this little thought just popped up in to my head. I hope you like this cute little story. and maybe I'll be the first to start this shipping?


Meng was cleaning up the lobby. taking in all the empty dishes. She was still thinking about Aang even though he didn't like her. She wasn't watching were she was going when she triped over her foot

" MENG WATCH OUT!" one maid called out to her. Meng tried to regain her balance but fell. She was expecting to hear a crash but didn't. She felt tow hands helping her lift up the dishes. She looked over to see who helped her. A boy aound her age poked his head around the pile of dishes. He had rusty brown hair parts were hanging out the rest was in a bun, his tunic had torn corners and had a little gap inbetween his two front teeth amost like Meng's. Meng blushed a little

" Th..thanks you for helping me" she said gathering the dishes and headed tords the kitchen. Once in the kitchen she sat the dishes down, she slid to the floor

"that was close,ok Meng get it together don't lose it. " she thought. Getting back up she cracked the door open to find the boy standing there waiting, she shut the door as fast as she could.

" who's your new friend Meng?" some one called out from behind her. Meng turn to find Aunt Wu smilling down on her, she opened the door to see the boy standing there waiting. closing it she turn to the girl " he quiet handsome for his age, don't you think" Wu asked. Meng blushed alittle " why don't you go give him a tour of our village" Wu told her with a wink in her eye. Meng nodded, she opened the door and went over to the boy. From a distance Wu was smilling " I hope she has a good time with that boy "

Out side in the village Meng showed the boy all the shops and the sites.

once alone the two sat down on a bench to take a rest.

" I don't know your name?" Meng asked " I wonder if its Aang? "

" oh my name is Lee" he told her " and what I heared your name is Meng?" he asked

" yes, my name is Meng...what brings you here?" she asked

" well..." Lee started

" Lee, come on Lee" Lee's mother called out to him

" I got to go...Meet me here tonight ok" he said leaving a little peck on Meng's cheek and dashed over to his mother. Meng touched her cheek. Aang was right, Meng did meet a nice guy


Can you just see these two together? Meng and Lee(from Zuko alone) this story just going to be eather 2 or three chapters long..please I hope you like this parring.