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The Rise of a Species

Chapter 1 Old Friends

It was funny how things worked out. Never in all of Selene's immortal life did she imagine she would be here right now. This though was running through Selene's head as she peered out of the window as they flew over Austria. The tinted windows provided safety from the sun. Not that she needed it anymore. Tyris' arrangements also gave them a small three bedroom house to live in. It unnerved her slightly. He was always so eager to help them, and always thought ahead. Maybe it was Tenashiya who did it. She wasn't quite sure. It seemed odd that the king would go so far just to help one little family unit in his coven. Selene moved her eyes to look at the other passengers on the plane. Michael was reading one of the books she had taken from the mansion's library. He seemed to develop an interest in the coven's history much like she had when she was pregnant with Axsis. Tynan and Bridgette had fallen asleep quite a while ago. She smiled at how peaceful the couple looked. She heard a small whimper and her eyes instantly flew to the child she had been holding in her arms since they took off. He was just beginning to awake from his slumber. Michael's attention was also drawn to the sleeping infant as well.

She smile moving her clothing away from her breast and cradling Axsis in one arm, holding him to it. He instantly began to feed. "We should be landing soon,"Selene said not looking up from Axsis.

Michael nodded,"Yes,"he replied closing the book ans putting it down. He felt the plane begin it descend. "Tyris said that a vehicle will be there when we land to take us to the house,"He said placing his hand over hers. "He said he furnished everything."

"Well that's nice,"Selene replied sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. "Doesn't it seem odd to you that Tyris always thinks of everything, and yet he's so cold and uncaring."

Michael shrugged,"No, it doesn't. Then again you have to look at his family. Look at Tanya. She's just as cold as he is."


"So don't dwell on it."

She sighed looking out the window. Silence fell on them for a minute before Selene spoke once again,"Michael, do you think we can live a normal life?"She asked quietly so not to wake the sleeping lycans.

He shrugged,"Anything is possible if you give it a try,"he replied kissing her on the forehead.

The plane jolted as it hit the ground waking up the two lycans who had just been sleeping. Tynan stretched with a yawn, running a hand through his normally messy hair,"Is we there yet?"He asked not even opening his eyes.

Selene nodded,"Yes, I believe we are,"she replied placing Axsis down on her lap and fixing her shirt and bra. She rose from her seat with a smile. It felt good to stretch her legs.

The four friends slowly got off the plane one by one. One all their luggage was taken out, which wasn't much, they watched the plane take off again, and head back for the mansion in Bayville, New York. There was a black car waiting for them with the Vanderwheel crest on it. Well, it was more of Tyris' crest it being a 'T' and all.

Tynan looked from the car, to his friends, and then to Bridgette. He clapped his hands together "We'll sees youse arounds,"He said with a smile to Selene and Michael. "We should goes out separate ways."

Michael nodded,"Yes, I suppose it is."

"But where will we go?"Bridgette asked turning to Tynan, a worried look etched on her face.

He shrugged,"Street untils we find somewheres to lives,"He replied.

"Oh yeah sure, it's so safe to live on the streets,"Bridgette replied sarcastically, obviously not at all impressed by his suggestion of living on the streets of Budapest.

"We'll be fines,"Tynan assured her. "I've lived on streets most ofs my lives,"He replied with a smile. "We shouldn't hold 'dem up Bidgee, so no mores arguing,"He scolded grabbing her gently by the elbow and dragging her behind him. Both of them waved goodbye to the couple, until they disappeared behind some buildings.

Selene and Michael waved back until they were out of sight. Selene sighed as Michael wrapped an arm around her shoulder,"Come on,"He said,"We shouldn't keep our ride waiting."

She nodded and let Michael lead her to the car, opening the door for her. When she was inside, and holding Axsis securely, he closed the door and walked to the other side, climbing inside himself. The car quickly pulled away from the plane and drove down the highway that was not too far from the landing strip.

Selene leaned her head against Michael's shoulder,"Do you think they'll be ok?"She asked with a yawn, worrying a little about their lycan friends.

He kissed her on the temple reassuringly,"They'll be fine. Tynan lived on the streets for a long time before we found him. He knows what he's doing. Besides, knowing Bridgette, they won't do there for long. Now stop worrying, and get some sleep. Your exhausted."

"I'll be fine,"She replied in a yawn as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder. He chuckled tucking her hair behind her ears as she fell into a steady sleep. It wasn't too much later that the car stopped roughly, jolting Selene rudely from her peaceful slumber. '

She bolted up,"What happened?" She asked frantically, not fully aware of her surroundings yet because of her half awake, half asleep state.

