"We can't leave him here Vernon! What are we going to do with him?" Petunia Dursley yelled at her husband.

"I guess we take him with us. I'm sure he can't do any damage like that. After all he is only four." Vernon Dursley replied wary of his wife's' wrath. Mr. Dursley may have been a beefy man with little neck but against his thin blonde wife, who had twice the amount of neck, on this subject she was scarier than he could ever hope to be.

"But I don't want him to ruin Dudley's' birthday." Petunia said as she finished packing all the food for Dudley's beach party in the basket and cooler.

"He won't dear. I'll make sure of it." Vernon said hoping to calm his wife.

"Fine. Be a dear and put this stuff in the car Vernon. I'll go get Dudley ready." Petunia said already heading for the stairs. But not before she yelled at the cupboard under the stairs to gather its things for the beach party.

Most people would see this as strange. But if they watched the door for a little longer they would have heard shuffling from inside the cupboard. Then after just a few minutes a little head poke out soon followed by a just as small body. On the top of this small ghostly pale body was unruly midnight black hair that stuck up everywhere. To look at his face you would see small cupid bow lips the color of cherries just below a small cute little nose. Just above said nose were the biggest eyes a person could ever see. The eyes the color of bright emeralds. Most would mistake the beautiful little creature to be a girl when said being is a he. And while you would look and say that he is about three and a half to four he is really five in just a little over a month.

"Boy get your self in the car. If even one thing goes wrong today I'll lock you in that cupboard for a month." Vernon yelled at the small being.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." replied the little boy. This little boy didn't know his name let alone why his family hated him. After all most would think he would be the spoiled child in this family. But the real spoiled little boy came crashing down the stairs yelling at his parents to hurry up and complaining that his friends would beat them to the beach. This little boy wasn't so little looking like a small blonde pig with watery blue eyes. This boys' name was Dudley Dursley.

"We're coming Dudley dearest. We just need to get your things in the car. Why don't you go ahead and climb in?" Petunia told Dudley. Turning quickly she spotted the beautiful little boy in the back seat already. "Keep your hands to yourself and stay out of Dudley's way today. You understand?"

"Yes Aunt Petunia." He replied.

"Let's go." Vernon said as he got in the car with his family. Pulling out of the driveway the little boy never realized this would be the last time for a while, if ever, that he would see Number Four Privet Drive again.