And they lived happily ever after...

Just a few notes from me.

I just realized I didn't stick any author's note or anything at the end of the story. Sorry about that! I was psyched about finishing it and I was at the spa at the time. LOL!!

Anyway... THANK YOU for the support, funny e-mails and just for reading the thing.

SO, what's up next? First a little let down, NO sequel, no epiloge, nada. You guys can decide if Harm and Mac had a boy, a girl, an iguana or whatever. We need a LITTLE mystery from time to time. ;-) And this story needed to be put to rest for the sake of my sanity. LOL! Some parts were MURDER to write. I would sit there and be like "mmmm." ANd... nothing.

So, really, what's up next? Well, since you doods voted for the Diane story (It's what V and I are calling it) "As Different As Night and Day" is up next. I've finished chapters 1-3, working on four and on my brainstorming/timeline sort of thing.

I decided to do a few changes to the original place the story would take place and moved JAG HQ to San Diego. I wanted them out of DC/VA but wanted to keep the staff as is. Sue me. :P

Now, don't freak when you hear "The Diane Story" it's easier for us to call it that way. ADANAD is just too funny an acronymn. ;) Sounds like something you'd find in the Amazon or something. Diane is very much alive in the story. There was never anything with Holbarth so it's not like she's been hiding, in a coma, part of a CIA plot or just felt like desserting the Navy. The woman is alive and well and her near-death thingy didn't happen. Harm didn't have his ramp strike (Until the start of THIS story) so he's a pilot and has nothing to do with JAG, up to now. ;)

BEFORE that gets posted, as I want to have it mostly finished or partially finished, etc. I am posting one that I wrote for the 10.5 Summer Season over at Friends of JAG. I am editing out some bits so that it can fit at any timeline but with Harm and Mac as a couple. It's called "Intrinsic" and has to do with the past and the Titanic.

I just want you guys to read something in-between stories.

So there we go... all caught up and all that fun stuff. THank you very much again guys!