"Relax,"Michael said,"We're here." He opened the door and left the car, opening the trunk of the car, and getting their three suitcases, and placing them on the curb.

Selene sat up with a yawn and rubbed her eyes ridding them of sleep. She looked around and spotted Axsis sleeping soundly in his little carrier on the floor of the car. Obviously, Michael had put him there after she had fallen asleep. She smiled and lifted the carrier up onto the seat of the car opening the car door again, and crawling out to join Michael. She carefully pulled Axsis out of the car, careful not to bang his carrier against the doorway of the car. Once he was out she closed the door and stood beside Michael. Her brown eyes fell upon the small one story house that stood in front of them. It had an open garage, and a small stone path leading from the middle of the short rock driveway, to the cement steps that lead up to the front door. A large pine tree stood in the middle of the front yard blocking a large window. Michael smiled at Selene and pulled a single key on a chain from his pocket.

"Well, let's go inside,"He said taking a hold of Selene's hand.

She nodded, and they walked up the short driveway to the stone path. When they reached the front door, Michael opened the screen door and placed the key in the lock so he could unlock the deadbolt. With a turn of the key, and the doorknob, it opened. He smiled at Selene and walked inside, Selene at his heels.

The living room was a comfortable size. It was attached to a small dining area, which led to a narrow kitchen. They walked into the kitchen and opened a door that revealed a small laundry room, as well as a back door. They walked back out to the living room and walked through a doorway to a narrow hallway. At the end on the right was a small bathroom. All that was in it were a toilet, a sink, and a shower and tub combo. On the other end was the master bedroom. It was an adequate size. There were two other small bedrooms located on the right side of the hall between the bathroom and the master bedroom.

"It's a nice house,"Selene commented with a nod shivering as the house wasn't all that warm. "It's the perfect size for us and everything,"She added looking down at the hardwood floors.

Michael nodded in agreement,"Yes, it's nice, and perfect. It's cozy too,"He remarked with a satisfied nod.

"A little cold."

He chuckled,"That's 'cause no one lived in it for a while."

Selene nodded, but yawned,"I think we should get some sleep. We've had a busy day."

Michael responded with a yawn of his own,"Yeah. I agree with that,"He chuckled.

She smiled and headed to the hallway, as He walked back outside and grabbed their suitcases. He carried them to the master bedroom where Selene was sitting on the queen sized bed. He placed the suitcases on the floor, noticing that Selene had put Axsis in the small crib under the window. She smiled at Michael before laying down. Michael chuckled before yawning, and lying on the bed himself. Within minutes, the couple was fast asleep.

Michael awoke with a start sometime in the early evening. He ran a hand through his tousled hair, and looked at the alarm clock that sat on the night stand next to the bed. It read 6:19 in big red digital letter. He sat up with a yawn making sure he didn't wake Selene up. He looked at her and noticed that she held Axsis in her arms as she slept. He had obviously woken her up at some point. He smiled and quietly walked out into the kitchen. He was starving. He found just the bare basics in the kitchen, but nothing really appetizing. Despite the fact that immortals don't need normal food, they still eat it quite a bit. He had experienced this with the vampires at the mansion. It surprised him how much junk food Tanya and Lestat ate. He sighed closing the fridge. He quickly wrote a not for Selene, and put it on the night stand for Selene to find if she woke up before he got back. With that done, he left the house.

Once he got outside, he looked around. He realized that they didn't live far from his old apartment. He walked down the darkening streets heading toward an old supermarket he used to go to, to get his groceries. He didn't want to be away from the house too long, so he walked rather quickly. Besides, they still had to unpack their things.

Pretty soon he found himself outside the small supermarket . He sighed as e stepped through the automatic doors. He grabbed a basket that sat in piles by the door. He walked down the iles placing item in the basket. It was hard to pick things when he didn't know what Selene would like, or even if she would eat it. Instead, he just picked out some basic things that they didn't have at the house. Once he had selected some items to buy, he sighed ans walked to the counter. He felt emotionally and physically exhausted from their trip.

'I knew I should have stayed back at the house,' he said to himself as he yawned. Once his items were paid for, he left the supermarket with one plastic grocery bag in hand.

He turned his head as he heard a familiar voice call his name. From the distance he was from this person, he couldn't tell who it was. Hr shrugged and turned around again to head back to the house. Then, he heard his named again. He stopped walking, and turned around fully his eyes falling on an old friend of his. He smiled and walked over to him.

