She was dizzy and perhaps she shouldn't have been up attempting to maneuver through the darkened room, especially with weakened eyes. But she was and there was no point in coming to a stop, even though her legs whined of their fatigue and other parts of her body began to sing the same chorus. She was yet again unsure of how much time had passed between her last blurry memory, the battle prior to that, and the present. But she supposed those were things that Sesshomaru would reveal to her in time.

Rin found herself bathed in moonlight as she escaped the room. She was clothed in a white sleeping yukata, with crimson and golden sleeves and a purple sash. She immediately recognized the mixture of Sesshomaru's colors and began to wonder who exactly owned the yukata she was borrowing.

Her bare feet skated against the soft ground. She knew where he would be. Forever in the shadow of the tree he would sit and muse. He did not acknowledge her. She did not mind. She was possibly too thrilled to be tackled by Kirara. The only other true survivor of the battle licked her new master's nose. She had always been Sango's kitten, but she was quite fond of Rin. The fire cat purred contently before heading off into the distance leaving her alone with the youkai lord. She took a seat next to him and she too looked towards the sky. Carefully she tucked her legs under her bottom and leaned against the tree trunk.

"Should you be up and about my lady?" He asked after they sat for a few minutes in a comfortable silence. His eyes never moved from the sky.

"Perhaps… how long have I lain unconscious?" Rin asked, pulling her hair to the side and running her fingers through it.

"You've lost over a week since this Sesshomaru recovered you."

"Oh…" Rin replied softly. She nonchalantly leaned towards him and began twisting a lock of his hair between her fingertips. "I must express extreme gratitude for your actions my liege. Should you have not appeared I…"

"The perhaps sole heir to the taijiya shows her gratitude to a youkai lord. Many would be intrigued by such an exchange." Sesshomaru muttered finally turning his eyes to hers. He carefully took her hand that had been nervously playing with the tips of his hair and brought her fingertips to his lips. "The state of your vision?" He inquired of the now blushing warrior.

"It shall be completely restored within a few days…" Rin's heart began to race; he was extremely nonchalant in the contact he was making with her body. And she knew he was seducing her. "How did you know about my siblings?"

"An exhausted body coupled with a racing mind can cause some to speak in their sleep. You are one of those people. Your missing brother has not returned to your homestead it is being carefully watched." His fingertips slowly travelled towards her chin and he began to pull her in towards his body.

Rin sighed. Something about his most recent behavior was strange and exhilarating, but she could not place it nor complain. She tried to break the trance he was placing her in and spoke softly. "I must borrow Aun. Kirara seems a bit too weakened to transform and make the trip back."

"Aun?" He asked, curiosity dancing behind his golden eyes.

"Yes the two headed dragon that stays in the stables… I wish to ride before sunrise." Rin continued. She tried to calm the electric pulses that seemingly hummed through her body from the intimate attention she was receiving. But whatever had been developing between them, while she was in his presence and absent, had become rather strong.

"That beast has no name." He replied, the corner of his lips twitched upward for a moment. The idea of her naming things in his estate was a mite amusing.

Rin sighed; somehow he had guided her even closer to his body during this small exchange. He seemed to be vaguely amused with their conversation and was not actively tearing her clothing off, though she was hyper aware of his lingering fingertips. They pressed softly against the swell of her hips and they travelled ever so closely to hardened nipples but never touched them to give them release.

"I disagree. I named him after you gave me a savage beating before my tenth summer and he sheltered me from a storm."


"So you remember?" Rin mused. It had been quite the beating she supposed. She had been raging that day.

Her father had basically interrupted her sparring training to beat her black and blue instead of teaching her anything. And though she had been in pain she ignored it and ran into the western lands. She felt if she had killed Sesshomaru that day her father would respect her. But it was not to be. Sesshomaru let her have it as well, unknowingly marring the rest of her hidden skin. And when he was done Rin could barely move but black clouds had been on the horizon and it had started to rain.

