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The Rise of a Species

Chapter 5 A Friend From New York

It had been hours since Selene had left Michael at the park with that girl. She was starting to worry. By now Selene had put both of the kids to bed, in her bed, just so they slept soundly after the events of the afternoon. She had been starring at the blank television for over a half an hour now. It had been too long. She wanted to go out and look for him, but knew better than to leave her children home alone. Especially with that lunatic girl out there. She sighed standing up unable to stare at the TV any longer. She walked to her room and looked through her large bookcase filled with century old books. A small leather bound book sandwiched between two thick volumes caught her attention. She had never seen it before. She picked it up curiously inspecting it's black leather cover. She ran her fingers along the spine in thought. She opened it gently looking at the yellow pages, that remained in perfect condition. This book most likely had never been opened before. Maybe centuries ago, but she doubted anyone had. She saw the ink drawn image of Akasha, an image she was accustomed to seeing. She flipped through a dozen or so of the light yellow pages and stopped when she came across the image of a young girl. The face was black with no facial features visible. Her eyes traveled over the picture noticing the golden necklace she wore. It was almost like a key of some sort. Her eyes trailed to the page beside it and read the words taking in the information it provided. She was about to turn the page when she heard the front door open.

Selene returned the book to it's place between the two large volumes before standing up. She walked, very slowly, to the living room being very cautious. She stopped just short of the doorway. She peeked around the corner to peek into the living room. She relaxed when she saw it was only Michael. She ran into the living room and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him. "I was really starting to worry about you."

Michael look at her puzzled, then looked at the clock,"Oh,"He said surprised, "I was gone that long?"

Selene cupped his cheek in her hand,"You ok?" She asked her brow furrowing in concern,"You feel funny."

"Yeah, I feel weird,"He admitted putting a hand on his forehead wearily.

"What happened?" She asked running her hand through his hair and down the side of his face.

He sat down on the recliner, sinking back against the plush comfort of the chair. "I don't remember anything,"He confessed, resting his head back on the chair, closing his eyes in thought, placing his hands over his face.

"Well, what's the last you remember?" She asked sitting on the arm of Michael's chair.

His face scrunched up in thought as he took his hands away from his face. "I remember her hitting me, then a sharp sting in my neck. Then nothing,"He explained tiredly.

"You alright?"She asked placing her hand on his forehead a look of concern washing over her porcelain features.

"Yeah, Im fine."

"You should get some rest. You sound exhausted,"She commented cupping his face in her pale hands.

He nodded, his blue eyes closed,"Yeah,"He agreed slowly rising to his feet. "That sounds like a fantastic idea."

Selene smiled and yawned herself. "I agree."

Nefafareen stood at her table in the basement of the stone building concealed within the dense forests. On the table were numerous beakers filled with liquids, most of them either clear, yellow, or a light orange, some were empty. These was a bunsen burning at full flame, with a test tube filled with a boiling silver liquid over top of it. She picked up the hot test tube and moved it away from the scorching flame. The heated glass burned her copper skin. She ignored the pain and held the test tube up to eye level and peered in at the silver substance within the test tube. Almost instantly the metal began to harden and the glass test tube shattered. She hissed as the shards of glass flew everywhere, cutting her hand and her face. He bent down and picked up the silver chunk on the floor. It was heavy. She put it in a beaker and placed it back over the roaring flame. The metal started to melt again as it quickly heated up.

She smirked,"Perfect,"She said happily to herself, proud at her discovery and soon to be creation.

"What's prefect?"A man asked as he came up behind her.

She rolled her eyes,"It's none of your business Calistar,"She said plainly picking up another test tube and pouring it into the beaker with the shiny silver metal, which had turned back into a liquid state.

"What's that?"Calistar asked gesturing to the beaker with the liquid metal inside.

"Just a little something to use against the abominations,"She explained. "Why are you demon's so inquisitive?" She asked turning to the younger male raising an arched eyebrow curiously.

"But what is it?"He asked again resting his larger hands on her hips.

She snarled,"It's really none of your business,"She growled pushing his away using her hips.

"Oh come on Nef,"He said sliding his hand down her side,"You know you wanna tell me."

She flung him into the nearest wall,"Fuck off Calistar!" She yelled her pristine fangs elongating.

Calistar laughed,"Temper, temper my dear Nefafareen,"He mused shrugging her attack off as if it were nothing. "What would your mother say if she heard that come out of your mouth?" He teased.

