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Chapter 1.

2.30 am in the Walker penthouse

Karen Walker sat alone in her penthouse. The servants had gone to bed. She sat alone in the dark library and thought. In her hand she held a glass of martini without olives to make sure it didn't take any space. In her thoughts she was experiencing motherhood.

In her mind she didn't want to have kids, she was selfish, she was stoned most of the time. She thought she couldn't take care of another human being.
Her heart though said something completely different. She really wanted a child, a someone that needed her, just her.

Suddenly she heard a loud bang. She was startled and went to check it out. She got down the stairs. Down there it was dark. To dark to see anything so she turned her head to light the switch. Before she could reach it, she felt a hand twist her arm to her back and a hand covering her mouth. She let out a muffled scream, but a voice whispered into her ear:

"Shut up or I'll make you shut up."

She went quiet, but wondered what the man was going to do though she had some guesses and suspicions to what he might do. Yes, she had heard that it was a man.

The man forced her upstairs again, still twisting her arm and covered her mouth with his hand.

How she wished that Stanley was alive. Her husband of twenty years had passed away earlier this year and they had scattered his ashes in the sea from Karen's luxury yacht.

Well upstairs they went into the library where she had been sitting before she went down. The lights were off as she never had lit them. The man shoved the door closed and locked it before he forced her down on the floor and ripped her clothes to shreds. He raped her. She however never made a sound, deciding that he wouldn't have that pleasure.
The rape lasted for a couple of hours, all the while she never made a sound. When the man was satisfied enough he left her where she lay on the floor. He left the library door open and hurried down the stairs and out in the night, as yet another man in the crowd of New York City. The Big Apple never slept.

When Karen heard the front door slam shut, she got up off the floor, took the ripped clothes in her hand and went to her bathroom for a long, hot, soaking bath. When the water started to run down the tub to fill it, her eyes started welling up and soon big tears came down her cheeks like a waterfall. What had happened became to much for her now. She wished harder than ever that Stan was alive. He would've protected her.

She lay in the bath for hours, until her skin was all pruned but she couldn't get out of the water. It cleaned her, or it was supposed to. She felt dirty. Finally she got out of the tub, still feeling dirty and put on some sweats, which was unusual for her, and went to bed.

9.30 am at Will and Grace apartment

The door burst open and Jack McFarland rushed in the room, doing a flip.

"Guess what's happened?" he smiled and jumped up and down.

"You woke up and realized that you're actually a man?" Will said while turning around drying the dishes from their breakfast.

"Very funny, I almost forgot you're fat" Jack bit back. "No, I got a lead in a play."

"Wow, congratulations Jack" Grace said as she entered the room and heard what Jack said.

She gave him a smile and a hug, which he awkwardley returned.

"Thank you Grace" he said.

"Anyone heard from Karen?" Grace asked.

"No, why?" Will asked.

"No reason, I just told her to meet me at home today. We have to go to a client this morning and we're suppose to be there in half an hour. "

"I'm sure she's home, forgotten about the client and are now both stoned and wasted" Will said.

"Why do you always do that Will?" Grace asked.


"Make accusations like that."

"Well, maybe because she's always stoned, and wasted?"

"Sometimes she's actually not, sometimes she's actually like a woman" Grace said.

Will didn't answer but went on with drying the dishes.

"Where is this client?" Jack asked?

"Down on Broadway."

Jack lit up and opened his mouth to say something.

"Oh no, you're not coming Jack" Grace said and pointed her finger at him.


"No, don't come Jack. It's not a Broadway producer. Or an agent."

"Alright then" Jack said and slumped his shoulders.

"I'll just pop by Karen's place on the way" Grace said and left.

"I wonder where she is" Jack said and sat down in the couch.

"Jack, Grace just left." Will said and grinned.

"Hey, I was talking about Karen. Of course I know where Grace is." Jack looked hurt.

"Oh, don't give me that pouting" Will said and walked to the back of the couch and started tickling Jack.

Jack shrieked and laughed so hard that he almost fell off the couch.

Grace walked the streets of New York before getting a cab to Karen's mansion. She walked up to the front door and knocked.

The door opened and she saw Rosario standing there in her white maids uniform.

"Hi Rosario, is Karen in?"

"Yes, she's in bed still."

"She was supposed to meet me at Will's apartment this morning. We have a meeting with a client in fifteen minutes."

"Wait inside and I will see if ms Karen will come down."

Rosario shut the door behind Grace and walked up the stairs. Grace looked around the magnificent hallway. There were marblestatues on small tables, fancy paintings on the walls and flowers in small pots just inside the door.

Rosario came down again and said:
"Sorry, but ms Karen doesn't feel well and wants to stay in bed."

"Can I see her?"

"No, she doesn't want to see anyone."

"Alright. Tell her that I hope she feels better soon."

"I will. Goodbye ms Grace."

"Bye Rosario."

Grace left and took a cab alone to the client in question.


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