Aun had appeared out of nowhere to shelter her from the storm and then the beast had accompanied her almost to gates of her home before turning away. It had taken her over a month to truly recover from that day's double mauling but she had been ever grateful for the dragon that protected her. She had encountered the beast numerous times since then and was quite fond of him.

Sesshomaru paused for a moment before responding. "Of course my lady, I sent him to you. You were nothing more than an idiot child that I had decided not to kill at that moment. Pneumonia would not have suited you, is that not a human ailment caused by exposure to the elements?" He questioned.

"It is. So I may ride him?" She replied.

Rin was surprised to say the least. He had offered her an act of kindness when she was a child. One that she had not even been aware of, and all she had ever done up to that point was try to kill him. She silently wondered how many other niceties she had received as a child from him that she had been unaware of; even though, her life would still be the largest on that list.

"No, I am not convinced that you are fit enough to make it to your lands unscathed." He replied the amusement in his eyes becoming darker.

The change in his eyes did not go unnoticed by Rin and she began to feel it again. It was a pulling, like her soul was being pulled into his body. She tried to push it away but her heart began to race in response. "So you shan't let me leave." She asked, silently enraged with herself because she couldn't look away from him. "Shall you keep your promise of containing me within these walls?"

"Perhaps, prove to this one that you are well enough to ride." There was a dangerous gleam in his golden irises. And even though they were sitting side by side both felt as though he was towering over her.

Rin tried to calm herself but there was a strange excitement building between them. She had only experienced the intricacies of lust with him. And what she had experienced up to that point was nowhere near on this level. Anticipation was eating at her, a part of her wanted to flee. But surely he would chase her, an idea that she found most invigorating at the moment.

"And how shall I accomplish such a task? Your stable is filled with untamed beasts that would throw me just to assist you in your task of keeping me here." She replied defiantly.

"Perhaps you shall not demonstrate you skills in a stable." Sesshomaru practically purred out before swiftly depositing her in his lap. His hands were cupping her bare bottom. His hardened member only hidden by the light material of his hakama pulsed gently against her moist nether regions.

"Sesshomaru-sama…" She moaned out surprised and aroused all at the same time. She bit back another moan as he rocked his hips ever so slightly to rub himself against her.

"Has this Sesshomaru not waited patiently long enough? Show your skills and perhaps I shall allow you to escape again." He whispered into her ear, quite pleased with her reactions.

"Allow me?" She questioned. Her arms snaking around his neck as her breast pressed gently against his chest.

He captured her eyes again, mesmerizing her. "Become a distraction my lady. For you do not wish to retell your misadventure on the battlefield I discovered you sprawled across." He traced the curve of her face with a finger before sliding it downwards and pushing the yukata off of her shoulders. "And yet you are fully aware that is wherein my curiosity lies."

"There are things I still do not understand about that day. I'm not yet ready to discuss it." She whispered softly.

"Then perhaps I will never let you go…"

Princess Abi once again made her way to the southern halls. She was intent that she would find a way to convince Sesshomaru that their union would be both favorable and beneficial. As a last resort she planned to offer her purity to him, and perhaps that would change his mind. At least that was what she hoped; she wasn't quite sure how such relationships worked.

She entered the clearing that lead to the gardens and immediately saw Sesshomaru, but he was not alone. The princess blushed deeply before hiding herself behind a tree. She peeked around it to catch another glimpse at the scene before her.

Sesshomaru was seated upon a tree root leaned against the trunk of the tree. But he was bouncing a young woman in his lap. The woman, she immediately noted, was partially dressed in Sesshomaru's colors. Partially because the yukata had been loosened and had dropped down off her shoulders and below her breasts, one of which Sesshoumaru was latched to.

