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Chapter 31: A Different Past, Time, and World...

"WHAT?! How is that possible? She's already an Aurion?" Rylan exploded.

Athena frowned at his sudden reaction; she was hoping he would've taken it better. Nari began explaining how Athena was born with her powers because her parents named her 'Athena,' meaning the goddess of wisdom. So, just like Scarlett, Athena is able to see the past, which is how she knows about everyone and everything. -Well...ALMOST everything.

"..." everyone '...'ed, not even knowing where to begin. So, Yuan did, "Athena...why didn't you tell us?"

"Because...I was afraid you'd reject me if you knew I was an Aurion, too." Athena quietly murmured.

Scarlett had a confused expression on her face, kneeling in front of the half-elf, "No, we wouldn't have. We would've loved you just the same. But...who were your parents?"

"...Your distant relatives."

"But what were their names?"

"My father was James Silverwind, and my mother was Apryl Silverwind. Before she married Dad, though, her name was...Jones. Apryl Jones."

"Jones...Silverwind...they do sound familiar..." Kratos murmured.

"I think you knew them...once, Kratos." Athena smirked, "Or should I call you 'Grandpa' or 'Gramps?'"

Insert Aurion glare here.

"Just kiddin'..."

"But how long have you known?" Lloyd questioned, ignoring the two.

"Since I felt Theron's Mana and Celeste's around me."

Everyone then fell silent again.

Or, at least...until a mocking bird named Bob appeared, singing a song in a high pitch shrieking tone.

They all sweatdropped after looking at the bird. "What the hell is up with the dam mocking bird?" Lloyd frowned, plugging his ears, not able to take a high pitch sound next to him.

"Dam this thing! Spiral Flare!" Mithos snapped. (everything with Mithos happened downstairs.)

The fire hit the bird, burning all its feathers, making it naked. Everyone flinched, "THAT is NOT right." Celeste bit out.

Colette sobbed, "That poor bird..."

"Colette, sometimes you feelings make you dumb." Genis shook his head sadly.

"Sorry." she chirped.

Bob then fell to the ground, blocking his area, cursing Mithos out in bird language.

"Chirp, chirrrr, CHIRP!" and it flipped its middle...uh...wing 'feather' at him before hiding behind a bush.

"That was random..." Anna blinked.

"ANYway..." Scarlett groaned, turning the attention back on Athena, "Do you still want to be a part of this family?"

Athena sniffed, scratching at her neck, "Yes. I do."

Scarlett drew her into a hug, Renne, Rylan, and Yuan (standing above the other four) joined them. The others smiled at Athena's choice, but Lloyd, of course, had to ruin it: "Now...who wants to go kick some Theron butt?"

The others looked at him, giving him a stupid look.


"Nothing. Lloyd is correct, though. We need to hunt down Theron." Presea agreed.

"Yeah." Mithos nodded.

They all broke apart, and walked outside the house, and Raine questioned, "Shouldn't we be sure Regal's all right with the survivors? I mean, we don't even know where they are right now."

"I concur. The only safe place right now is Derris-Kharlan." Kratos nodded.

"And the human world." pointed out Yuka.

"Yeah, that too." Anna grinned.

"But HOW EXACTLY am I supposed to move over fifty people into a whole different diminsion slash world?!" Lloyd whined, "I need practice!"

Everyone pulled out their wings and Rheairds, and began flying. Mithos admitted, "Even I would need practice for that, Kratos."

"I know. Let me think..." Kratos snapped, thinking hard about what to do.

One hour later...

"Okay, surely you've thought of one NOW." Nari bugged.

"Tell me AGAIN WHY you're tagging along." Kratos growled.

"One: to teach Raine some of the arts of my great grandpa, two: I like to annoy you, and three: admit it. You need some help fighting Theron. Besides, I know every twist and turn of his lair - I know it like the back of my hand!" Nari pumped her hand into a fist.

Kratos just muttered under his breath.

"So, how old are you, really?" asked Renne.

"Two thousand, five hundred twelve." Nari replied proudly. "And Yuan, don't even say it."

"Say what?" Yuan frowned.

"'I'm already four thousand, one hundred and eighteen years old!'"

"What makes you think that?"

"Just cuz."


"There they are!" perked Athena, pointed westward.

Kratos and Yuan cursed in unison at Nari: "You get to keep your head today."

"WHAT-ever!" Nari stuck her tongue out.

Scarlett, Anna, Celeste, Yuka, and Lloyd all had to restrain Kratos and Yuan from attacking the red head.

