1Summary: Naruto/Inuyasha: - Kagome has come home for last time in the feudal era, her mother Kun Loon decides to send her to live with her cousin for awhile, but when she arrives it's not what she expects

1Summary: Naruto/Inuyasha: - Kagome has come home for last time in the feudal era, her mother Kun Loon decides to send her to live with her cousin for awhile, but when she arrives it's not what she expects. SasukeKagome

Not What You Expect


When he reached her he plunged his sword downwards towards her heart as he heard the screams of the ninja's behind him, only for his own heart to skip a beat of terror when he felt pressure push against his own strength on his sword and looked down to see that a clawed hand that dawned two maroon stripes around the wrist.

Yukio's eyes widened as the clawed hand squeezed the blade of the sword causing blood to spill from the hand as the swords blade shattered into many pieces.

Yukio looked in shock as looked down at the female below him to find read merciless eyes starring back at him as a twisted smile showed upon her face showing off her fangs, along with two maroon stripes at either side of her face, her long silver hair scatter across the ground, but what stood out the most was the blue crescent moon in the middle of her forehead which could just be barely seen beneath her bangs.

Then without a moments hesitation she punched her fist through Yukio's stomach sending him flying a few metres away from her.

The ninja's present looked on in fright, frozen on their spot not sure what to do in case they provoke her, now that they saw Kagome in a demon form.

Kagome walked towards the spot that Yukio's body lay as he tried to recover the blow she had just given him, his breathing heavy and fast.

As she neared him Kagome began to smell the scent of his fear which only increased the twisted grin thrown across her face.

Chapter 22

Kagome stood above is his injured form grinning, she reached to her side and drew tetsaiga's blade from its sheath and within seconds Yukio's head was swiped right off his body. The ninja's surrounding her looked upon her with a mixture of emotions, however the one's that shone mainly through everyone's eyes and faces were shock and fear at her malicious act.

But not long after Kagome began to feel her body give out as she began to fall backwards; her long silver hair which began to turn back ebony, flying upwards past her face with the pressure and force of the fall to the ground followed by the clattering of her sword against the ground.

'I did it; I was able to defeat that demon' was the only thought that ran through Kagome's mind as her eye's began to close, her demonic markings leaving her body.

Tsunade began to stand as Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, Sakura, Ino, TenTen, Hinata, Kiba, shino, Neji, lee and Kakashi made their way towards Kagome's still body. Medic ninja's began to run around the fields healing the different ninja around the battlefield.

"Get a stretcher and get her immediate attention" ordered Tsunade as she caught one of medic Ninja's running around.

"Yes lady Tsunade, right away!" said the medic ninja as he ran to egt a stretcher followed by two other medic ninja's.

A few days later…..

Kagome groaned as she attempted to sit up, but quickly lay back down.

"Does it hurt?" asked a distinct males voice

Kagome turned to see who was beside her to find non other than Sasuke.

"Sasuke?" she questioned

"You were beaten up pretty badly by that demon, you're lucky to be alive" he stated.

Kagome looked down at her bandaged wound, which was over her heart.

"I guess I am" she answered shortly

Suddenly a knock was heard on the door and without another moments notice Tsunade walked in with Sakura walking in beside her. Both Sakura and Tsunade looked at Sasuke acknowledging his presence before moving forwards towards Kagome.

"You heal quite quickly, even for a demon" stated Tsunade as she gave Kagome a sharp look

Kagome just looked back at her, no emotions shown through her cold face or eyes.

"Is it that bad that I have diluted demon blood?" Kagome asked nothing in her voice giving away the pain she felt.

Tsunade just looked at her for another moment, before looking at the clip board she held in her hand.

"Now that you have awaken I will do my final checks and then you may be discharged from the hospital" stated Tsunade

"Does this mean I will not be imprisoned?" asked Kagome

Tsunade gave a short nod before she began to give Kagome a final check over.

"However Kagome I need to know which side of you family did you inherit your demon blood?" asked Tsunade as she finished her checks

Kagome just looked at her and then turned her head to look at the quilt.

"It's important Kagome; I need to know if Shikamaru will turn into a demon during battle like you did" stated Tsunade "It's just a precaution.'

"You don't have to worry, I didn't inherit this blood from either side of my family" stated Kagome as small smile graced her face as she just remembered how she how she had inherited the blood.

Everyone in the room gave a puzzled and confused look.

"How is that?" asked Sasuke speaking for the first time since Tsunade and Sakura entered the room.

"It's all apart of my past and training as a priestess, lets just say that I was adopted into a great demon lord's family" stated Kagome

Everyone gave her another puzzled and confused look, but she just smiled and began to stand up.

"Now if you could all leave and allow me time to dress my self I would be grateful thank you" asked Kagome as she reached for her clothing that had been brought to her by Shikamaru.

Everyone nodded and left the room.

Once she was ready she exited the room and found that Sasuke was stood outside waiting on her.

