Do You Think It's Alright?

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It was the end of a heavenly Sunday afternoon when Hyde and Donna stormed through the mall, prepared to give their significant others hell.

"How could you send her, Donna!" He practically yelled. "Do you even know what I'm going to have to put up with now?" He pitched his voice to impersonate Jackie. "Steven, when are we gonna get married? Steven, when are you gonna get me a ring? We should have pink and purple ponies at our wedding, Steven. Gah!" He glared at Donna. "I swear, if she's obsessing about wedding dresses again, I'm going to kill you, girl or not." The tall redhead just laughed at his threat until they caught sight of Eric and Jackie, standing together in wedding clothes.

"What the hell?" Donna shouted, "I cannot believe what I'm seeing." She stared at Eric, waiting for some kind of explanation.

"I know. Look, shoulders!" Eric brushed his hands proudly over the arms of his tuxedo jacket, not noticing until it was too late that Donna was upset.

"Eric, this was supposed to be our time," her anger seemed to fade into sadness as she watched Eric happily shop with Jackie when he could hardly stomach looking over silverware with her. Sighing in resignation, she turned and fled from the store, followed anxiously by Eric, who had to pry himself out of the jacket.

"Okay, Steven," Jackie breathed sadly when both Eric and Donna were gone, "I know I promised I wouldn't do any wedding stuff, and I know you're probably really mad, so just go ahead and yell." She thrust out her lower lip and waited for his anger, surprised when it never came.

Instead of yelling, Hyde just stared at Jackie as Eric ran after Donna; his eyes raked over her small frame, covered in the white lacy material of a wedding gown, and up to her face, glowing softly even as her lips curved into a delicate pout. Breathe, man, he thought to himself. The words left his mouth before he knew what he was saying.

"You're beautiful."

When her pout twisted into a happy smile, he felt the wind knocked out of his body, and as she babbled on about their wedding, it never occurred to him that he should be annoyed. Without a second thought, he threw her prattling form over his shoulder—as he had done so many times before—and carried her to the nearest dressing room, locking them both inside before he pushed her up against a wall. Slowly, his lips descended on hers, barely brushing flesh against flesh at first before becoming heated.

Jackie smiled against his mouth, pleased beyond words to his reaction. She had expected to get locked in a dressing room and left at the mall, so the fact that Hyde wanted to kiss her, the fact that Hyde found her beautiful in a wedding dress—beautiful—gave her hope for their future wedded bliss. Throwing her head back against the wall, she tried to focus on the feel of his lips on her neck and his hands cupping her breasts, even as she felt giddy butterflies in her stomach that had nothing to do with physical sensations.

"Oh Steven. I knew you'd come around," she whispered softly.

Consciously wanting to both reward and entice him, Jackie met his lips again and began to smooth her hands over his broad chest and down to his pot leaf belt buckle. Throwing wedding catalogues at him obviously wasn't going to make him marry her, but after seeing his reaction to the sight of her in a wedding gown, she thought that maybe if she showed him what the benefits could be? Working quickly, aware that she needed to hurry or risk being caught by a helpful sales clerk, she opened the buckle and the front of Hyde's jeans, revealing black boxers that concealed his impressive erection. Using all the strength in her body, she changed their positions, forcing Hyde up against the wall as her fingers trailed over him.

Hyde's head rolled back and hit the wall with a dull thud, but he was too caught up in the sensations of Jackie touching him to notice. As her hand reached into his boxers and took his hard shaft between her fingers, he sucked in a harsh breath and willed himself to be quiet in the semi-public arena. The familiar sensation of Jackie stroking him caused his hips to buck into her hand, and the feather-light kisses that she dropped on his neck had him straining even harder towards some kind of release. When the pressure stopped, he opened his eyes, annoyed, only to find that Jackie was slowly sinking to her knees in front of him, white dress circling around her kneeling form.

He couldn't contain the groan that tore through his body at the thought of what Jackie was about to do, and when his boxers joined his jeans around his ankles, his head hit the flimsy dressing room wall again, causing the whole room to shake. Glancing down at her, he was taken aback by her beautiful eyes staring up at him while the tip of his erection rested a fraction of an inch away from her luscious lips. She had never done this. Never. Not for Kelso, not for him, not for some other guy he didn't want to know about. He'd pressed her. Practically begged her. Licked her slit until she was delirious beneath him and his jaw ached with effort. And all he really had to do was tell her she was gorgeous in a wedding dress? How could one girl be so simple and yet so confusing?

