Tales of Symphonia: Frozen Time with Lost Memories

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Chapter 1: Another Introduction...

Loud, running footsteps were heard throughout the large house. Two children were running around in circles in the house.

"How many times have I told you not to run through the house, Renne? Rylan?" a young woman approched the two children. She had long red hair and auburn eyes with a white shirt and buckles on the arms. Her black pants had a large pocket with strange items in it, then removed her tan colored cape.

"Sorry, Mom." the girl apologized. She had short, light brown hair with a blue-ish tinge and blue-green eyes. She was around 13 and had a red shirt covered up by straps in the middle of the shirt. She'd rolled up her maghogany colored jeans and looked up at her mother.

"We were bored, Mom. I mean, it's rain - hey, look at that!" the boy exclaimed. He was supposed to be 13, but acted like a 4 year old sometimes...he had redish hair with light blue eyes and had a black and white shirt with blue jeans. Rylan ran over to the window, "Look, Mom! Renee, hey Dad!" he turned around and called deeper into the house, "It's snowing again!"

A man with long blue hair and dark green eyes looked out the window, "I see it, Casey." He had a navy blue cape covering his red and black buckled outfit, and brushed some hair back over his right eye, "Did you take care of Uncle Lloyd's dog yet?"

"Ahh! I almost forgot about poor Noishe!" Renee gasped, then ran outside to take care of her uncle's 'dog.'

"Man, hey Dad, is Noishe really a dog? I mean, he looks like an alien!" Rylan mumbled to his father as he went out the door as well.

"Yuan...do you think the peace in Symphonia will last long enough, or will it happen sooner than we think?" the woman turned to her husbund.

"I don't know, Scarlett..." Yuan replied. "I haven't seen anything so far."

"Gosh...I hope she gets here soon. Or else the world may be destroyed...or worse - the worlds." Scarlett moaned.

"Yeah, but..." Yuan sighed.

On Earth, the world that was forgotten, in the year 3090...

A girl stretched and sighed, it was finally time for the Kickball Tournament. She had light cerulean blue hair and sea green eyes. She looked 19, but was only 17.

"Come on, Yuka! It's almost your turn!" a boy of 18 called. He had dark brown hair and dark hazel eyes.

"Coming, Xylon!" Yuka called back.

She ran over to the long line of people lined up on the sidewalk and took her place back. 'Just two more people, and hopefully, I can kick another home run...' she thought.

Xylon took his turn to kick, and the ball flew over the second baseman's head and the center fielder ran for it. Xylon played his old trick on it and managed to make it to third base.

He looked at her and gave her a look that said, 'it's up to you now.'

She went up to kick and all the boys in the outfield yelled to each other, "Hey, it's Yuka! Back up! Be ready to catch it!"

"Why are you all backing up?" Yuka taunted, "I don't kick that hard!"

When her foot was about to make contact with the ball, she was stopped suddenly by a bark.

She nearly tripped over her foot stopping herself to look back. There, standing, was her black and white border collie and black great dane. In the collie's mouth was a piece of paper.

Yuka walked to her and patted her head, "Did you come again, Irene?" and took the paper from her mouth, then looked back at the great dane, "And of course, you acommpanied her, didn't you, boy? You're such a good boy, Luke!"

She scanned over the note and announced at her coach, "My mother wants me and Xylon over at my house now."

"Go ahead, Jacob, kick for her." the coach sighed at them, "Carlie, run for Xylon."

Xylon moaned and ran off of third base and ran with Yuka to her home.

They ran down the street with lots of people walking around and riding hovering scooters. Years ago, cars were banned from the world and hovering vehicles were created to help polution. Anyway, the two teens and dogs ran down the street to Yuka's house.

When they arrived, they caught their breath and Yuka slid her door open, "Mom, we're here! What did you want?"

Yuka and Xylon slid off their shoes and slid open the door where Yuka's mother was.

She had light brown hair and green eyes, "Oh, you're here, great!"

Yuka offered a chair to Xylon and he sat down as she sat down herself. "What do you need, Sabrina?"

