All that she didn't say

Robin and Starfire sat uncomfortably on the edge of the island. Much of the afternoon had dwindled away, but the sun was still shining brightly, and the day's great beauty seemed almost inappropriate for the occasion.

Robin sat cross-legged beside a stretched out Starfire, the two of them looking anywhere but towards each other. He seemed to be in as much discomfort as Starfire, not knowing how to console someone who had been through such a bitter experience.

"I'm sorry," he tried. "I'm fortunate to not know what it's like to lose someone so close."

"It has been nearly a year now," replied Starfire neutrally. "But…" she continued in an unusually cold tone, "it is not just her death that is so bothersome."

"What do you mean?"

Starfire stood up slowly and dusted herself off, seemingly wanting to wrap up the conversation.

"Robin, do you think I am a... big 'talker'? A 'loud mouth'? The kind who always speaks her mind and shares her opinions on everything?" Starfire still seemed to struggle with English, but she communicated her message very well.

"Uhh…" mumbled Robin, not knowing how to answer in such a delicate situation. He decided to tell the truth, albeit in as nice a manner as possible. "Honestly, you do always say how you feel about things, especially important things."

Robin could not perceive how she was going to respond, and it made him anxious.

"You are right, Robin. I do."

Robin listened intently as she continued.

"Friends help each other out when they are in trouble. They warn each other before they make a mistake. I did no such thing for my sister. I do not know weather or not she would have listened to me, but I still failed to be a good sister to her. I was too… timid, too shy, and too afraid of making her unhappy. She got herself killed, by someone else sneaking them to her or by a dare and her overconfidence. And I said nothing to stop her."

Robin could not think of anything to say.

"With time, the pain of my sister's death is fading. But it will take far longer for the guilt of my silence to disappear."

The silence lingered for another few moments before Robin stood up beside her. Without saying a word, they unanimously decided to head back to the tower. The mood seemed to brighten somewhat as they got closer to their home, but Robin still looked somewhat agitated.

"Do not worry," said Starfire with a smile. "I will feel better eventually, for I will not make the same mistake twice."

The end