Disclaimer: Don't own much! Except Exel, Remyx and my own washer and dryer!

Chap 4

Axel: I'm going to get rid of you for good FINAL FANASTY STYLE!

(Screen fades battle music from FF plays)



(record scratches)

Exel: Whoa wait we can't do it like that!

Axel: Damn! Fine we'll do it the old fashion way! (Leaps up into the air and jumps on Exel)

Exel: ( Blocks it and shoots Ice at Axel)

Luxord: (Coming out of happy washer) This is intense!

Demyx: (Pushes Luxord back in)

Washer: (Does happy dance)

Axel: Burn!

Exel: Never!

Axel: (Shoots fire blast)

Exel: (Pulls out a stick and roast a marsh mellow)

Demyx: Axel! ( Hits Exel with Fabric Softener)

Remyx: (Hit Demyx with lightning)

Mysterious Voice: That's enough!

( A beam of light flashes Exel is gone a heart flys to the ceiling)

Axel: Holy (Bleep)!

Demyx: No way! It's It's! The washer!

Washer: Yes I am I thank Demyx and all his friends they allowed me to do my happy dance!

Demyx: Your welcome!

Washer: The thing is The Dryer wants to do his happy dance!

Demyx: I know! ( Grabs Remyx and throws him in the dryer)

Dryer: (Does his happy dance)

(Another heart goes to the ceiling)

Luxord: (Jumps out of washer) Demyx I hate you! (Passes out)

Demyx: Wasn't our trip fun guys?

Everyone: No! ( All tackle Demyx)

The End!

( White screen appears)

Axel: We want you to know!

Demyx: No Heartless Nobodies People Washer dryers or Clothes were hurt in the making of this fan fiction... Except Luxord! Right Xigbar? Xigbar?

Xigbar: (Straring at a spining clothes in dryer) Uh huh!

Axel&Demyx: See ya later!