to rid him of the placenta. Once that was done, she started to cover Harry up, but he groaned and started pushing again.

"Don't Harry, you'll cause a hemorrhage," she said frantically.

"I can't help it," he gasped. "It feels like it did when I had the twins."

She waved her wand hurriedly over Harry and gasped when a blue light settled over his stomach. "How could I have missed this? You're right, Harry. Now push."

Fifteen minutes later, Draco cleaned another baby boy while Harry slept peacefully. As he placed the baby in the crib beside his brother, he could only stare in awe. They had only expected one new addition and instead were blessed with two. Of course, now Michaela would be even more outnumbered.

The infirmary doors suddenly slammed open and the twins ran through followed quickly by Severus and Remus. "Daddy, where's mummy?" asked Michaela frantically.

"Mummy's sleeping, sweetie," said Draco soothingly, pulling his distraught daughter into his lap.

"What happened, Draco?" asked Remus worriedly. "All we heard was that Harry had been hit with a spell and been carried to the infirmary."

Severus was the only one who noticed the crib. "Harry went into labour. Was the baby alright?" he asked calmly.

"The baby is fine. Both of them are," said Draco with a straight face. He couldn't keep the grin off his face when all four of them shouted, "Both of them!"

"I thought Harry was just having one this time?" asked Remus in confusion.

"We all thought so. The second baby surprised even Madame Pomfrey," said Draco.

"Ooh, that means we can have an Iain and a Nathaniel," said Michaela excitedly.

"I guess we can," said Draco slowly. "We'll have to wait for your mummy to wake up first, thought."

"Can we at least see them?" asked Remus eagerly.

"Sure," said Draco, lifting his newest baby into his arms and handing him to Remus. He handed the other baby to Severus. The twins were identical with their black hair and pale skin. They both looked like Harry, and even their little ears were slightly pointed. The only difference lay in their eyes. When they opened their eyes, you could already tell that one twin would have grey eyes, and the other would have green.

"Look, Sev, they have Harry's pointed ears already," said Remus, stroking said ear softly.

"I wonder how that happened," said Severus musingly. "Neither Liam nor Michaela had pointed ears when they were born."

"They're so pretty," cooed Michaela, looking at the baby Remus was holding. "This is Iain, right daddy?"

"And this is Nathaniel, okay daddy?" said Liam, peering at the baby Severus was holding.

"Two? How did I manage that?" mumbled Harry sleepily, waking to the sound of people talking around him.

"The same way you do everything that is seemingly impossible," said Severus. "You exist, therefore it happens."

"Ha ha, Severus," muttered Harry. "Are they both boys?"

"Yes, they are," said Draco quickly. "And they look just like you, down to the pointed ears."

"They have pointy ears? How did that happen?" asked Harry dazedly.

"Need I repeat myself, Harry?" asked Severus sardonically.

"Oh, hush," said Harry irritably. He held out his arms, demanding his child from Severus. Severus reluctantly handed the baby over, and Harry gazed at the baby in awe. "Looks like we'll have to come up with two middle names now, Draco. Michaela and Liam each got to use their name."

"Yeah!" said the twins.

"How about Iain Broderick Malfoy for this little imp?" asked Harry quietly, looking directly at Michaela. Michaela cocked her head and thought the name over for a moment, and then nodded eagerly. "Okay, Draco, what about the other little imp?"

"How about Nathaniel Orion Malfoy, Liam?" asked Draco softly. Liam just grinned brightly and nodded quickly.

"What colour eyes do they have?" asked Harry curiously.

"Well, it looks like Iain will have your green eyes, and Nathaniel will have my grey eyes," said Draco.

"So not so identical after all, huh?" said Harry. Before he could say anything else, the infirmary doors slammed open again and Lucius stormed into the room.

"Well, what happened?" he demanded. "All anyone could tell me was that Harry had been hurt."

"Come meet your newest grandsons," said Draco quickly.

Lucius' steps faltered at the plural. "Grandsons?" he asked for clarification.

"Meet Iain Broderick Malfoy and Nathaniel Orion Malfoy," said Draco, placing Nate in Lucius' hands.

"You just don't do anything in halves do you, Harry?" asked Lucius, smirking at Harry.

"What's the fun in that? Surprises keep you young and on your toes," said Harry teasingly.

"So five more years and you'll try for another one?" asked Remus.

"Oh hell no," said Harry and Draco simultaneously.

"If we had any more kids, we'd be another Weasley family, and that is not gonna happen," said Draco adamantly.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that because I am not going through this again," said Harry unwaveringly. "Besides, knowing my luck, if I did try again, I'd end up with triplets and that's just not happening. Our family is just fine the way it is."

"Ha, I'm still the only girl," said Michaela triumphantly, causing everyone to laugh.

The End