"Tsunade already signed you out so we can leave" stated Sasuke "I will escort you home" he stated with no room for an argument

Kagome just nodded and followed him down the halls and out the hospital doors. As Kagome walked alongside Sasuke quietly she began to notice that the atmosphere around the town area was different from what it used to be, people began giving her weary looks and began to walk around her leaving huge spaces around tem both, she glanced to Sasuke and saw him looking at her with look that Kagome just couldn't place, but she guessed he noticed the way everyone was treating her; however they just continued to walk down the streets until they reached the Nara residence.

Kagome turned to Sasuke and smiled at him, which took Sasuke by surprise.

"Thank you Sasuke for walking me here, but I think I should go in now, I feel I have a lot to think about" she said

Sasuke nodded as he watched her turn around and began to walk through the Nara's door, however he didn't want it to just end like that he wanted to hug her, kiss her, anything just to tell her that it was alright and that she could rely on him, but he knew he couldn't not when she was going through physical and emotional pain.

Kagome entered the household and was greeted by her uncle and cousin getting ready to go out.

"Ah Kagome you're home" said Mrs. Nara nervously as she began to walk backwards slightly

"Are you going somewhere?" Kagome asked ignoring the nervous glances her aunt was giving her.

"We were going to come and see you but it seems that you have come home now" stated Shikamaru

Kagome smiled.

"Erm if you don't mind I'd like to go rest in my room" stated Kagome

The Nara's just nodded and Kagome began to proceed up the stairs.

When Kagome entered her room, she looked around and found that everything was the same as she left it apart from her weapons that had been tidily put in the corner.

She walked over towards the window and looked out to see builders rebuilding houses that had been damaged in the fight against Yukio. Kagome sighed again and walked over to her bed and laid down.

She picked the jewel up which rested around her neck.

"You brought me trouble again" she whispered

Kagome looked towards the ceiling.

'The town's people and aunt seem to be wary of me, maybe I should just leave, after all I did bring great distress, all because of a jewel'

These were Kagome's last thoughts before she drifted off into sleep.

Meanwhile Sasuke was in town with both Sakura and Naruto.

"So who's the ring for?" asked Naruto as they walked down the bustling streets.

"Don't be an idiot Naruto, it's for Kagome!" shouted Sakura

"What!" shouted Naruto at the top of his lungs, people around them stopped what they were doing for a couple of seconds to see what all the noise was about but then continued on with what they were doing.

"I am going to propose to Kagome" stated Sasuke

"That's awfully brave, are you sure you can do that, even without asking the permission of her family?"

Sasuke, Ino and Sakura all turned around to come face to face with Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji.

"Hn" was Sasuke's only answer

Later that night….

Kagome awoke with a yawn, she rubbed her eyes and glanced out the window and saw that night had fallen, Kagome yawned again before getting up off her bed and walking out the door and towards the stairway and down the stairs, but stopped suddenly when she heard voices. Kagome crouched down on the stairway, she was surprised they hadn't noticed her but she guessed they must have been to deep into the conversation, Kagome was just about the turn back and go back to her room when she heard a name mentioned and decided to stay and listen even though she knew it was wrong to eavesdrop.

"What did Tsunade say about Kagome?" asked Mrs. Nara

"It's impossible" answered Mr. Nara

"What, impossible?" asked Mrs. Nara

"Yes, according to Tsunade, Kagome doesn't actually have a demon trapped inside her, Kagome herself is the demon" stated Mr. Nara

"Oh my are we going to do?" asked Mrs. Nara

"Continue on as normal" stated Mr. Nara

"Normal, normal you say, how can we continue on as normal when there's a demon in the house, she'll have to leave" stated Mrs. Nara

"Dear we can't just kick her out of the house, we're family" stated Mr. Nara

"Family, yes we are family and that is why I'm doing this to protect us and to protect herself, we maybe ninja's but we wouldn't be able to face something as malicious and vicious as we saw the day of the battle" stated Mrs. Nara

'I guess that's my choice made for me, I guess I'll be leaving' she thought as she stood and made her way up the stairs and back to her room

Next Morning…

Kagome woke up and looked across the room and sighed, but got up. She dressed and began walking down stairs where Mrs. Nara was serving breakfast and Mr. Nara was sat reading his paper.

"Where's Shikamaru?" she asked

"He'll be back soon, some friends needed to talk to him I believe" stated Mr. Nara with a grin

"Oh morning Kagome" smiled Mrs. Nara uneasily as she served Kagome her breakfast

Kagome forced a fake smile on her face when memorise of last nights conversation entered mind. She sat down and was about to eat when Shikamaru entered the kitchen and sat down to eat.

"Morning Shika." Kagome said as she finished eating her breakfast

"Kagome I have something to talk to you about later" said Shikamaru

"Yeah, sure" she said.

After everyone finished everyone was assembled in the room by Kagome's request.