She snarled,"She wouldn't care as long as I destroyed you!" She yelled, picking up an eye dropper and filling it with a orange liquid and put a few drops in. It turned her concoction black. Her eyes turned icy blue as she looked over her shoulder at him.

"Oh come on Nef,"He said resting his hand on her hip, sliding it op and down her sides. "Why don't you take a break, and we can repeat the events of the other night? You know, get "reacquainted," He suggested, his breath hot on her ear.

"Never,"She hissed throwing him off her again.

He laughed,"That's not what you said the other night,"He mused in a sing song tone. "Actually, if I recall correctly, you were really enjoying it. You were screaming for more once I was finished."

"Well that was the other night,"She said mixing in another liquid, making the black concoction turn clear. Clearer than water. "I was intoxicated and wasn't thinking straight."

"Nice lie,"He chuckled. "You loved it, admit it."

"You kiss your mother with your mouth?"She snarled he icy blue eyes ablaze with fury at Calistar's childishness. She tightened her hair as it was held in a tight high ponytail.

He laughed,"Oh Nef, Nef, Nef,"He said shaking his head back and forth while looking at the floor. He looked back up at her with a smirk plastered on his face. "You and I both know that I don't have a mother anymore,"He gave her one of his trademark hair flips. "You especially,"He said coldly his eyes locking with hers.

Nefafareen rolled her eyes and turned around back to her work. She poured a few more liquids into the beaker growling when she felt the demon's hands sliding up the back of her thighs. "Get your filthy hands off me you stupid piece of shit!"

"Whoa, what would the queen say if she heard you raise your voice like that?"He asked feeling rather cocky.

"What would the queen say if she found out that you were trying to convince her precious princess daughter to have sex with you?"She countered turning around and raising an eyebrow.

He rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger for a moment in mock thought. He smirked again walking closer to the enraged vampiress. "I doubt she'd care. She'd probably say 'go ahead' 'cause you're such a fucking slut."

With that said, all rationality in Nefafareen's head was gone. She grabbed a syringe and filled it with the now yellow and finished compound in the beaker. She lunged at him before he could react, or ask any questions. She pinned him against the wall with her arm holding the full syringe a few inches away from his neck. Her blue eyes flashed dangerously causing Calistar to shrink back the best he could. But, he failed miserably at it. He didn't have the raw power that Nefafareen had. Her arm pressed against his chest harder, restricting his movement greatly.

"Why you rude, egoistical, demon scum,"She growled pressing her arm against him even harder. Her thumb rested gently on the plunger of the syringe. "You talk to me like that again and I swear to god I'll kill you myself.

"But you don't believe in god,"He remarked slowly.

"I don't care!" She yelled her face inches from his own, the syringe moving an inch or two closer.

Calistar eyes it nervously. He had an immense fear of needles. He began to sweat. "Um, what is that?" She asked eyeing the yellowish liquid in the clear class syringe that was held dangerously lose to his jugular vein.

"Just something I'm trying to make. Why? You wanna be my test subject?"She suggested a sinister grin on her face.

He gulped,"No," He replied his voice cracking. He cleared his throat, "I mean no."

She chuckled,"I never said it was optional." Her grin widened as his face paled and a look of fear rose into his dark brown eyes.

The tip of the needle pierced his skin, and Calistar closed his eyes tightly waiting for the rush of liquid to flush into his system. But it didn't come. Instead he felt the needle rip up and then out and the pressure on his chest was gone. He opened one eyes and peeked around the room. Maddox stood with Nefafareen's arm in his grasp. It was the arm that had been holding the needle. He spotted it in Maddox's hand.

He relaxed and opened his other eyes. He could feel blood dripping in a thick stream down his neck, but he didn't care. "Thank god," He let out a sigh of relief.

Maddox ignored the other demon and glared at Nefafareen. His grip on her wrist was tight like a vice. "What were you doing?"He snarled his eyes flashing their demon red color.

Nefafareen pouted innocently,"I was just using Calistar as my lab rat,"She said attempting to play innocent with the demon man.

"You know better than that,"He growled dropping her wrist."That innocent act does not work with me. You know Calistar hates needles, just like you hate big spiders."

Nefafareen rubbed her wrist, "I know, but he was being mean,"She pouted more crossing her arms over her chest.

"Grow up!"Maddox snarled. "Don't let me catch you doing something so asinine again,"He warned glaring at her before turning dropping the syringe on the floor, and walking out of the room.

Calistar followed him but turned back,"You're still a slut!" He said quickly turning and running down the hall.

