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Last Glance

Summary: What if Arwen had gone to the Grey Lands. Aragorn/Eowyn

Chapter one: Last Glance

"The woman who gave you that jewel? Where is she?" Eowyn asked her compaion, Aragorn, as they followed the throng of people who were being led to the fortress of Helms Deep. Aragorn did not speak, images of different people were flashing through his head. Of the Elf King Elrond, telling him to let his daughter Arwen, Aragorn's lover, go to the Undieing Lands. Of Arwen's face fall from telling her to go the Undieing Lands with her father, and after putting the Even Star back in his had saying that "It was a gift" running in the oppisite direction.

"My lord," Eowyn's face looked as though she wished she hadn't asked the question.

"She is going of to the Undieing Lands with the rest of her kin." He said not looking at her. So this was what kept that look of sadness that haunted his eyes. They walked in silence until...

"Wargs!" The cry echoed through the plains, sending fear and terror through the hearts of the people Rohan.

"Riders to the Front!" Yelled King Theoden over the cries of his people. There was a mixture of hoof beats, screams, and yells. King Theoden on his horse galloped to his niece, Eowyn who was about to mount her horse.

"No, I need you to take the people to Helms Deep." Theoden said to her.

"But I can fight." She begged her uncle

"No! Please, do this for me, for your people." He had struck a soft spot in her heart. She mounted her horse and called to the people.

"Go to the lower ground, and follow me." Before she took off she looked back for Aragorn and their eyes met.

Aragorn saw that her eyes were full of sorrow and the desire to escape the cage that she had been longing to fly from. And now her chance had come but instead of escaping, she chose to stay for her people and forget her own desires for the needs of others. Was this why the people refered to her as their gracious White Lady of Rohan?

Eowyn saw that his eyes were full of the knoledge of what was yet to come and there was the thril of danger. He was ready for any fight that may come his way, and he was not only willing but also able to hold his own and others. Was this part of his own character or part of the requirements of a King of Gondor?

The stood like this for a long time, and then out of the blue, he called to her,

"Wait for Me."

She nodded and they went off in their different directions. She to her people and he to battle, but they both held that little flame of hope, that flame that will only grow bigger over time.

A.N. This is my first Lord of the Rings Story and i don't know if i should make this continue or keep it a one-shot.

For all of my reader on Blowing in the West Wind I will continue it but i need a break from the two love birds.

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