As her tongue snaked out and gave a gentle lick on the head, Hyde reminded himself again to breathe. He could see confusion on Jackie's face when she looked up at him again, meeting his eyes while the tip of his shaft pressed against her lips.

"Tell me what to do, Steven," she whispered up to him, "I wanna make you come, baby." He nodded, and began to speak quietly, ever vigilant of being heard by someone else in the store.

"Keep holding it like you are and lick around the tip, like you were doing before, but harder." A quiet groan filled the air as Jackie treated him like a lollipop, beginning to swirl her tongue in different patterns as his deep breaths turned into panting. "Now take the head in your mouth." She looked up at him warily for a moment, and he spoke a little more forcefully. "Do it, baby. Just the tip, just like that, now suck on it." The room grew quiet as she suckled the tip of his penis, and Jackie found herself enjoying the power she had over him: varying pressures and flicks of her tongue caused him the pant, groan, and strain his muscles against her.

Jackie stiffened slightly when Steven's hands left their position on the wall behind him to tangle in her hair, but when she felt only his desire to run his fingers through her silky strands, she relaxed again and sucked hard.

"Oh, fuck Jackie. Take it deeper, deeper baby." Once again, she felt worried by his instruction, but he gave her little choice in the matter when he pulled her head down over him, forcing her to take another inch into her mouth. She almost pulled away before she remembered that she needed to do this for him, she wanted him to come in her mouth while she knelt at his feet in a wedding dress. After doing this, how could he not marry her? His hands remained on her head, gently guiding her back and forth over a few inches. "Suck harder," he panted quietly, guiding her head further down his shaft with every stroke. Jackie pulled away from him for a moment, gasping for air and shaking her head to indicate that she wanted to move on her own. Kissing the tip, she looked up into Hyde's smoldering eyes.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful, Steven?" She asked coyly, breathing warm air over him and making him shudder as he struggled out an answer.

"So beautiful, baby." Jackie smiled and slid her tongue up and down his shaft.

"You like me in a wedding dress?" This time, her breath was cold and it sent shivers up his spine; all he could do was nod and groan.

She sunk her head back down on her own and held his eyes as his shaft disappeared into her mouth again, trying to radiate her desire to please him. This time, his hips thrust slightly into her while she bobbed her head and worked him deeper into her mouth.

"If this is what marriage does to you, count me in," he whispered quietly, barely aware of his own words. He began to lose control quickly while staring into her wide eyes, and he barely choked out a warning before he started to come in her mouth. Horrified, and wanting more than anything to make this a pleasant experience for her, he tried to pull out, but her hands reached behind him and pulled his hips further into her face, swallowing every drop of salty liquid that he spilled into her mouth.

Panting harshly, Hyde glanced down at Jackie, still kneeling on the floor below him, smiling up at him knowingly. He briefly wondered what she thought she knew, but pushed the thought from his mind and pulled her up towards him and kissed her again, tasting himself on her as he whispered words of love that he rarely felt comfortable enough to say. Breathing in the sweet smell of her hair, he missed the grin on her face that said she was currently planning the color scheme for their wedding reception.


Later that day, Hyde sat in the basement with Fez and Kelso, finishing the remnants of a joint and listening quietly as screams faded into the opening chords of 'Breathe.'

"So, anyways," Kelso spoke, as though he had just been interrupted, "Brooke finally agreed to let me take her out, since we're going to that baby class together anyways. Do you think it's alright to take her to the playground? I mean, I figure kids love playgrounds, and she's got a kid inside of her…so she's gotta love it, right?" He grinned goofily, waiting for Hyde's answer, when they all heard a noise coming from the kitchen and turned to see Eric and Donna coming down the stairs hand in hand.

"So I take it you two made up?" Hyde grinned, Kelso's question forgotten as he remembered how pissed off Donna had been at Eric's stunt with the silverware. Donna just rolled her eyes.