She picked the syringe up,"Grow the fuck up!"She yelled throwing the syringe at the wall. It went in a few inches sticking in the wall. She walked briskly over to it and ripped it out of the crack in the stone wall. She stormed back over to her equipment. "Assholes. Every last one of them, asshole."

Selene sighed getting the milk out of the fridge. It was four in the morning and she hadn't got a week of sleep all night. Michael had passed out sometime around one when the fatigue of the day and the battle with that girl had set in. So, she was alone. Her and Michael had moved the children to their respective rooms and beds before he had fallen victim to sleep. She poured herself a glass and placed the milk back in the fridge. With her glass in hand, she checked both of her children making sure they were safe. She took a sip of her milk and walked back out into the living room and with a sigh, she turned on the TV and settled down comfortably in her chair. After a few minutes of drinking her milk and starring at the flashing TV screen, she felt her eyelids starting to get heavy, she closed them attempting to fall asleep.

A loud knock resounding from the door caused the raven haired vampiress to jolt out of her half asleep state. She got out of the chair silently and peeked out the window, only moving the curtain slightly. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was only Adam. She glanced at the clock and shook her head as she opened the door for him.

"Jesus Adam it's four thirty in the morning,"She whispered sharply letting him in the house. "You scared me."

"Sorry,"He said quietly brushing past her into the small one story home. "Sorry for coming over here so late, well early as the case may be."

She looked around outside before quietly closing the screen door, locking it from the inside. She closed the wooden door and quickly locked the deadbolt into place before turning around to face him. "What on Earth are you doing here?"

"I had a weird dream,"He told her. "I just wanted to talk to Michael,"He explained. "I figured at least one of you would be awake."

Selene yawned and rubbed her temples,"Now really isn't the time Adam,"She said with a tired sigh, not in the mood to deal with Adam's dreams of the person, well girl, who turned him's memories.

She peeked out the window again, the moonlight washed over her pale skin, lighting her up. He whistled,"Man you look terrible."

She turned and glared at him,"Well thanks,"She spat sarcastically.

"I just meant the bags under your eyes," He added in an attempt to redeem himself.

"Well, I haven't gotten any sleep tonight so it's to be expected."

"Why haven't you slept?"

She shook her head,"I'll tell you later."

He shrugged,"Alright."

She yawned again exhaustion finally setting in. She'd been up for almost twenty four hours now. "I'm going to try and sleep, just stay out here. I'll be a lot more at ease if you're out here."

He nodded,"Alright."

She smiled and walked to her bedroom and lied down settle comfortably in the bed next to her hybrid mate. It wasn't long until she fell into a light sleep.

Selene, Adam, Michael, Tynan, Axsis, and Satarah sat comfortably at the dining room table. The group had just finished their dinner. It had been a quiet day unlike the day before had been. Both Michael and Selene filled their friends in on what had happened with Nefafareen the day before. Axsis remained silent all through dinner, whereas Satarah seemed oblivious to it all. The nine year old poked at his food with his fork. Otherwise, it was untouched. He stared at his food seeming as if he was deep in though, when in reality, he just wasn't hungry.

"Axsis,"Selene called 'causing him to look up from his now mangled pork chop. "Are you going to eat that? It's getting cold,"She remarked giving him a concerned look.

He looked down at his food again and poked it again, hard. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at it and pushed his plate away from him. "May I be excused?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

Selene was taken aback by her son's abruptness. She nodded,"Y-yeah sure sweetie,"She stumbled over her words.

He nodded back and left the table taking his plate to the kitchen before disappearing into his bedroom. Selene cast a concerned glance at Michael, who shrugged. She rolled her eyes and stood up letting Satarah out of her highchair before silently collecting the plates and glasses putting them in the kitchen sink. She came back to collect the cutlery and disappeared into the kitchen to do the dishes.

Adam turned to Michael,"Selene's acting a little strange don't you think?"

He shrugged,"It's understandable after what happened yesterday,"He explained stretching back against his chair.

"Yeah, Selene just needs time to relax is all,"Tynan said with a shrug. "She gets all tensed up sometimes."

"She focuses too much on the bad things,"Michael explained nodding in agreeance with Tynan.

Adam nodded,"Yeah, when I came over this morning she told me she hadn't slept, and it was four thirty in the morning."

The two other men nodded,"Typical paranoid Selene,"Tynan said.

"Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say paranoid,"Michael said in his mate's defense,"I'd say protective, and a good mother."

Adam chuckled,"We never said she wasn't a good mother man."