Regal waved at them to get their attention, and Rylan waved back to let him know they saw him. They all landed, Nari introducing herself, and Lloyd told Regal he was gonna ATTEMPT to transport them all to Derris-Kharlan or Yuka's old world. Regal approved, and was glad they managed to rescue the Aurions from a deadly fate. They also told Regal about the whole Athena Aurion thing, and he was just as shocked.

When he was recovered, Lloyd was taking pointers from Mithos about the Eternal Sword, and how Origin could help with the transporting. But, of course, Lloyd made...fourteen mistakes already.

"I don't think I'm ready for this..." Lloyd cursed.

"It'll take a while." Mithos nodded.

"But these people don't have a while. For all we know, we have minutes - or seconds! C'mon, what else ya got?"

"Okay...try transporting this branch from here to over there using your mind, the Eternal Sword, and Origin all at once."

"All right..." Lloyd inhaled and exhaled deeply, then held out the sword, hearing Origin's voice, "Are you ready, pact-holder?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess." Lloyd answered.

"Very well."

Lloyd focused his power and thoughts into transporting the branch, and finally, a purple light emitted from the sword, the branch disappearing, and transporting right where Mithos pointed.

"Not bad." Mithos smirked, impressed.

"All right...I think I'm ready."

"Are you sure? Don't rush it. If you do anything wrong, it may kill us all."

"No pressure needed, thanks."

"Just pointing out..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know."

The two walked back to the group, Lloyd announcing he was ready - for sure.

"Then let's do it." Presea nodded.

"Yep." Lloyd sighed, cracking his neck.

"Be careful, Lloyd." Colette said, worry in her voice, but Lloyd knew she also had faith in him. -Or so he hoped.

"Yeah, I will." he assured, having everyone get into a circle, with a giant line of a circle embedded around them. "Here we go!" Lloyd warned.

"We're ready." a few spoke.

Lloyd exhaled. You can do CAN do WILL do this...just focus... he chanted in his mind.

"Origin, I will be transported with them, right?" Lloyd inquired.

"Yes. But are you sure you're ready?"

"Yes. I am."

"All right. Here we go. Ready? ...Go."

Lloyd focused his power again on where he wanted to transport to: the Derris-Kharlan.

The light emitted.

Everyone glowed.

...Everyone vanished.


"LLOYD! WAKE UP!" someone screamed.

"Augh...h-huh?..." Lloyd stirred, opening his eyes, and saw everyone gathered around him with strange expressions.

"Did I mess up? Am I in Heaven?" Lloyd groaned.

"No, but you transported us to the human world." Yuka frowned, "I thought we agreed on Derris-Kharlan."

"Huh? I...did? But is everyone alright?"

"Yeah, they are. We're in my backyard."

"Okay..." Lloyd groaned, getting up.

"There's only one person missing, though..." Anna pointed out.

"WHO?!" Lloyd demanded.


"Where could she've-"

"YEEEEE-HAAAWWWW!" whooped a familiar voice.

They all sweatdropped, and saw Nari on top of a bucking mustang, "I didn't know you still had horses here!" Nari winked.

"Uh...yeah." Yuka blinked.

"Well..." Presea asked, worried, "NOW what do we do? Sheena can't sense Origin's Mana anymore."

"WHAT?!" Lloyd sagged his shoulders.

Zelos frowned, "We're stuck here...for who knows how long."

Me: Hey, I apologize if Bob sounds a lot like Freakyanimegal456's 'Fred the Cricket', but I felt like doing something similar, so, I'm sorry, Freaky!

Yuka: Yeah, right. You probably stole the idea from her.

Me: Not really. See, at school, one of my friends started a little bird talking thing and called it 'Bob,' so I chose that.


Me: For those of you who hadn't guessed, this is the end of this story. I am making the sequal of the sequal, okay? I think I'm gonna call it...what was it?...(looks through papers, screaming bloody murder because I couldn't find it)

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A while later...

Me: (scraggy looking, gasping for breath) steal...Fudge...

Readers: Who's Fudge?

Me: I'm sorry, but I can't say. Let's just say 'doll'.


Me: (Ignoring) Anyway, I was gonna call it Troubled Time. Cheesy title, right? But it's obviously gonna be how they try and figure out how to get out of that world. But, it's the winter season, so...I think you can guess what's gonna happen.

Colette: SNOWWWW!

Me: Very good, Colette.

Kratos: ...

Lloyd: ...

Anna: Is she always like this?

Scarlett: Yes.

Nari: ...Are you all always like this?

(Aurion glares)

Nari: Hey, nice glares. Try it more like this. (Glares worse)

Colette: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Yuan: (Twitch, twitch) The Aurion glare...has lost to...the...Tolzman...glare...