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Chapter 15 – Beast Boy's Kiss

Robin stared up at the ceiling of his room. He glanced over at his clock. There were only a few hours left until dawn, and he hadn't gotten any sleep. Robin groaned, and sat up. There wasn't any point in lying there doing nothing. He got out of bed, exited his room, and made his way to the Titan living room.

"Friend, you are also unable to catch the z's?" Starfire asked him as he entered the room. Robin shook his head. "You are also concerned for the health of our friends?" Robin nodded again.

"I wasn't as worried about Beast Boy," Robin admitted. "But after what I saw yesterday, I got concerned." Starfire frowned.

"Something is wrong with Beast Boy?" she asked. "Has he received sickness?" Robin shook his head.

"No, he's not sick Starfire," Robin replied. "But…" He was interrupted by the door opening.

"Y'all can't sleep either?" Cyborg asked. Starfire and Robin nodded glumly. Cyborg yawned.

"Robin says that there is something wrong with friend Beast Boy," Starfire informed the robotic Titan. Cyborg looked at Robin in alarm.

"Did something happen to him?" he asked. Robin shook his head.

"He just seemed kind of distant when I brought him his food yesterday," Robin replied. "He said he didn't want to eat anything." Cyborg frowned. Silence descended upon the living room.

"I got it!" Cyborg replied triumphantly. "B.B. has been dying to play the new Mega Monkey's game with me. That ought to snap him out of it."

"I hope that you're right," Robin replied softly.

- Scene Break -

Beast Boy shifted in his chair. His backside had fallen asleep. Gently, he laid Raven's hand back down on the bed. Then he groaned, and stood up. He stretched, and smacked his backside in an attempt to wake it back up. He winced as the pins-and-needles feeling replaced the numbness. Beast Boy sat back down, and dutifully took Raven's hand back into his own. His sensitive hearing caught the sound of the door opening. Beast Boy didn't even turn to see who was at the door.

"Hey B.B." Cyborg called cheerfully.

"Hey Cy," Beast Boy replied dully. Cyborg was taken aback by Beast Boy's tone.

"I'm just about to break in the new Mega Monkey's game!" the robotic Titan said tantalizingly. Beast Boy didn't respond. "You know you want to play it!" Cyborg encouraged.

"No thanks Cy," Beast Boy replied in the same dull tone.

"Aw come on B.B." Cyborg whined. "I'll go easy on you."

"I said no," Beast Boy yelled. Cyborg took a few steps backwards in surprise.

"Okay man," Cyborg held up his hands in defeat. "Don't bite my head off." Beast Boy didn't turn around. Cyborg sighed, and spotted the tray that Robin had brought in for Beast Boy. It was untouched. "At least eat something okay man?" He encouraged. Beast Boy didn't respond. Heaving a heavy sigh, Cyborg exited the hospital wing.

- Scene Break -

Robin and Starfire looked up as the door to the living room opened. Cyborg's powerful frame shuffled in. His shoulders were drooped.

"Didn't take the bait?" Robin asked. Cyborg shook his head. Robin frowned. "This isn't good."

"He's not eating either," Cyborg informed the Boy Wonder. Robin ran his turquoise-gloved hand through his spiky jet-black hair.

"Perhaps I might be of assistance?" Starfire inquired.

"I don't know Star," Cyborg replied. "B.B. didn't even react when I told him I was going to play the new Mega Monkey's game. It's like part of him has died." Starfire gasped.

"We must help him!" she exclaimed. Robin looked at her helplessly.

"How?" he asked. "We've tried tofu and Mega Monkey's. What else is there?" Starfire considered this for a moment and then sighed.

"I do not know friend," she admitted. "Perhaps I could merely speak with him."

"I don't think that that's going to work Starfire," Robin replied.

"Well, I still wish to try," she informed him, and floated towards the door, and out into the hallway.

"I hope B.B. listens," Cyborg muttered. Robin nodded.

- Scene Break -

Starfire floated towards the hospital wing. She turned the corner and nearly collided with Beast Boy.

"Forgive me friend," she apologized. "I did not see you."

"It's okay Star," Beast Boy assured her. There was dullness to his voice that scared the alien.

"You are coming to play the Mega Monkey's?" she asked hopefully. Beast Boy shook his head. "Then what…"

"Washroom," Beast Boy cut her off. Starfire watched as he limped his way towards the washroom. His shoulders were drooped, as were his ears. He looked so small somehow in his torn costume. She hovered there until he came back out.

"Will you at least change your costume friend?" she inquired. Beast Boy shook his head, and limped back into the hospital wing. Starfire followed him. She floated into the hospital wing and watched as Beast Boy sat down next to Raven. The tray of food was still untouched. Starfire sighed and exited.

Beast Boy heard the door shut. He wished the other Titans would just leave him alone. He knew that they were concerned about him, but he just wanted to be alone. He didn't want to eat, or sleep, or do anything. All he wanted to do was sit with Raven until she woke up. Darkness crept into the wing once more, but Beast Boy refused to close his eyes. He wanted to be there when Raven woke up. He wanted to be the first one to see her beautiful dark eyes open.