"Hello Adam,"He greeted with a smile, and held his hand out.

Adam shook it,"Jeez man, I thought I'd never see you again. What happened to you? Where'd you go?"He questioned after letting go of the hybrid's hand.

Michael laughed,"I have no time to explain it all now, let alone in public,"he said.

"Aw come on, you've been missing for a year. You must have some story to tell."

He nodded,"Yes, I do, but this is not the place. Besides, I should be getting back, I've been gone for nearly an hour,"He explained adjusting the plastic bag in his hands.

"Well why don't I come back with you, so we can catch up on what's been happening in our lives."He suggested,"Well, yours anyway. Mine was just as boring as usual."

Michael chuckled,"I guess, but I have some unpacking to do so, not for too long alright. We'll catch up on whatever we don't cover, another day,"He said instantly kicking himself mentally forgetting that Selene was there with Axsis, and he's inviting Adam over without her knowledge. 'I hope she doesn't get pissed,'He thought to himself.

Adam nodded,"Fair enough."

About fifteen minutes later, the two had arrived back at the one story house. Michael put his groceries away and put on a pot to make coffee for both himself, and Adam. Once that was done, he sat down on the couch next to Adam.

"How could you afford all this?"Adam asked gazing around the room at the plush and expensive furniture.

Michael shrugged,"I don't know, I didn't buy it,"He replied leaning back against the couch. Fatigue was once again catching up to him.

"Then who bought all of this stuff?"He asked still in awe of the expensive looking furnishings.

"It's a very long story,"He replied with a yawn.

Adam leaned against the arm of the couch,"Well, I think we have time for it."

Michael chuckled,"You're not going to believe a word of it."He replied getting off of the couch, and walking to the kitchen to retrieve their coffees.

"Aw come on, give it a shot,"Adam said taking his cup from Michael and placing it on the coffee table.

Michael sighed and started his story right from the beginning, which was the shootout in the subway. He finished the story with leaving New York. But he left out the parts about him, and Selene's relationship, and their son. He didn't think it was important enough information to tell Adam at this point in time.

Silence fell over the two friend for what seemed like an hour. Though, it was only a few minutes. When silence hangs in the air like that, time feels so slow. "Bullshit,"Adam said looking at Michael with a serious expression on his face.

"See, I knew you'd react like this,"Michael said standing up, a little frustrated by his friend's stubbornness.

Adam scoffed,"Well, I'm sorry. But it's a hard story to actually believe. I mean, vampires werewolves, creatures called hybrids, demon, and war? I'm sorry it's just a little far fetched that's all Michael."

"But it's true."

Michael and Adam turned to look at the doorway to the hallway. Selene stood there, a blank expression on her face. Her usual cold, and hard demeanor in place. Her eyes were locked on Adam. They were unusually cold. She was obviously not happy that he was in the house.

"You heard?"Michael said. It was more of a statement than a question, but Selene responded anyway.

"Every word,"She replied walking into the living room, her gaze turning from Adam to Michael. She glanced at Adam again,"Next time you invite people over, please do so with my knowledge,"She half asked, half demanded as she walked to the kitchen.

Michael nodded,"Sorry 'bout that. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing,"He replied honestly.

"Ok,"She said with a firm nod. "Now, who is this?"She asked walking back into the living room with her brown eyes locked on Adam once more. Her eyes flashed blue for a second, startling the mortal doctor for a minute, but he just shrugged it off as his mind playing tricks on him.

"Adam, this is Selene. Selene, this is Adam. He's an old friend from my old job at the hospital,"He said making the introductions. "Adam, this is the woman from the subway I told you about before I left.

He nodded in response,"I see,"He said swallowing a lump that had grown in his throat. Something about this woman creeped him out. She seemed so cold. He held out his hand regardless,"It's nice to meet you Selene."

She nodded and shook his hand firmly. He winced at her crushing grip on his hand, and the coldness of her pale skin. It was almost ghost like. She was very strong, especially for a woman. When Selene released his hand, the silence that had spread between the three was broken by a shrill cry, that caused both Selene and Michael to wince. Well, for Michael it was more like clamping hand hands over his ears and leaning forward. Selene looked at Michael, who looked back up at her, his ears still covered, and nodded. The expression on the death dealer's face softened and she walked to the hallway and disappeared into the bedroom. Not even a minute later, the crying stopped.