"Yes." She glanced at Eric and smiled happily. "Of course. So, do you forgive me for getting Jackie involved in the wedding and giving her the excuse to look 'beautiful' in a wedding dress?" The smirk on her face told Hyde that she knew too much. "Or, you know, beautiful on her knees in a wedding dress in the dressing room at Halverson's?" Yeah, way too much. Hyde's eyes widened and he was about to reply when Jackie came prancing in the door. She gave a brilliant smile to everyone in the room and then plopped down on Hyde's lap.

"Everyone, Steven and I have an important announcement to make! We're getting married!" She squealed her announcement and threw her arms around Hyde's neck, bringing his head towards her chest and not noticing the horrified look on his face. "So, Steven, I was thinking that for our wedding, we would have lavender table settings and mmff?" Hyde's hand slapped over Jackie's mouth.

"Jackie, we are not getting married." Jackie turned wide, angry eyes on him.

"What! In the dressing room, you said?" Hyde quickly cut her off, glaring at her angrily.

"My room. Now!" He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his room.

"Uh-oh gang. Looks like Jackie's gonna be put on probation again," Eric joked in a sing-song voice, causing everyone to giggle.

Once inside the room, Hyde turned to her. "Jackie! I don't know what the hell you think happened at the mall, but we are not getting married." Jackie glared at him, furious. Had she rewarded him in the dressing room for nothing? It dawned on her that maybe his comment about marriage had less to do with the dress she was wearing and more to do with what she was doing.

"So you didn't think I was beautiful in my dress?" Her lips curved into a pout and she looked up at him through her eyelashes, willing tears to collect in her eyes.

"Jackie?" Hyde began, annoyed, but stopped when he saw her crying. He continued in a softer voice, "of course you looked beautiful, but that doesn't mean?" Slowly, Jackie popped the buttons on Hyde's fly and slid her hand inside.

"Come on, Steven." She was smiling at him now, pleased with his reaction to her.

"Jackie, I said no." The words came out with little force as Jackie wrapped her hand around him, and when he tried to argue again, he was cut off by the press of Jackie's lips against his. Slowly, her mouth made a trail down his neck and she pulled off his shirt as her kisses fell further south. On her knees in front of him once again, Jackie looked up at Hyde as she freed his erection from his pants.

"Do you want this, Steven?" He nodded surely, unable to put together words as Jackie began to trail her tongue lightly over him.

"And do you want to marry me?" He looked less sure about that question, so she decided to elaborate. "If you said yes to that one, you know you'd get a lot more of this, right?" To accent her point, she sucked hard at the head of his shaft, smiling as he moved against her face. "Do you want a lot more of this, baby?" She asked quietly, holding her breath as she waited for his answer.

Hyde closed his eyes tightly, willing her mouth to close over him again. "God, yes. Jackie." She smiled to herself as his hands curved around the back of her head, forcing himself deeper into her mouth. As he felt himself surrounded by the wet heat of her throat, he idly thought that she had gotten awfully good at this pretty quickly, but he quickly lost the ability to think about anything beyond the way she worked her mouth over him.

When the two emerged from Hyde's room a short while later, both flushed and satisfied, the eyes of everyone in the room turned to look at them.

"Everyone, we're getting married." To everyone's surprise, it was Hyde who said the matter-of-fact words almost happily, and Jackie beamed at him before turning back to the group.

"I'll have invitations soon, and Steven, you have to buy me a ring, don't forget!" Jackie practically bounced over to Donna, taking her hand and pulling her from the basement, claiming the need for wedding talk.

"Dude, you're getting married?" Eric asked once the girls had left.

"What can I say, man? Jackie can be pretty damn persuasive." He took a deep breath and sat back in his chair, smiling.

Kelso glared at Hyde from his spot on the couch, fairly certain that he understood the method of Jackie's persuasion. His first thought was that maybe if Jackie had tried to persuade him like that, he never would have run off to California. His second thought, and the one that concerned him more, was that Hyde wasn't really serious about marrying Jackie at all. If it took some kind of sex to get him interested, how serious could he really be? He was pretty sure that if he were in Hyde's shoes, he'd be using her for sex. But he wasn't in Hyde's shoes, and that meant it was up to him to warn Jackie.


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