"What is that you want to tell us Kagome?" asked Mr. Nara

"Well after a lot of careful consideration, I have decided that I am going to move out and leave Konoha" stated Kagome

The room was silent for a moment before…

"Kagome you can's be serious?" asked Shikamaru

"I'm very grateful to you all for allowing me to stay in your home while I was in Konoha but I feel now that I must leave" stated Kagome

"But why?" asked Mr. Nara

"Because I'm the keeper of the jewel of four souls, where I go trouble is bound to follow me because of this jewel" stated Kagome "This is the jewel Yukio was after, this is the reason why he attacked Konoha cause I was here, the keeper the jewel of four souls" she stated pulling out the jewel for them the see.

They all looked at the jewel.

"Over this?" asked Shikamaru ion disbelief.

"Yes, I won't go into much detail but this jewel; is able to grant anyone human or demon any wish he/she desires and now that I know demons do exist here, I must keep moving so as not to endanger those around me" stated Kagome "I will be leaving within a couple of days once I've gathered my stuff and thing's I will need for travelling" stated Kagome

"But what will your mother say?" asked Mr. Nara

"Don't worry I'll call off at home during my travels to inform her, she will understand after all she know what I've been through" stated Kagome

"Can't we change your mind?" asked Mr. Nara

Kagome just shook her head and said,

"My mind is made up; also I would appreciate if you didn't tell anyone about my departure, I will inform the Hokage myself"

Meanwhile Sasuke was walking towards the Uchiha manor with a glint of happiness in his eyes. This morning he had asked Shikamaru for his help to get Kagome to a gathering where he would propose to her, he knew it wasn't like him to do such as thing in front of loads of people but they were his friends and he knew Kagome would like it.

Few days later….

Kagome was all ready to leave.

"I will come visit sometime" stated Kagome

"Yeah do" said Mr. Nara as he hugged her followed by Mrs. Nara reluctantly

Kagome smiled and asked,

"Where's Shikamaru?"

"He said he should be back, he said that he had urgent business" answered Mrs. Nara

"Oh, I see, well I cant wait for him, I must leave now, tell Shikamaru that I'm sorry that I have to leave without saying good bye but I will see him some other time when I come visit" asked Kagome

Mr and Mrs. Nara nodded as Kagome left out the front door and towards the gate.

Meanwhile Shikamaru was racing towards where everyone was meeting to watch Sasuke's proposal. It had plagued him for several days now and even though Kagome ahad said to not let others know of her departure, he couldn't help but do what he's doing now and that was to tell Sasuke. Finally he had made it to the meeting place, he burst in and looked around, and the entire place had gone quite with his intrusion.

"It's about time you go here your late!" shouted Ino through the silence

"Where's Kagome?" asked Sasuke as he stood confused as to why she wasn't there

"Kagome has decided that she is leaving Konoha" panted Shikamaru

"What!" everyone exclaimed

Shock was written throughout his entire body and slowly pain began to show in his eyes and without another though he had run out and was heading towards the village gates followed by everyone else present.

Meanwhile at the village gates Kagome took one last glance at Konoha before she turned to leave.


Kagome turned to look who had called her to see Sasuke running towards her with everyone else following behind him.

'How?" Kagome thought 'How did he know?'

Then she saw Shikamaru just slightly behind Sasuke and glared at him.

"Kagome where are you going?" asked Sasuke once he came to a stop

"I am leaving the village" she stated as though it was obvious

"But why?" he asked pain filling his voice

"So I can protect you and this village from demons that will come after me" she stated

"I don't understand" he stated walking slowly towards her

"Sasuke I love you and I don't want you to have to fight demons just because I am here, I don't want you to come to harm, after all you're my precious person" Kagome stated as some tears slowly trickled down her face.

"Why would they come after you and besides I'll be able to protect myself" he stated confused by what she was saying

"The demons come after me because I am the keeper of the jewel everyone wants, it is able to grant wishes and this is what the demons want, if I had known that demons still existed I would never of come here" she stated

"But Kagome I love you" he stated

Kagome just looked at him and smiled, everyone else watched on as this tender moment took place.

"Kagome I love you so much that I want you to be my wife, I want you to marry you" he stated as tears edged at his eyes at the thought of losing her

"Sasuke I would love more than anything than to stay by your side and become your wife, but I cannot stay here and you cannot leave here, so I must leave" she stated

Sasuke put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the engagement ring and held in front of him offering it to her.

"Take this and know that I am always with you" he stated

Kagome looked at him, then to the ring and then to him again and nodded. She held out her hand to him and he slipped it onto her left ring finger and smiled at her which she returned and then without another second he pulled her into a passionate kiss, which caused Lee to blush and go about their youthfulness before Sakura punched him.

Then with one last embrace Kagome left through the gates of Konoha saying good bye to everyone, silent tears flowing out of her eyes.

'I will return one day, even if it's only for you Sasuke' were Kagome's last thoughts before she began her next journey.

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