Adam looked at Michael,"Jesus fucking Christ. Is that why you disappeared, and telling me this bullshit story Michael? 'cause you got some woman pregnant?"

Michael sighed leaning back against the chair rubbing his temples to quell his rising headache. But, it didn't do any good. "It's another long story Adam. Another one you probably won't believe."

He folded his arms over his chest,"Michael, how can I not believe you if I just heard it. Just try ok."

He sighed,"Alright. Fine."

Michael proceeded to tell Adam the parts of the story he had intentionally left out. Adam listened intently with wide eyes as Michael explained what had happened between himself, and Selene. When he finished, silence filled the room once again. Adam was in shock of the whole thing. First, a tale about vampires and werewolves, now of his romance with a 'vampire' and their illegitimate 'hybrid' son.

Adam ran his hand through his hair,"Wow,"He took a deep breath before even daring to speak again. "Is that why you left? You were scared? I know I asked you that before, but you never answered."

He shook his head,"No, I left for other reasons. Besides, we didn't have sex until we reached England after two months of traveling on foot, at night,"He expounded. "What I told you before was all true. Remember that night I came to you at the hospital with that bite on my shoulder, and I said that a man bit me?"

He thought for a moment before nodding slowly,"Yes, I remember that,"He said chuckling. "Man, I thought you had gone insane."

"Yes, it sounds that way. The thing is, he wasn't a man at all, though he appeared it. He was a lycan."

"A what?"

"Werewolf,"Michael explained in better terms. "That is why it looked like a dog had bit me. I know, I didn't believe it either until Selene explained it to me."

"Now that you put it that way, it kind of makes sense,"Adam said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah,"He replied rubbing his neck,"Maybe I should have explained it that way first."

"Yes, you should have,"Selene said from the entrance to the hallway. She walked out to the living room with Axsis, asleep and cradled in her pale arms. She sat down on the arm of Michael's chair. "It would have been more believable. Sometimes you don't use your head."

Michael shook his head,"I don't need a lecture,"He informed her.

She chuckled in response,"I was kidding,"She replied playfully smacking his arm.

During this whole exchange Adam's eye rested on the sleeping baby, wrapped in a blue blanket, that laid in Selene's arms. He was held tightly to her chest, hidden from view. Selene noticed him look and held him tighter, her eyes turning blue around the edges. It was obviously just the protectiveness of the mother vampire. Michael look from Selene to Adam, feeling the tension between the human and the vampire.

Michael placed his hand on Selene's knee, breaking her intimidating eye contact with Adam. "Relax,"He said wrapping his other arm around her waist. "He's not going to hurt him."

Adam looked at Michael,"Can I hold him?"He asked earing a hiss from Selene. He jumped a little at the sight of her pearly white fangs.

"Shhh,"Michael told her,"It's ok. He just wants to hold him. You got a little annoyed with me when I wouldn't let Tynan hold him, so come on. Besides, Adam couldn't hurt him. He's a doctor."

Adam cautiously moved forward earning a warning hiss from Selene, 'causing him to stop. He was really starting to believe Michael's story now. He stayed still for a moment to wait for Selene to move. Selene glared at him and remained unmoving. Michael turned to her with a quiet growl. Slowly, she moved forward, and gently placed the baby in Adam's arms, still not completely trusting the mortal doctor. Adam was more fascinated by the couple's interactions that had taken place, than the hybrid baby he now held in his arms. He felt Selene's strong gaze on his, a shiver running up his spine. The vampire's protection of her offspring was very obvious to him. He looked down at the infant for a few moments before returning him to the arms of his mother. Selene seemed to relax a bit after he was safely back in her arms. A sudden loud noise from outside startled Selene, and she let out a loud hiss, waking the young hybrid.

She stood up and rocked him back and forth,"Shh it's ok baby I know. Mommy made a bad nose,"She soother pulling him to her chest and rubbing his back as she did this. His crying slowed down into small whimpers, and slowly he stopped making noises all together.

"Maybe I should go,"Adam said standing up feeling a little awkward. He headed for the door.

"No, you don't have to go,"Michael said thinking that Selene's hissing had brought up his sudden urge to leave.

Adam shook his head,"Nah, I have some things I have to take care of before I go to work tomorrow morning,"Adam replied, half lying and half telling the truth.

"Yeah, I understand. Sometimes I forget you're a doctor,"He said shaking his head and walking to the door, opening it for his friend.

Adam nodded walking out the door and onto the steps,"Look Michael, if you want, I could probably get you your job back."

He smiled,"Thanks Adam, you don't have to..."

