Title: Straight from the Heart

Sequel to "You'll Be in My Heart". You'll need to read the first story as this one takes place immediately following it.

Summary: Scully is recuperating when trouble comes calling.


"Get out."

His voice was low. Dangerously low and deceptively calm. Lying on his back, he kept his eyes on the ceiling, his hands at his side.


The woman atop him looked down at him in complete surprise. With her blood racing through her veins, and her heart pounding in her ears, she had been so close. She wasn't sure she'd heard him correctly.

"Don't make me tell you again. Get. Out." And still he didn't look at her; didn't budge, although it was now quite evident that he was no longer inside of her.

She found herself unable to move, watching in dread fascination as he clenched his hands. His rage was building. She could actually feel it; feel the temperature dropping in the room; see his jaw tightening; hear his breath quickening. Reaching for the sheet, she carefully moved away from him and attempted to cover herself, suddenly self-conscious.

As soon as her body was off of his, he leapt from the bed and yanked at the linens with enough force to send them flying across the room. Her naked body was exposed to the moonlight pouring through the balcony window but in her shock she made no attempt to cover herself.

"Get the fuck out of here!" he barked ferociously.

She recoiled instinctively but did not back down. A mistake, she realized a moment later.

"What's wrong with - "

He never gave her a chance to finish. With one step he was back on the bed and in her face. He grabbed her left arm in an iron fist and pulled her up.

"If you don't get out of here right now," he seethed, his eyes blazing, "so help me God - ." He released his grip and turned away.

She scrambled back, fear beginning to take hold as she watched his fist rise, seemingly of its own volition as if to strike her.

"Wait! Please! What's going on? What did I do?" She begged him with her eyes as well as her voice.

His head whipped around and he stared at her - dumbfounded despite his rage. "You don't know. You really don't know, do you?" He threw back his head and laughed derisively. "You stupid bitch!"

Now she began to cry. "I don't understand."

He moved away from her, shaking his head as he put on his boxers. "Did you think that I wouldn't notice? Did you think that I would be so far gone by your sexual skills that I wasn't listening to what you said? Let me tell you something, sweetheart: you aren't that good," he sneered.

He watched in satisfaction as her hands flew to her mouth. Her gasp of shock filled the room and told him that she at last understood and knew what was wrong.

She shook her head denying his accusation.

"Don't bother," he barked. "Just get your damn clothes on and get out." He picked up her clothing from the floor and threw them at her, hitting her squarely in the chest. It occurred to her that it was a good thing her shoes were in the other room.

Without waiting for an answer, he stormed out of the bedroom. Tears slid down her cheeks as she quickly got dressed. A million excuses and pleas raced through her mind, but remembering the look on his face, she abandoned them each and every one. Besides, he'd heard them all - she'd used whatever she could come up with. How could I be so careless, she berated herself angrily. It was not the first time she had made this mistake but she knew it would be the last. She was out of chances for redemption. He had said so the last time, three weeks ago, after a two-hour argument filled with tears, pleading, and promises.

She found him standing at the front door holding it open. She stepped into her shoes and hesitantly went to him. "Please Steven - "

Without a word, he grabbed her still throbbing, left arm again and pushed her into the hallway. As she stumbled awkwardly, she heard the door slam shut and heard his next words quite clearly.

"Since it's William you keep calling for - go tell it to him. It's over. Don't ever come back. I don't play seconds to anybody. Not now. Not ever."

Jane barely made it to her own apartment before the hysterics set in.