This is a dark fic.

It is rated M for mature themes, content and sexual situations.

Disclaimer: I claim to own nothing. Do with that information what you will.

Forbidden Lust - Prologue

This was wrong… that was her first thought when she woke up in his arms. It had never been about love, more about a longing. A need to be free and he was the only one who could take her there. To a place so far away the clouds seemed envious. Her mind suddenly filled with uncertainty of her heinous deed.

He was a demon, a demon lord to be more precise. To each other they had been nothing more than prey. But fate always seems to make the worst enemies the best lovers. And after years of the hunt, the quarry seemed more friend than foe. And this anomalous bond silently sealed in a stolen kiss.

So she doubted again and again if she was right or wrong. Her people, yes her people wouldn't accept this. His people would look down upon him. So was this wild tumble in between satin and silk really worth it.

"Doubt is not a very becoming scent on a princess…" He whispered in her ear more a purr than anything else. Her body shook slightly at his words as she brought her fingers up to trace the outline of his chest.

Doubt, it was more than that. It was the slight suspicion that no matter what she would do she would always end up stuck in this one moment. That somehow after years of running everything she wanted to escape was still at her heels. But surely she wouldn't mind being stuck here with him feeling fulfilled. So her answer was short and full of unanswered questions and lies. "This princess fears nothing and is sure of everything…"

"You are a liar second Princess of the Taijiya…" He said shifting closer to her body. After many years it seemed he knew her extremely well. In fact, he knew her like he knew the back of his palm, so he read her enigma of words like an open book.

Was it a lie? Surely her people wouldn't forgive her for what she has done. Sango would have a fit and Kohaku would probably refuse to speak to her ever again. But in the end, it just didn't seem to matter as much. Their expectations of her were always interfering with what she desired.

"Do tell of my fibs Lord of the West…" She said as her hair swooped down her scratched and bloody back. She moved her self back over the top of his body and stared into his golden eyes.

But other things danced through her mind. Love, it was never about love. It was a trust type thing she guessed. But in reality they hadn't made love… they had fucked. It was vicious and brutal. There was nothing tender about it. Her thighs and hips held bruises from his grinding against her skin for hours on end. His back was bloody and raw from her finger nails digging into his flesh. It was like an angry battle in which neither could ever win but the desire to partake burned from within their very souls.

"You lie to your people, you lie to me and you lie to yourself… Has truth ever been a part of your life?" He said as his eyes continued to flash from blood red to gold. His fingers traced the outline of her hips.

"I lie only to protect myself from demons like you and the demons we all house inside of ourselves…" She said as he became hard again and threw her to the other side of the bed. "I wish to be free, but there are things I must do to obtain the ultimate freedom."

"Then tell me Lady Rin… Why don't you kill me and free yourself from the demons? Why do you continue to chase a prey that refuses to be caught?" He said positioning himself at her entrance. "Why do you live for something that will never be in your possession?"

"There is more than one way to catch as there is to live. The chase is often more entertaining than the prey itself… but you Sesshoumaru-sama may be an exception." She said thoughtfully as he kissed her so hard her lips bruised. "Then again," she said panting as they pulled away, "Right never feels as good as wrong."

"And where there is darkness one can also find the light…" he said as he pushed inside of her and got ready to build up speed.

"And what does that make me?" She panted grabbing onto his shoulders.

"Just mine…"