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Chapter One:

Hermione's Butterfingers

It was, yet again, another boring free period at the Gryffindor common room. Ron and Harry were doing their best to not fall asleep during their chess game. As "intense" as the game was, they just weren't exactly focused and moved their pieces around just to watch them clobber each other. But, eventually, even that got boring. As they were about to find something else to do—"A nap would be nice," said Ron.—Hermione strutted through the portrait hole, beaming.

"You won't believe it, you two!" she said excitedly.

"That you barged in and therefore interrupting my would-be nap?" yawned Ron.

"No, silly," said Hermione, "I got my Time-turner back!"

"What?" said Harry, who had been dozing off. Hermione looked very annoyed.

"Don't you know what this means?" she said. Ron looked terrified.

"Don't tell me that you're gonna make us take extra classes too, are you?" Hermione let out a huge sigh.

"You two just don't get it, do you?" Harry and Ron looked at each other in confusion. "This means that we could travel during time any time we want. For instance, we could go back and meet King Arthur for all I care."

"Wicked," said Harry and Ron in unison. Hermione had a satisfied look on her face but it was wiped off clean when she saw the pile of homework that Ron and Harry still had yet to do. Harry, seeing what she was looking at, came up with the usual response. "Come off it, Hermione. We can do it when we get back."

"Yeah," replied Ron, "You could just turn us back and hour now, and then we could do the homework, then you could turn us back to the future, and come back to where we are now." Hermione looked at them with a heavily annoyed face, and Harry and Ron got the idea that no matter what they said, there wasn't going to be any time-traveling of any kind until the essays were finished. Letting out a heavy sigh, Harry sat down and got to work. He wasn't going to waste any time. Ron, however, started up the usual bickering with Hermione.

"Come on, just because we can't finish our work as fast as you doesn't mean that you can make us delay something this important!"

"Oh, just stop it, Ron! Without me, you wouldn't even have the Time-turner. The least you could do is to just do the work that you're going to have to do anyway!"

Once Harry finished his Herbology essay, and Ron and Hermione finally finished fighting, Hermione put the Time-turner around their necks and started to wind up the turner. Just as soon as she was going to let go…

"All prefects, please report to my office immediately. All prefects please report to my office."

"Man," groaned Ron, "just as soon as we do something good, McGonagall just has to butt in now." Hermione and Ron slipped out from under the chain, leaving it on Harry. Hermione, who was still holding onto the Time-turner to keep it from continuing the travel, started to hand it to Harry.

"Here," she said, "hold on to this. Make sure you don't let go of it. Keep it like this until Ron and I come back."

"Sure, Hermione," said Harry. Just has Hermione was about to give Harry the Time-turner, it slipped from her fingers and started the travel process. Hermione looked horrified as Harry disappeared from view.

"Oh, my goodness," she muttered.

"What did you do?" questioned Ron, rather angrily. "Where did you send him?" Hermione, still covering her mouth with her hands, slowly spoke.


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