This was spawned out of the warm, fizzy, orange haze in my brain after having too much orange soda. I haven't a clue how this'll turn out, so it might just be really random. Okay? Okay. Now, on with the fizziness!

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Naraku VS Kirby

take one!

Naraku was enjoying a perfectly wonderful day, pondering on how he could be perfectly evil. He wasn't paying much attention to where he was going. It didn't really matter. He ruled the world. Well, almost. Okay, he didn't rule anything at all, but as soon as Hakudoshi took care of InuYasha, he'd take over the world. And that thought made him very happy. He was a perfectly happy, perfectly evil, villain, out for a stroll.

And what should our perfectly happy, perfectly evil villain come across on this perfectly wonderful day? Or Rather, who? Why it's none other than our perfectly pink, perfectly cute, and perfectly asleep hero, Kirby! Yep, it's Kirby. How'd he get there? Well, that's a long story involving some pan dimensional vortexes, a wormhole or two, and a chipmunk named Fred. Maybe I'll tell it sometime. Maybe not.

Well, Kirby was sound asleep by a perfectly clear and perfectly wet river on this perfectly wonderful day. He even had that cute little snot bubble thing going on. How adorable! And then along comes our perfectly happy, perfectly evil villain, Naraku. And, since he's busy pondering on how he can be perfectly evil, he doesn't see our perfectly asleep hero. And you know what happens next. You don't? Okay, I'll tell you. Naraku tripped over Kirby. And poor Kirby's snot bubble popped, and he woke up from his perfectly wonderful nap. And Naraku was startled out of his perfectly evil ponderings as he fell perfectly flat on his face.

Naraku rose to his feet in all his demonic fury, about to blast whoever had the nerve to trip him. Then he saw who it was, and stopped, pondering once more. But these weren't the same perfectly evil thoughts. These were new, much more confused thoughts. This creature was no demon. But it was not something that belonged in feudal Japan. It seemed downright out of place, in all it's perfectly adorable pinkness. He did not want to blast some creature that might be of assistance to him.

"What is your name, creature?" he demanded to know in his perfectly evil commanding voice.

Kirby only blinked at him and made a small noise somewhere between a 'huh?' and a 'who?'

For some reason no one but Naraku himself knows, this perfectly adorable noise infuriated him. It must be because he's perfectly evil, and this noise was not anywhere near evil. In fact, it was downright good. Perfectly good. Confused, yes, but still perfectly good. So, once more, Naraku rose up in all his demonic fury, ready to blast this perfectly adorable creature that had dared to trip him.

"Die, insolent beast!"

Our perfectly pink, perfectly cute hero was now perfectly terrified. Wouldn't you be, if you'd just found yourself in a strange world on a perfectly wonderful day, only to be tripped over be a perfectly evil and perfectly terrifying villain who was now commanding you to die?

Anyway, a perfectly terrified Kirby was cowering in fear, not sure of how he should approach this perfectly dangerous situation. When Naraku started blasting at him, he didn't have much choice. He ran for his perfectly valuable life. While running, he made some more of those perfectly adorable noises that Kirby makes, and they further infuriated a perfectly evil Naraku. So he blasted some more.

And our perfectly terrified fleeing hero of perfect cuteness did something you never ever want to do in that perfectly horrible situation. He tripped, and fell perfectly flat on his face. So, Kirby did the only thing he could. He turned around and inhaled the next blast. And he puffed up in such a perfectly adorable way, that if there had been any spectators, they would have let out a perfectly synchronized 'Aw!' When he swallowed that blast, however, he went from perfectly cute to perfectly…


He was wearing a perfectly purple cloak that blew in the perfectly nonexistent breeze, and a crown of perfectly cool purple flames. He conjured up two perfectly identical and perfectly powerful purple fireballs, and hurled them at the perfectly stunned Naraku. He'd just made a perfectly dangerous enemy. Oh, and the fireballs hit him perfectly in the chest, knocking him backwards to land in a perfectly sore heap.

Now Naraku was the one who was perfectly terrified, so he ran away in a perfectly embarrassing fashion, and left a perfectly safe Kirby behind by that perfectly clear and perfectly wet river on that perfectly wonderful day.

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