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Chapter 7 - Bonds and Magic

Because of the fact that Draco would think about having a study session with Harry, Alex was very happy during the day.

"You do know that I most probably will come up with rules if I allow you to have your study session, right?" Draco asked Alex, still walking.

"Yes, I know and I understand." Alex said also continuing to walk forward. Ahead of them they saw the topic of their discussion. By this time it was the end of their last class for the day. Draco and Alex, as well as the rest of the first year Slytherins, were on their way to the common room. Harry finally spotted them.

"Alex! Did you think about it?" Harry asked after running up to them. Alex in turn looked to Draco for an answer.

"Alex can go to a study session with you on a couple conditions. One others of our house are there as well. Two Alex stays beside me." Draco said looking at Harry. Or more like glaring at him.

"Fine, but there will be other Gryffindors there as well." Harry said glaring right back.

"If you must. But no more than four." was all Draco said.

"Only if the same goes for you." Harry said in return. Draco nodded his acceptance. Just at that was all settled a wizzing sound was heard. All heads turned to the sound. For some it was a familiar sound and to some it was not. Coming strait at Draco, Alex, Harry and the rest of the groups were fireworks. Not regular fireworks but wet start wizarding fireworks.

At the sight of the fireworks Draco started. Grabbing Alex, Draco pulled him into his arms and turned around to shield Alex. At the same time Draco pulled on his magic to try and form a shield out of pure will power and fear for Alex's safety. His magic was always stronger when for Alex. Everyone else was frozen. No one other than Draco had moved, not even to jump out of the way. There wasn't even any screaming from the shock of the fireworks coming at them.

To the shock of everyone turned into awe at the sight of the shield. Draco knew he had succeeded when the sounds of the fireworks stopped. Then his own state of being changed to shock when he felt the shield and the faces of those who could see the shield. Draco turned to look but the shield was not what surprised him. It was the feel of the shield that got to him.

Draco was confused. The magic that protected them did not feel like his magic. He could feel the magic because he was guiding it, but it did not feel like his own. His own magic felt cool and deep to him. This magic felt warm, loved, and bigger than anything he had ever felt. It felt like the other end of the bond he shared with Alex. It felt like Alex. But how?

Everyone stared. The shield was an actual color. Not just invisible and there like most shields. This shield was a silvery-greenish color. Alex peeked out from behind Draco just as the shield fell. It had done its job by stopping the fireworks that had been heading towards them. They had fizzed out and fell to the floor.

"Wow." was the only thing anyone said at first. As if that one word, whispers broke out. Everyone wanted to know what happened. Snape and McGonagall showed up just in time to see the shield and they themselves wanted answers. Draco just held Alex in his arms. Everyone assumed it was because Draco had been worried. They were right but it was more than that. What it was not even Draco knew though. The ghosts watched them, one more intensely than the rest.

Draco looked around and realized that on one seemed to be able to tell that Draco had been the one to direct the magic to make the shield. Draco then decided that because classes where over for the day to just go strait to the dorms without getting sidetracked to anywhere else. He grabbed Alex and took off, not stopping to talk to anyone else. Of course the others followed quietly. That is why Snape found them there.

"You do know that McGonagall wanted to question everyone there. And while she may not have realized you had something to do with that shield, I have been around you for far to long to not know it." Was heard as Snape entered.

"Everyone other than Draco and Alex get out now." Snape said as he came all the way into the room. As soon as Blaise left and closed the door Draco began.

"It was me. And yet it wasn't. I directed it but it didn't feel like my magic. It wasn't pulled from me." Draco paused to look at Alex, who was peacefully sleeping in Draco's arms. "It felt like Alex. But how is that possible Uncle Severus?" he asked turning his head to look at his godfather.

Severus Snape stared at his godson and Alex. Alex who was bonded to Draco. Had been bonded since a very young age. Who had never showed signs of magic. Had never really needed to show signs. Alex was a happy, well-tempered and well-mannered child the whole time Severus had known him. And after the incident had been very well protected. Draco on the other hand had been a bit wild, and when Alex was involved, hot-headed to this point. Still was too. Draco had shown the signs. Not Alex. But the magic 'felt' like Alex, he had said.

"Maybe Alex does have magic." Severus said after his train of thought had finished.

"But how? Alex has never shown signs of magic." Draco stated, echoing Severus' earlier thoughts.

"Except the bond." Was the answer.


"So, muggles cannot bond in such a way as you and Alex have. Therefore we; as in your father, mother, and I, thought Alex was a squib. But you said the magic you used felt like Alex. Maybe the only reason he hasn't shown signs is because he didn't need to." Severus explained.

"But wouldn't Alex have gotten a letter then?" it was a good question.

"Maybe not. You and him have been bonded since a young age. It is you who has been the dominate partner because you are a little older. The bond between you is a very old kind of bond. Hogwarts may only recognized you as having magic because you are the dominate partner." Severus explained.

"So if Alex has magic and I used it, would Alex be able to use mine?" Draco asked.

"Most probably. You share emotions and occasionally thoughts with each other. Magic should also most probably be able to be shared as well. But this brings up another problem." Severus said looking down at Alex. He could almost hear the unspoken 'What?' "It means we need to get Alex a wand. And that means another trip to the Alley." Draco could hear the disgust in Snapes' voice.

After all, Snape hated to shop in the Alley. He preferred mail order or in the potion ingredients case (when he couldn't find or grow them) a trip to the main supplier of the apothecary, not the apothecary itself. Draco laughed, and in the process woke Alex up.

"What's going on?" Alex asked rubbing his eyes to get rid of the rest of the sleepiness out of them. Draco looked at him, then Severus and laughed again.

"Not much. We just need to go to Diagon Alley." Draco said. Alex looked to Severus himself and giggled. He knew why Severus looked like he had swallowed a lemon now.

"Ha ha. We'll go this weekend. Okay?" Severus said more statement than question.

"Okay." Draco and Alex said. With that Severus turned and left. Draco told Alex what he and Severus had come up with. To say Alex was excited about having his own magic and getting his own wand was an understatement. After they were done discussing that the rest of their dorm mates started coming back in. Draco did not feel like telling his dorm mates all that he, Alex, and Snape had talked about. Because Draco said nothing on the matter, Alex kept quiet about it too.

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