Dark Symphony

Subdivision 4

"You're probably waiting for him to become the thing you'd love to eat, ne, Oni-kui Tengu?"


Youko was worried. It was already night, Kantarou and Haruka had yet to return. She wasn't able to read the details of Reiko's note. Kantarou most likely sneaked out, even if he wasn't feeling well, dragging Haruka along with him. She wished Kantarou would once listen to her advice. He was probably only fairing, if there was danger, because of Haruka.

But she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to Kan-chan. She sighed dejectedly as all that she could do was sit back and watch.



Haruka forced the woman away from him. He stood ready to attack. All she did was smile evilly. He growled in annoyance and decided to make the first move. He knew rushing without knowing the enemy was dangerous, but it didn't seem like she'd be telling him soon enough. An invisible force blew him back. He was flown through the air, but let out his wings in time to steady himself. He stared down angrily at the woman before him.

"I guess it's my turn, Oni-kui. I guess you can watch. Why don't you hang around?" she said as her hand outstretched in his direction. A gust of wind surrounded her form, displaying her aura.

Before he could blink, chains bound him in mid-air. Haruka struggled fruitlessly to get the chains to break but the cool metal just gripped tighter.

"I wouldn't move so much if I were you. I don't want you to die before watching my son turn back to his real self." She stated before walking within the pentagon barrier.

"What are you talking about!?" Haruka yelled out at her.

She paused in her steps to face him once again and smiled. The woman stood by Kantarou's unconscious form and parted the robe, revealing the permanent scar on his chest. Haruka stared angrily as her fingers traced the outline of that old wound.

"He didn't always have red eyes. When I gave him this scar, he was nothing but a little boy. It didn't matter; he had purple eyes, an unwanted child, and a half demon. I needed a soul to bind my dying son's. His was the perfect soul and the perfect mind. I encountered him as he tried to fight me off. He had the prettiest eyes. I almost lost because I became entranced. Luckily, I was able to complete the spell. And now…

"I have him. My son will be resurrected again. You, nor anybody else, can do anything to stop me."


"Sugino-sama!" Youko cried out in greeting as the white tengu descended in the house.

He had been chasing Muu since his 'wife' ran off. He knew the only place would be Ichinomiya's. He always got jealous of Kantarou for stealing Muu's attention. But now, he was rather appalled that Muu hadn't even entered Kantarou's place.

"Youko-chan, where's Muu-chan?" Sugino asked worriedly as he realized his 'wife' wasn't in the place.

"Muu-chan's missing too!?" Youko asked in surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"Kan-chan and Haruka are gone! They've been gone all day! I'm worried Kan-chan and Haruka are in danger!"

"Do you know where they went?"

Youko shook her head. "I think they went to where Reiko-san said there was a case. I wasn't able to get a glance at it. I don't know where they are because Kan-chan took the map and everything."

"Hold on, we should track this Reiko down and-"

They both snapped their heads towards the door. They felt a spike of power leading outside. The two quickly rushed to see what it was. The streets were empty but the source of power came from somewhere up ahead. Sugino rushed while Youko followed behind. Sugino knew Muu would probably be there too.

He had no idea how right he was.


Haruka stared helplessly. She was right. He couldn't do anything because she could stop him so easily. If he probably turned into the Oni-kui he was before, he was afraid that he would in turn hurt Kantarou in his vulnerable state. He didn't want to take the risk.

He had been pondering on that issue for a while since they found out the truth. The more he had thought about it, the more he found out that he wouldn't want to lose it. He didn't want to lose those memories he's had and gained in this generation. After all, it had been Kantarou's ancestor that sealed him away all those years ago, not Kantarou himself. He just resembled the shadow he glared hatefully at years ago.

And that was why he couldn't let Kantarou go like this. But what could he do? The woman obviously overpowered him in strength. He was snapped out of his thoughts as something landed on his shoulder. He turned to see Muu there.

"Muu…" it said softly as to not alert the woman. Muu could help him. Before he knew it, the chains were loose and he was free.

"Thanks Muu-chan." Haruka stated before hiding behind some rocks to see what he could do before diving in headfirst. Unfortunately his mind came up empty.

He felt a tug on his sleeve. Muu was pointing at something. Haruka looked towards it and noticed that it was at the top of the barrier. Apparently, there was an opening that he could get through.