His train of thought startled him. He gazed at Raven. She looked almost peaceful lying there with the moonlight cascading over her grey skin. Beast Boy traced that patterns that the moon cast on Raven with his eyes. The pattern swept down over Raven's face, across her slender neck, down onto her chest, past her collarbone and onto the torn remnants of Raven's leotard. Beast Boy tore his eyes away and felt his cheeks begin to burn slightly. He had no business looking at her like that. Especially since she was unconscious.

- Scene Break -

"Best of three," Robin pleaded. Cyborg sighed.

"Come on man, you lost fair and square," he rolled his human eye at the Boy Wonder.

"Best of three," Robin repeated. Cyborg sighed again, and held out his fist. Robin did the same. The two Titans proceeded to do rock-paper-scissors. Cyborg's paper covered Robin's rock. Robin groaned. "I was the first one to go." He complained.

"Star and I went the day after," Cyborg replied.

"I went again the next day," Robin pointed out.

"I went the day after," said Cyborg. "Then Star went the next day."

"I went the day after that," Robin argued.

"I went the day after you did," Cyborg argued. "And Star went the day after me."

"Well I went the day after she went," Robin muttered.

"Star went the day after you," Cyborg reminded. "And I went the day after her."

"I went the day after that," Robin argued.

"Star and I went the following day," Cyborg listed. Robin sighed, defeated.

"It's been two weeks Cyborg," he said at length. "Beast Boy only leaves to go to the washroom."

"It is our duty as his friends to try and help him," Starfire replied. Robin nodded.

"Alright," he consented, and exited the living room into the hallway. He strode purposefully towards the hospital wing. He tried to think of what he would say to Beast Boy. It had been two weeks, and the green Titan had refused to leave Raven's side except to use the washroom.

Robin opened the door. Beast Boy was in his usual place sitting next to Raven. There were bags under his eyes, and Robin could see the faint outline of Beast Boy's ribs through his costume. Beast Boy's olive-green skin was pale, and his deep-green eyes lacked their usual spark.

"Come on Beast Boy," Robin pleaded. "Raven wouldn't want you to waste away like this." The green Titan didn't respond. "Cyborg and Starfire are worried sick about you!" Robin admitted. "So am I. You're not proving anything by doing this." Beast Boy didn't even turn around. Robin sighed. "Please Beast Boy this is stupid! You have to let her go!" The words of the Boy Wonder echoed horribly in the silent hospital wing.

"She will wake up," Beast Boy murmured. "I know she will. I won't give up on her Robin. I won't."

"Eating, sleeping, and taking care of yourself aren't giving up!" Robin exclaimed. "They're common sense!"

"I don't want to leave her Robin," Beast Boy murmured. Robin threw up his hands in exasperation, and stormed back out of the hospital wing. Beast Boy winced as he heard the door slam. He felt guilty that he was causing the others to worry so much, but he didn't want to leave Raven. He sat there with her, holding her hand in his. He could feel his eyelids getting heavy. He hadn't slept in ages. He struggled to stay awake, but eventually exhaustion got the better of him, and he passed into a restless sleep.

- Scene Break -

Raven opened her dark eyes. The first thing that she saw was the ceiling of the hospital wing. She shivered. She was still in the torn remnants of her leotard. She sat up. The hospital wing spun around her, and she raised her hand to her forehead, and groaned.

Gradually, she became aware that something warm was holding her other hand. She glanced over, and was startled to see Beast Boy sitting beside her. His head was down on his forearms, and his soft breathing told her that he was asleep. As her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, Raven could see that Beast Boy was still in the torn remnants of his costume as well. His leg was in a cast, and Raven frowned as she noticed that Beast Boy's ribs were visible through his tight costume.

She scanned the hospital wing and noticed a tray on the floor. There was an untouched plate of mouldy tofu, and a glass of mouldy orange juice. Raven made a face. She wondered how long it had been sitting there for. She turned her head at the sound of movement and watched as Beast Boy lifted up his head from his arms. There were bags under his eyes, and his deep-green eyes were dull.

Beast Boy blinked, and gradually the hospital wing came into focus. He panicked when he realised that he had fallen asleep. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned. Beast Boy came face to face with Raven. Immediately, his deep-green eyes lit up, and his ears perked back to their normal position. He was so relieved to see that she was okay. Without really thinking, he threw his arms around her neck, and pressed his lips against hers.

Raven was shocked as Beast Boy pressed his warm lips to hers. She could feel his fingers against the bare skin of her back. Skin touching skin. She had never been this close to anyone. Let alone Beast Boy. Raven could feel her heart begin to pound in her chest, and she tensed her body.

Beast Boy felt Raven go rigid, and realized what he had just done. Quickly, he pulled his lips away from hers. Raven stared at him, her dark eyes wide with surprise. Beast Boy felt his cheeks begin to burn. Unable to maintain eye-contact, the green Titan dropped his gaze to his hands.

"Sorry," he murmured, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. "I'll uh leave you alone now." Before Raven could stop him, Beast Boy got up, and limped as fast as he could out of the hospital wing. Alone now, Raven reached up, and touched her fingers to her lips. They were still warm from Beast Boy's kiss. She couldn't believe it. Beast Boy had kissed her. And she hadn't broken anything.