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One year later...

When Adam Copeland, the man I really loved, left me so he can be with his ex-wife and their son, my whole world crumbled around me. Things took a turn for the absolute worse when I learned I was pregnant with Adam's child. I never told him, though, because his wife was pregnant with their second child at the time. When they found out a few months later, Adam insisted that I sign my rights as a mother over so they could raise the baby as their own.

It didn't turn out that way for anyone. Six months into my pregnancy, depression got the best of me and I lost my baby. Adam found out about my miscarriage a short time later and he was extremely upset with me. He, Lisa and their son and daughter moved to another state so they can avoid me altogether.

Since then, dating was way out of the question for me. I couldn't find a man to call my own because they were either married, engaged, in very serious relationships, have sex on a regular basis or all of the above.

Only Adam captured my heart with his charming ways. And only Adam broke my heart when he went back to his wife.

Even my own mother said I was wasting my time looking for Mr. Right. She and my father divorced when I was 17, but he forced himself back into her life several time so she remarried him. I felt sorry for her putting up with him.

I really didn't have many friends to rely on so I was pretty much a loner. The pain and the loneliness I felt inside was way too much for me to take. Since Adam broke my heart, all I felt was a sense of coldness and insecurity.


Monday morning...

"Amy, you have a phone call on line one," my secretary buzzed over the intercom Monday at work.

I thanked her and picked up the phone. "This is Amy Dumas."

"Amy?" a deep male voice said on the other line.

I knew that voice anywhere. It was Adam!

"This is Amy, Adam. How are you doing?" I asked, trying to fight back tears falling from my eyes.

"Adam? Girl, this is Hunter. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. I was your boyfriend from high school," he replied with a chuckle.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley! I haven't seen or heard from him in seven years. Hunter was a bit nerdy but he was very smart and I liked him a whole lot so that's why we dated for a year and a half.

"Hunter Hearst Helmsley, how long has it been?" I asked as I wiped the tears falling from my eyes.

He chuckled over the phone. "Seven years and counting. Your mother gave me your phone number when I ran into her at the post office yesterday."

I wanted to choke my mother for doing that! This is the same woman who said I was wasting my time finding the man of my dreams but she went ahead and remarried my father after he forced himself back into her life several time. I figured he didn't want my mother being with anyone else.

"Hunter Hearst Helmsley. I can't believe you'd called me after all these years. What have you been up to?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"I went to college and started my own business. I went and married this girl named Stephanie, but I caught her cheating on me with her ex-fiancé. Right now, I'm in the process of getting a divorce," Hunter explained.

I shook my head in disbelief. "I'm so sorry to hear that, Hunter. My ex-boyfriend, who I thought loved me, went back to his ex-wife and remarried her. Then I ended up pregnant and alone. Adam insisted I sign over my rights as a mother so they could raise the baby as their own but I miscarried my child."

"Did you wanted to keep the baby?" Hunter asked.

"More than anything in the world. When Adam and Lisa found out about my miscarriage, they cut me out of their lives. Hell, they even went so far to move to another state just to avoid me altogether," I said, sighing deeply.

"We've been through a lot, huh?" he laughed.

I giggled. "Tell me about it."

"Amy, I would love to see you again. Are you doing anything special tonight?" Hunter asked, sounding nervous.

"Not really. Why do you ask?" I answered.

"Well, since you're single and I'm now single, what better way than to have two single people have dinner together?" he insisted.

"I'd love to, Hunter." I smiled brightly.


Later in the evening...

Later that night, I went out of my way to look extra special for Hunter. Deep down inside, I wondered what would he look like after seven years? As I applied my make up, one simple question rambled in my brain: will Hunter ever look the same?

7:30 p.m. came and the doorbell rang. Quickly, I ran downstairs and ran towards the front door. When I opened it, my eyes were wide open and my mouth let out an unexpected gasp.

Hunter changed for the better! He doesn't wear glasses anymore and he looked like he was in the best shape of his life. I didn't know what came over me but I found myself growing wet with anticipation and my heart pounding furiously at the sight of him.

"Amy Dumas, I'd always thought you were beautiful, but now, you're a goddess," Hunter said with a smile on his face.

I returned his smile with one of my own. "I can't believe how much you have changed, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. If you were like this back in high school, I wouldn't have let you go."

"Shall we go, my lady?" he extended his hand out to me.

I placed my hand in his gently. "We shall go, Hunter. We shall go."

We ended up at the most exclusive restaurant in town. Hunter was the perfect gentleman and treated me like a princess the whole night. I couldn't take my eyes off of him the whole time and that had awakened something in me I hadn't felt since Adam.

I was falling in love with Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

When Hunter walked me to my door, I couldn't let him leave so soon. This may be my only chance to prove to him how I really feel about him.

"It's still early. Why don't you come in, Hunter?" I suggested.

"I don't wanna impose, Amy," Hunter said.

I pouted slightly. "Please, for me?"

Eventually, he gave up and walked in with me. He sat down on the sofa while I went into the bar and fixed us some drinks to relax our minds. After that was done, I carried the drinks in the living room and saw Hunter glancing at the CD collection. Then I remembered Adam did the exact same thing when we first started dating.

"Your collection is huge, Amy. I do remember you were into music back in high school," Hunter said, smiling.

"You can thank my father for that. When I was a little girl, he'd always played his stereo 24 hours a day. As a matter of fact, he helped me start my CD collection. I have music from every genre," I explained as I handed him his drink.

"Why don't you play something for me?" he suggested.

I grabbed the remote and played a luscious ballad. Hunter sat our drinks down and pulled me in the circle of his arms. I leaned against him as we swayed to the soft song. He lifted my chin and looked deep in my brown eyes seductively. My heart did flip flops when Hunter leaned down and kissed me, first lightly, then more deeply with such passion.

"Amy, I'd never stopped loving you," he whispered against my cheek.

Tears fell from my eyes as he sat me down on the sofa and began removing my clothes very slowly, kissing the skin that was bared. My body began to feel warm with desire as Hunter caressed my breasts gently with his fingers, thumbing my swollen, sore nipples like they were swell buds.

Hunter removed the rest of my clothes and eased my legs apart. He inserted one finger inside of my swollen opening, fondling my clitoris lovingly. I arched my back towards him and moaned at the delicious sensation he gave me. Hunter soon got restricted in his own clothes, so he released me and removed his clothes recklessly.

"I love you, Hunter," I declared as he rejoined me on the plush sofa. He pulled me in his arms and kissed me again, his tongue searching the inner recesses of my mouth, his hands caressing me gently.

"Are you sure about this, Amy?" Hunter asked softly.

"I'm very sure," I insisted.

Hunter moved on top of me and, from then on, our bodies became one. I wrapped my legs over his strong back as he moved inside of me slowly, his member touching my vaginal walls gently. Tears fell from my eyes because for the first time since Adam, I had once again found true love.

My head was reeling with desire when Hunter increased his pace. He managed to lean down and kiss me as our bodies rocked against each other in sweet harmony. The intimate music droned our own intimacy as we worked harder and harder towards the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Finally, we couldn't shake the fury of our orgasms so we crossed the finish line in a violent frenzy...


Six months later...

As soon as his divorce to Stephanie was finalized, Hunter and I were married. This time around, we weren't two teenagers who were afraid of what other people thought about our love. Hunter and I were mature adults, very much in love and inseparable.

"Mrs. Helmsley, you have made me the happiest man in the universe," Hunter said as we laid in bed with our arms around each other.

"Same here, Mr. Helmsley. Same here," I replied, joy beaming in my heart.

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