Xander receives a magical gift from Willow. Takes place after season 7.


Mostly of season 6 and 7. A few minor spoilers for season 1, 2 and 3.



If you're allowed to see the show, you should be allowed to read this. Violence and swearing are kept to the same levels as in the show or lower.


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Author's notes:

Xander and Willow are my two favourite characters on the show and surprise, surprise: I don't like the way it ended with them. I prefer them the way they were during season 1 and 2: best friends and all that. I also like a lot of stories with W/X pairing, though I don't think there will be any of that in this story. If you're interested in a sequel/continuation: a few reviews will go a long way. Also, I'm looking for a beta-reader at the moment.

Chapter 1: The spell

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" He queried as he lay on the floor. Willow continued drawing a circle around the two of them with mixture of herbs that had been crushed into a red-green powder.

"Because me and magic...we aren't exactly bestest of buds." She watched his nervous expression and stiff posture with amusement.

"In fact, we aren't even on speaking terms. We have this understanding where we avoid eachother as much as possible. This isn't avoiding. This is the exact opposite of avoiding. It's a declaration of war!"

Willow couldn't really blame Xander for his nervousness though. Each time he had come in contact with magic, it had come back to haunt him. A few times even literally. His first contact with magic had resulted with him becoming posessed by a hyena spirit. The halloween after that he got posessed again, this time by a soldier alter ego of himself. Not long after that a love spell had sent the whole female population of Sunnydale after him, half of them trying to kill him and the other half... well... it was a love spell in the first place. And that was just the first two years of his evil-fighting carreer, it didn't get much better after that.

"Xander, will you relax? Nothing is going to happen. Well...nothing bad anyway. I'm fairly sure of it."

"'Fairly sure?' Way to go with the peptalk, Will."

"Look, if anything goes wrong, all we have to do is destroy the crystal and it'll be like it never happened."

"Crystal? What crystal? This is not another forgetting spell, is it?"

Willow flinched.

"Of course not!" She cried angrily. "Do you think I would...a-after what happened back then?"

The Tabula Rasa forgetting spell was the worst thing she had ever done. And that's saying a lot, since she once tried to destroy the world. But at least when she had tried to destroy the world, she was consumed by emotions and dark magic. When she did the forgetting spell, she knew exactly what she was doing. Violating the mind of her girlfriend, just to make her forget about an argument they had. And not just once, but twice. Of course, the second time the spell backfired, causing them all to lose their memory. Xander wasn't the only one who had bad experiences with spells.

"Sorry, I didn't mean..."

"I know. I know." She calmed herself. "Just lay still, you'll be fine. And you'll need to take off the eyepatch." Willow wasn't angry at Xander for mentioning it. Eventhough she rather wanted to forget what happened back then, she knew she shouldn't and probably never would. The events of that day were an important lesson to her, one she had needed to learn, even if she had learned it the hard way.

However, this wasn't the time to feel guilty. During a spell it was important to control emotions, so she took a few minutes to clear her mind.

In the meantime Xander had removed his eyepatch. The inside of Xanders left eyesocket was horribly scarred. Small pink patches of skin had been sewed up with the inside of the socket. In a few places the scars seemed to have been torn apart and new skin had grown, no doubt because he hadn't taken the rest the docters had told him to take. It wasn't easy to look at, she still felt bad about it. She had known storming Caleb's vineyard would be dangerous and yet she had agreed to do it. And afterwards, for all the magical power she had, she hadn't been able to restore his eye. This spell was a way to make up for that, but she knew she could never really replace his eye.

Willow sat down on her knees near Xander's head. She took the purple crystal and placed it gently in his eyesocket. She let her hands hover over it, closed her eyes and started chanting. The crystal started to glow and expand.

"What's happening?" Xander asked nervously.

"Don't worry, just lay still. It's not going to hurt."

The crystal continues to expand until it fitted perfectly in the eyesocket and the glow lessened. Willow backed away, breathing heavily. Spells these days, took her a lot of effort, even the small ones. It wasn't so much the spell itself as retaining control over the magic that tired her.

"Are you finished yet? This feels weird."

Willow smiled. "Yup, it's done."