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"Does she know?"



"Mom. Does she know that you like her like that?"

"Lindsay!" I can't believe she's talking to me like this.

"Everything alright in here?" Catherine suddenly asks from the door. Damn, she sure has a sense for timing.

"Yes." We answer simultaneously - as if that isn't the most suspicious thing to do.

"We were just talking." Lindsay smirks and somehow I get the feeling she is trying very hard to get back at me for something. Wait. She surely wouldn't tell Catherine what we've been talking about, or would she?

"Nothing important though." I tell her quickly, hoping to cut off anything Lindsay might be planning to let slip.

Great, Catherine doesn't look convinced at all. If that raised brow of hers is anything to go by she already has a suspicion. If only I could come up with a quick little white lie.

"Just talking about you."

Alright, looks like I don't need to after all. I swear, one more word and the kid will suffer.

I shoot her a death glare, it's not like I would ever seriously hurt her but right now I'm close to reconsidering.

"About me, huh?" Catherine smirks, not in the least fazed. Oh yeah, she definitely knows. "And that is not important?"

"I uh...didn't mean it like that..." I stutter. Shit, why can't I ever get things out the way I mean them?

"I know," She makes her way over to the couch, sporting a huge smile. "You're overthinking, Sara." she grins and I can't help returning that same expression. God, that woman is beautiful.

"She does know then," I hear Lindsay mumble as she leaves the room - thankfully before Catherine gets a chance to comment on it. She just raises her brow at me questioningly.

I shrug.

"I'm sorry, she doesn't quite know her boundaries yet, I'm afraid. I'll talk to her." She's about to get up already when I grab her hand and shake my head.

"It's fine, I was just...unprepared I guess."

Catherine's face changes into a smirk and slowly she moves closer.

"Uh-huh, so tell me, are you prepared for a kiss?" She whispers but doesn't give me the time to form a reply before she presses her lips against mine. Damn, I think I'll never be able to prepare entirely for the way her kisses affect me.

For the second time today I'm losing myself completely in the taste and feel of Catherine Willows. I wish I could stay like this forever, her hands on my cheeks, my fingers buried in her hair, my every sense overwhelmed by her...

I almost jump when I hear a distinct "eww" from somewhere near the door, effectively breaking us apart.