Dark Symphony

Summary: What if Kantarou's scar was more than just sensing demons? What if it could control him? Will Haruka and the others save him, if he could only hear the sound manipulating him? Shounen-ai Haruka/Kantarou

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Subdivision 1: Sound

It was the same dream again. It didn't matter to him, he's always had dreams but this one seemed to be persistent lately. It was the same darkness and he'd always wander around. He couldn't control his body and just let it be taking in the sights that might lead him to the end of this mystery.

The dream was just endless corridors with candles lit after every door on both sides. He felt himself taking cautious steps to be sure that nothing would come out and jump him. He had his beads ready to defend himself in case. So far nothing was happening.

Then he heard this music. It was a soft, sad melody. But it was calling out to him. He followed the sound and reached the end of the corridor. A door was his only barrier against the room that lied ahead. He treaded carefully by silently opening the door. He peeked inside only to see someone with his or her back turned. The person was clutching a flute in their hand.

Then he heard chanting. He couldn't understand it because of the strong winds that surrounded the room. He shielded his face from the harsh onslaughts of the wind. His red eyes examined the ritual going on. He didn't know this one. It seemed like they were trying to break a seal.

He immediately shut his eyes as a bright light emerged. He slowly opened them to see a woman hovering above the broken seal while the person was unconscious. What scared him was that she stared right at him.

"I finally found you Ichinomiya Kantarou."

She said before he was sent spiraling through endless images of what could be the future. He saw how all of those people he cared about were killed. What was worse is that he was the one killing them. His hands clutched tightly on his head. As it got worse, all he could do was scream.


The whole house was in alarm as a pain-filled scream reached their sensitive ears. Both servants quickly ran to their master's room. What they saw horrified them as Kantarou thrashed around in the throes of his nightmare. And he couldn't stop screaming. Youko and Haruka rushed over to his side intending to either wake or calm him. But first they had to restrain him, which was proving difficult. Haruka kept a good grip as Youko tried to calm him down.

It didn't work.

"Haruka, what should we do?" Youko asked worriedly. Haruka narrowed his eyes and started to shake his master repeatedly.

"Oi, Kantarou!" he said trying to wake the sleeping figure. No response.

"Kan-chan! Wake up!" Youko tried to no avail.

After a few moments, Kantarou woke from his nightmare. Haruka and Youko backed off a bit as he sprung up directly. His breaths were coming out in harsh pants. It was difficult for him to breathe for a moment. Haruka gently rubbed his back as he started a coughing fit.

"Youko-chan, can I please have some water?" Kantarou said as he calmed down. Youko quickly got up to get him some water. It was silent.

"Care to talk about it?" Haruka suggested. Note that it is a rare moment. But he did care in his own little way considering how many times he rescued his master on cases.

He got no response. He was about to ask again but he spotted tears falling down his master's cheeks. This was another rare feature for he'd never seen Kantarou cry, except once, otherwise it never occurred. Losing against his urges, Haruka turned his master's face towards him, grasping his face with one hand and wiped the tears away with his thumb. The tears that began escaping again slipped past the back of his hand. Kantarou just looked at him.

"I don't remember," Kantarou answered his question. Haruka just looked at him disbelievingly.

"Is something wrong Haruka?" Kantarou asked.

"You're crying." Haruka answered. Kantarou placed his hand on his cheek.

It was wet.


"I've finally found you Ichinomia Kantarou.

"This time, I won't let you go."


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