He waited until the woman turned away before flying quick enough, with Muu on his back, through the weak point of the barrier. What he wasn't prepared for was the sudden aura that made him fall to the ground. He could barely stand with this energy pushing down on him.

"Well, I see you've decided to join us. Please, enjoy the show." The woman said glancing at them. She stood on the opposite side of him and outstretched her hands. She began to chant and the energy increased that it became unbearable to stand.

"Mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Muu said in warning.

Haruka wanted to shut up the demon but couldn't since the pressure was becoming unbearable. He took slow steps towards Kantarou's unconscious form. But it felt miles away as he had to stop a lot to even get there even if it was only another three feet away. He felt heavier as he got closer.

"Poor Oni-kui. Can't save your master? Or are you trying to get a taste?" the woman teased and taunted.

Haruka just growled and glared at her in annoyance. He froze as another spike of power brought him down. He descended, face down. Haruka couldn't move or get up. Muu wasn't much better. They couldn't move with the alarming force of this aura.

"Your master hasn't changed a bit. He still has a weak mind." The woman said glancing at Haruka's laying form. "It won't be long now Oni-kui."


Kantarou was dreaming again. He knew he was. Besides, what his mind conjured up for him wasn't reality. He could tell the difference. It was too nice to be here in this landscape. He was surprised to see it.

This place was so familiar, he was sure he'd seen it before. This was the hidden ruin under the haunted temple. He remembered being here before. He had stumbled down here as a kid. He walked this familiar path; his body was unconsciously taking him. He tried racking his brain why was this important.

He heard crying. A woman was crying…

That was it!

Kantarou quickly ran as best he could. But it was as if he was going at a child's pace. Was this a memory? Focusing on his surroundings he realized that the ceiling was too high for him to be in his current twenty-five year old form. By the time he stopped running he realized that he was in a room. The room looked ancient, but well preserved. He was taking careful steps as if something was going to jump at him. He didn't hear any bells ringing. Either this was the past or there was no oni around the area.

"Your soul is perfect," a voice whispered in his ear from behind. He quickly jumped away from the figure. It was an oni. Why haven't his bells rung in warning? It took him a while to remember that he didn't have them when he was small. This woman was tall. "A perfect soul." She whispered before lunging at him.

Kantarou moved freely as if he had done it before. He tried defending himself with the limited training he's had on exorcism and other forms. He was wondering why he couldn't cast any powerful ones that he was use to. Expertly, he was able to dodge simple attacks the woman was making. If she was powerful enough not to be sensed then why was her attacks so low? It was as if she didn't want to hurt him.

He was caught off guard when she managed to scratch his chest. Kantarou placed his hand over it to try and halt some of the blood from pouring out. Three slashes marred his chest. It'd scar later. He paused at that train of thought.

Was this how he got his scar?

Before he could ponder further, he let out a blood-curling scream.


Haruka glared from his spot on the floor. He couldn't get up with all this pressure on him. Although it was supposed to be nothing, he still couldn't do anything. This woman casting something on Kantarou was powerful, as Haruka hated to admit.

He still struggled with the onslaught of power. Muu was also down on the dumps.

Kantarou was in trouble. Even if this woman wouldn't really hurt him, Kantarou was in so much pain now. Haruka could hear the screams coming from his master's throat. He had to save him.

Haruka and Muu paused briefly in surprise as the overwhelming force was lifted and sweet flute music drifted in their ears. Haruka panicked as Kantarou let out a scream of pain. He watched as he writhed in pain.

"Kantarou!" he called out running towards his master. He was blasted back by an invisible barrier. Not again! He thought angrily. He summoned his staff and used his red lightning to try and tamper with the barrier. The music never stopped nor did Kantarou's screams. Then he changed tactics by attacking the woman. But it was vain as he only came in contact with a barrier.

"Haurka! Kan-chan!" came Youko's voice.

"Muu-chan!" came Sugino's voice.

Haruka and Muu were relieved for them but they became worried for they didn't know what would hit them when they came in. Muu wisely jumped off his shoulders and sauntered over to find Sugino and Youko. At least Muu would be able to tell them what's going on.

Before he could get back to the task at hand, the music had stopped. He glanced towards the woman and was surprised to find…

Kantarou had awoken.


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