He shrugged,"It's true. I didn't want it to go unnoticed."

Tynan chuckled,"Tipicol Michael,"He remarked shaking his head. He silently cursed himself when he realized his speech had slipped again. He hated it when that happened.

The two other men started to laugh at this. Tynan joined in after a bit of the contagious and infectious laughter. Even, from the kitchen, Selene could be heard laughing. Although, she didn't laugh as hard as the men did.

After a few minutes, the laughter started to die down into slow deep laughs. Tynan stopped giggling and look at the two men, "What are we laughing about?" He asked not really remembering what got them laughing so hard to begin with.

This question caused the group to fall into another fit of laughter. Although, Tynan didn't find it that funny.

There was a loud knock at the wooden front door of the small one story home. The room fell silent. Selene walked into the living/dining area and shot Michael a confused look. He shrugged and gestured to the door. She gave him a small smile and rolled her eyes as she pulled open the door.

"Hello Selene."

She shook her head in disbelief before taking in the image before her. On her doorstep was a very tired and very scruffy looking Lestat. By his side was a young boy of about eight or nine. He looked a lot like the older man he stood beside. She assumed that he was Lestat and Ebony's son, due to the likeness of both of them in his features. In his arms, Lestat cradled, in his right arm, a small bundle, which Selene could only assume was another child. In his left hand, he held a large red and black duffle bag that was packed full.

"Hello Lestat," She greeted calmly with a nod getting over the initial shock of seeing him there. It was cold outside. Selene could feel the draft coming in making the raven haired vampiress shiver. "Why don't you come inside,"She offered opening the door wider and stepping to the side.

He nodded,"Thank you," He said gratefully stepping into the small, cozy, home. He handed the small bundle to Selene and ushered the boy inside with him. Her suspicions were confirmed. Wrapped tightly in a warm cream colored blanket was in fact a young child. It had to be at least a year old by the looks of it, and by the scent it was female.

"It's been a long four days,"Lestat said with a tired sigh as he placed his duffle bag on the hardwood floor. It was a lot warmer in the house than outside.

"Who's that?"Adam asked pointing at Lestat.

"Adam, this is Lestat. He's the king's son, and Lestat, this is Adam. He's an old friend of mine,"Michael said making the introduction between the two.

"Hi,"Adam greeted with a nod.

Lestat nodded back and sat down in Selene's computer chair facing the three men at the table. The boy obediently followed Lestat without instruction and sat down in front of Lestat's chair, his back to the elder man.

"Who is this?"Tynan asked eyeing the young boy curiously.

Lestat placed his hand on the boy's shoulder,"This is my son, Roger."

The boy waved shyly,"Hi,"He said in almost a whisper.

Selene smiled and handed the small bundle back to Lestat. He smiled softly and nodded gratefully, holding the tightly bundled child to his chest. Selene walked over to the dinning room table and sat down next to Michael.

"It's good to see you guys again,"Lestat remarked with another tired sigh. "It's been a long four years. Well, except Michael,"He said. "I saw you about two months ago,"He chuckled.

The hybrid nodded in response. "What brings you to Hungary Lestat? You never really go this far away from the mansion." He asked eyeing the elder vampire curiously.

He let out another tired sigh,"It's a long story,"He said rubbing his temples. Both Lestat and Roger looked absolutely exhausted.

Adam leaned back against his chair and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at the clock. "We got time,"He stated bluntly.

Lestat glared at Adam causing the newly turned lycan to shiver. Lestat's eyes were like ice, way colder than Selene's blue vampire's eyes ever got, and these were the eyes he had all the time. He turned to Roger and tapped his son's shoulder. "I'll tell you guys if we can stay here,"He explained bluntly. "We have nowhere else to go."

Selene nodded,"Of course you can,"She said before Michael could either reject them or beat her to the punch.

"Thanks,"He nodded appreciatively. "Before I tell you, I think we should put Roger somewhere,"He said placing a hand on the young boy's shoulder, "I don't want him to hear."

Selene nodded,"He can go in with Axsis. He's probably playing his video games." She said then turned to Roger,"Come on don't be shy,"She remarked with a soft smile and held her hand out to him.

Roger looked at his father nervously, but took Selene's hand when he nodded. She led him into the hallway and the two vampires disappeared from sight temporarily.

"So,"Tynan said loudly clapping his hands together,"What's up?"He asked Lestat,"Why you here?"

Lestat sighed and leaned forward placing his head in his hands, "Ebony left me."

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