She could barely see the girl's fingers, practically hidden by the sleeves of the yukata, clutching to Sesshomaru's bare shoulders as if she feared he would throw her. But the phoenix princess could see he had a firm grip on the girl's waist as he casually bounced her rhythmically against his length. Abi retreated for a moment and then looked again this time more carefully at the woman's hands. The rounded finger tips gave her away as being human and suddenly Princess Abi felt a pocket of insecurity build inside her gut.

He would choose a human as his mate? There was always the chance that the woman was a concubine but something within his attitude towards the human woman made Princess Abi feel as though there was far more to this than that. The way he was holding on to her seemed a bit too gentle to just be dealing with a paid rut. It seemed as though the world was just for them. An attitude she couldn't believe would exist without some emotion attached.

He began to whisper to her and then he buried his face in her neck. The girl's body arched against him and he came up to her ear and whispered in it again. This time one of his hands disappeared between them so that Abi could not see exactly what he was doing.

The woman's loose hair rippled with the movement but he was still thrusting himself in and out of her lithe body. Suddenly she let out a gasp and threw her head to Sesshomaru's shoulder. And that is when Abi saw it. The tiny ornament glistened in the moonlight, holding back a portion of the girl's hair from her face, giving Sesshomaru easy access to her neck. The neck that he seemed fascinated with, it was bare without mark. But the comb she knew was his, she could feel his energy radiating from it, acting as a warning.

Princess Abi could feel the tears prickling at the ends of her eyes as she fought to tear herself away from the damnable vision before her. And that's when it happened; Sesshomaru's golden eyes caught hers. They spoke in volumes she was unsure if his voice would actually rise to. She was unwanted and unwelcomed. The phoenix princess immediately turned on her heels and fled the scene as tears raced down her cheeks.

Sesshomaru smirked at the woman leaned against his chest asleep. He had basically taken every ounce of energy she had for his own selfish desires, and he regretted nothing. He had always loved how wild she was with him and how untainted her every response was, even when she attempted to hold herself back. It was, no she was truly intoxicating to his senses.

He lifted her up in his arms and made his way back to the room she had been sleeping in. She, of course, would be going nowhere that night or the coming day. No matter what she envisioned he could feel it in her. She was still recovering from her injuries. And he would happily physically remind her of that until he felt it was necessary to do otherwise.

After carefully placing her into the futon he lay next to her for sometime going over the night's events. The one moment that annoyed him was in fact the appearance of Princess Abi. He could honestly say that for the years the taijiya's heir had been making the trek to his estate, to fight him, to rut with him, or otherwise, they had not been happened upon. The only beings beyond him that truly knew of her existence were Aun and Jaken. Both of which he had sent to her side.

Princess Abi had appeared out of nowhere at a most inopportune time. And she had stayed and blushingly observed them. During a moment when he wanted all the intimacies between them to be encased in their own little world, Princess Abi had broken the trance. And it was hard for him to completely recapture that moment even after he had enough and sent her on her way with tears rolling down her eyes.

He had known that allowing Princess Abi to stay would probably become an annoyance but he hadn't fathomed it would be to such an extent. His inner youkai was coming to terms with his young taijiya. To him, her humanity was no longer the towering obstruction they both had deemed it out to be to keep themselves from ending up in their current predicament.

And yet here they both were. Her body pressed up against his in a deep sleep; her guard completely down. His inner youkai chanted that he should awaken her and stake his true claim. Because in the time she had been absent he had realized something about her logic when it came to the status of her unmarked neck. She never spoke of not wishing to be marked; instead she would concentrate on the consequences on his end. Seemingly far more concerned with his reputation than her own. She seemed far more nervous about appearing as his weakness than as his lady. It was an idea that he had not perceived beforehand.

Perhaps that is why before his nose had scented an intruder he had been building up his youki to push into her body. His fangs had begun to elongate and his eyes had begun to bleed red. In all honesty, had Princess Abi not appeared, the West would officially have a new lady. Sesshomaru moved carefully from the tangled embrace the sleeping Rin had subjected him to. He noted her unconscious frown before heading out the screen door. He had decided, he must speak to Princess Abi.