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Chapter Three: Getting Back on the Horse pt 2

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Aragorn was floating in a pool of light. He heard a voice calling his name, sobbing, calling him back. But I'm right here, he tried to say, but he couldn't. He couldn't make a sound, all he could do was lay there in the light and listen.


Someone had found him. One of the scouts that had been sent back to collect the dead had found Aragorn's body, and he and the others had carried him back to Helm's Deep. Aragorn had been taken to the Medical Ward, and although he looked broken and battered, the doctors had insisted that he was going to live with the proper rehabilitation.

When Legolas had told Eowyn the news about Aragorn, she basically spirited the way to the Medical Ward. When she tore through the room to see him, she stopped short. He laid there in a little cot, he was covered in bruises and scratches, and he looked as though he was barely breathing. He looked… dead.

As she fell to her knees beside his cot, her tears began to flow. She covered her hands over her face, her tears suddenly became unstoppable. Her emotions were many, she was overjoyed to see him alive, and she was heartbroken to see him looking so dead. Hope filled her with the thought of him coming back to life, but yet it filled her with dread of the thought of him never coming back and leaving her.


A figure began to focus in the light, a female figure. Aragorn strained to see who it was. His heart gave a leap. It was Arwen.

"Where am I?" He asked her.

"You fell off a cliff, you are now at Helm's Deep, and there is a young girl beside you." She responded stonily. Eowyn, he thought. Arwen looked hard.

"What is wrong?"

She looked at him. "Do you love her?"

Aragorn did not answer.

"I relive you from your duties as my consort. I will be leaving for the Grey Lands tonight, and I jut wanted to tell you that I am happy and that I want you to be happy too, even if it isn't with me." Aragon was shocked; he hadn't seen her act this way since he tried to give her back the Evenstar when he left Riven Dale.

"I will be leaving the Evenstar for you and your future family to remember me by. You can tell your grandchildren that you grew up with Elves and that they actually exist."

"You will wake up now and you will remember this conversation, but you will not tell her the conversation. I wish you and your love the best of luck." And with that last farewell, she disappeared, and Aragorn began to come back to conscious.