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Pocahontas, Iowa was about as boring as a town can get. To drive from one end to another to less than three minutes. Nora would know. She had timed it. Her cousins lived in Pocahontas and for Labor Day weekend, Nora, her family, and Nora's friend, Annie, were visiting them. Annie was tagging along because she felt like it. Plus the fact her family had ditched her to do their own things. Nora and Annie were bored out of their skulls. So with dejected sighs, they walked outside and sat in the front lawn. Nora's dad called this place the edge of the world. Nora and Annie agreed with him. All that stretched before the two friends was corn. Corn, corn, corn, and more corn! And it was flat. Corn. With a small, unpaved road in the middle, leading into the town. And more corn. And did we mention corn?

Suddenly a little ditty started playing through their heads.

Corn to the East and Corn to the West

Corn to the North and South!

Corn gets picked and peeled

Corn gets cooked and put in your mouth!

Corn in your eyes and Corn in your ears

Corn pouring out of your nose

Corn is freakin' everywhere

I'm so sick of this Corn!

"Are you thinking of the same song I'm thinking of?" Annie asked after a moment. Nora frowned thoughtfully and nodded.


A pause of silence followed.

"Do you hear something?" Annie asked suddenly. Nora listened for a second before answering.

"Yes. It sounds like the dying scream of some hopeless creature."

"Oh," Annie said, frowning. "I thought it was something getting eaten."

Nora nodded. "That too."

And suddenly the house across the street went up in flames.

"Wow," Annie commented.

"Don't worry, it was only a barn," Nora assured her off-handily.

"How did it get set on fire?" Annie asked, looking at Nora suspiciously. Nora raised her hands in defense.

"I didn't do it! It was the giant flying lizard destroying the so-called downtown!" she protested. Annie glanced at the animal in question.

"Oh. I knew that."

The two teens leaned back, watching the spectacle before them.

"Ooo…pretty colors," Annie commented. Nora nodded.

"Agreed. What's with those funky helmets on those dudes riding the giant, fire-breathing lizards?"

"They're Dragon Highlords," Annie told her.

"I knew that."

They noticed a rustling in the corn, coming closer and closer. Suddenly a black-robed dude with silver hair, golden skin, and hourglass eyes burst through the wall of plants. His robes were hitched up in one hand, a large staff with a glowing thing at the end in the other hand.

"Ye gods, the kenders!" he screamed, running past Annie and Nora. They watched him silently. Then they turned to look back at where the man had just come from to see a swarm of short people with topknots run through the corn after the strangely dressed man.

"Now that's not something you see every day," Nora commented after the laughter of the swarm died down.

"No," Annie agreed. "No it's not."

"Was that Raistlin Majere?" Nora asked, frowning.

"Yes, I think so," Annie said with a frown to match Nora's.

"Archmage, Master of the Tower of Palanthas, and Master of the Past and Present?" Nora made sure.


"With a pack of kenders after him?"


"And Tasslehoff heading the charge, armed with a hoopak and Rabbitslayer?"


Nora sat up slightly. "It's the end of the world, isn't it?" she mused. Annie shrugged.


"Oh joy."

And then they were eaten. By a dragon. Because they were crunchy and good with ketchup.

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