"Now, kids...I know this is going to sound unbelievable, but you're going to have to trust and believe everything I say."

Yuka and Xylon looked strangely at her.

"What do you mean, Mom?" Yuka asked, puzzled.

"Okay...you know about the legend of the two worlds that never existed? Um...like that video game that you two had when you first turned 13, remember?" she tried to explain.

"Oh, Tales of Symphonia? It had the legendary worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. Is that what you mean?" Xylon questioned.

"Yes, that. Well..."

"What?" they cocked their heads.

Sabrina sighed, "Oh boy...those worlds...are real."

Dead silence filled the room until they gasped, "What? How is that possible? What do you mean? What in the world!"

"Please, quiet!" Sabrina demanded.

The two quieted down.

"I know it sounds bizzare, but you're going to have to believe me."

"But, how?..." Yuka whispered.

"I can't explain it in details. If you want details, you're going to have to go their yourselves." Sabrina sighed.

"Great and all - but how would we get there?" Xylon raised an eyebrow.

"...So, do you believe me?"

The two looked at each other, and Xylon cocked his head, "I can't speak for Yuka, but I say, that I'll believe you if you show me."

"I think I believe you, Mom." Yuka put her left hand on her right shoulder and winced a little.

"...Follow me."

Sabrina stood up and walked outside. The two slowly followed behind her. She walked out by her garden and went underneath an apple tree. (Yuka's family is very 'rich' in a way. They have a huge backyard!)

"You can reach the world known as Derris-Kharlan through here. A man that I think you guys called him was, Kratos or something like that? Anyway, he'll be waiting for you." Sabrina motioned by in-between two trees that made a shape like a doorway.

Yuka felt a warm breathing down her neck, then a little push on her spine. She jumped and turned around, "Oh, it's just you, Starrlit." Yuka put a hand on her paint horse's forehead. She's called Starrlit because of the three 'stars' on her forehead that forms a triangle. Starrlit nickered in reply.

Yuka and Xylon still stood there staring at the 'doorway' in confusion.

Yuka muttered in Xylon's ear, "I guess I'll go first..."


Sabrina heard this and pressed a piece of bark on one of the tree and pressed a button which opened a door to a purple clouded world. A soulless angel flew in front of the door and turned his head to inform a certain someone about a certain something.

"Lord Kratos, the portal is open again." the angel stated.

A man with auburn colored hair and dark brown eyes (wearing his judgment uniform, which makes him tall and hot...) entered their vision.

"Kratos Aurion!" the two exclaimed.

"I see you two know me, now, we need you, Yuka, for something, and-...who are you?" Kratos gestured to Xylon.

"I'm Xylon Irlington..."

Kratos seemed to stare at him for a moment, then stated, "We need both of you to do something, but first, you need to enter this world. But be cautioned, if you do so, you may not return for quite some time."

That hit them, they stuttered, "What?...But our familes need us!"

They heard Sabrina's voice, "That world needs you more. Time may freeze when you are gone."

They thought about that for a minutes, then, Yuka hugged her mother, "I love you, Mom. I'll be careful."

Sabrina hugged her back, "I know you will."

Yuka looked back at her horse and dogs, then patted them, and put a hand on Xylon's shoulder, then walked into the world of Derris-Kharlan.


Yuka held her breath, Kratos Aurion, in the flesh! In front of her! Breathing, real! How much better could this get! Wait, hold on...something felt different...her ears were hurting a little...she put her hand up to her ears and gasped.

Xylon walked in and held his breath as well.

"Now, first things first." Kratos motioned for them to follow, "I heard from Sabrina that you know everything about what has happened. Mithos, the Kharlan War, the Journey of Regenaration...correct?"

"Yeah..." the answered.

"...With what's happening on Symphonia, I may need you to do something."

"What?" the two gulped.

"Kratos, are they here already?" A woman's voice asked.

"Yes, Anna." Kratos smiled. A woman with red-ish hair and light brown eyes walked up to them, "Hi! I'm Anna Aurion! But you might know me already."

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