He cut him off,"Nah, it'll be like old times, only slightly different,"He said holding up his thumb and index finger.

Michael chuckled,"Thanks Adam. I'll see you later."

"Yeah, and don't disappear on me this time,"He replied walking down the step and the stone walkway.

He chuckled,"Don't worry I won't," he said before closing the door. He turned to Selene,"I think you scared him," He said with an amused smile on his face.

She shrugged,"Oh well,"She said sitting down on the chair. "I unpacked all of our stuff,"She told him as she re-wrapped Axsis in his blanket.

"That's good,"He said smiling at her. "How about we, put Axsis to bed,"He suggested pressing his lips against Selene's neck.

She yawned with a nod,"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,"She replied getting out of the chair.

Selene stood up and walked back to the room they had designated as theirs, with Michael following her. She placed Axsis in his crib set up across the room from their bed. Once he was placed snugly among the blankets, she turned around with a tired sigh.

"You feeling alright?"Michael asked resting his hands on her hips. "You've been acting differently lately,"He remarked kissing her forehead.

She smiled,"I know, I've just been tired lately. Taking care of Axsis is a little harder than I had originally thought,"She said tiredly walking over to the bed, and sitting down.

"Yeah, I know the feeling," he replied sitting on the bed next to her. "I don't think the time change helped any either,"He added lying back on the bed with a yawn.

"No it didn't,"She replied lying back on the bed as well. "Do you think we'll be able to live some what normal lives?"

Michael sat back up,"What do you mean by that?"

Selene propped herself up on her elbows,"I mean, being what we are, do you think we could live normal lives here?"

He smiled,"Yes I do. We should be able to, if we try,"He replied. "Besides, you worry to much," he added leaning down as kissing her gently.

Selene kissed him back lying back down on the bed, and wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands rested on her hips before sliding up her shirt and resting on her stomach briefly. It felt strange to him now that it was once again flat. His hands slid down to rest on her sides. The coolness of her skin made him shiver. She ran her hands up his chest and pulled his shirt off. Michael pulled away from her, placing gentle kisses on the soft skin of her stomach. He pulled her shirt off and kissed his way up to the fabric of her bra. He reached back undoing the clasp then gently pulling down the straps off of her shoulders. He pulled off the flimsy material planting soft kisses over her collar bone and breasts. She ran her hand down his bare back slowly wrapping one arm around his neck. He pulled his lips away from her chest and kissed her roughly on the lips, sliding his hands down to her leather clad hips. Selene pulled her upper body up pressing her bare chest against hid. He groaned pulling away and kissing down her jaw line to her neck, as his hands undid her pants. He tugged at the tight, clingy material. She lifted her hips in an attempt to help him peel the material away from her body. Soon her pants were thrown onto the pile of clothing on the floor. Without hesitation, Selene undid Michael's pants sliding them off his hips and they too joined the clothing pile. His lips found hers once more as his hands ran down her bare back, the feel of her skin arousing him more. Selene's hand had made it's way into his boxers earning a groan from her hybrid lover. He roughly pulled off her underwear as he dragged his fangs over her throat. She gasped closing her eyes at the sensation. Slowly, she pulled his boxers down feeling his fangs press harder against her neck, piercing the skin. Michael lapped up the small amount of blood that had leaked out. He pulled away his lips meeting hers again, his hands moving to firmly grasp her hips.

Michael entered her slowly earning a small cry of pleasure from the vampiress beneath him. His grip on her hips tightened slightly as she wrapped her legs loosely around his waist. He began to slowly thrust in and out of her. Selene's legs tightened their hold on Michael's waist, so they were as close as possible. He sped up as he felt Selene's fingernails digging into his shoulders. His thrusts became harder and faster as they both became more comfortable. She bucked her hips against his thrusts, wrapping her pale arms around his neck. With a loud cry, she managed to pull her upper body up so she was pressed tightly against Michael's bare chest. Her arms moved so they were wrapped around his torso instead of his neck. She let out a loud cry before sinking her pearly white fangs into his shoulder signaling her climax. With a few more thrusts, Michael cam as well still thrusting as he emptied himself inside her.

They stayed in that position for a while, catching their breaths. Slowly, Michael slid Selene's arms off from around his torso, laying her back down onto the bed. He pulled himself out of her, and gave her a soft kiss of the forehead. He laid down next to her, pulling the discarded blanket over them. Selene cuddled up to him, resting her head on his bare chest. With a smile, he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer. Not too long after, the two fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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