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Black and Twilight

Chapter 1: The Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter

From: Dark Lords of the Last Millennium, by Herald Bones

Chapter 3: The Potter Family

It's common to see an old pureblood family produce one dark wizard somewhere along its line. However, it is rare to see a family produce at least one dark wizard every generation. Such is the case with the House of Potter.

The Potters are unique among pureblood families; besides the fact nearly every Potter is a dark lord. They are not prejudiced against muggles or muggle-borns, they place little value on how much money or influence you have, and they are related by blood to the four founders of Hogwarts.

The blood of the four founders has actually impacted the beliefs of the potters. From Godric Gryffindor, they value loyal friends and bravery. From Helga Hufflepuff, they value hard work and kindness to allies. From Rowena Ravenclaw they value knowledge and its pursuit. Finally, from Salazar Slytherin, they value cunning and ambition. Ironically, the name Potter is of muggle origin.

The Potters distain violence and torture, preferring instead to use, propaganda, manipulation, bribery, and political influence, to achieve their goals. They are not above using violence to rid themselves of enemies, if their usual methods fail.

Of all the successful dark lords out their only the potters have never been defeated. That probably has to due with the fact that they try to give the masses little reason to hate them, they often eliminate their opposition early in their plots, and they have the shortest dark reigns of any dark wizard worth his or her salt.

As to the reason why the Potters experience such short times in power, before stepping down… well… several theories have been proposed. One is that the Potters do not like sitting on the top, and step down when they have achieved their goals. Another is that they eventually get bored of running everything and back down; tying up the ends they cut on their way up. Or, it could just be a combination of them both; we don't know.

After over 60 different dark lords emerging from the Potter line; the name Potter has been considered an omen of bad luck. Nowadays, few will actually speak the name Potter. The Potters have even managed to strike fear into the hearts of some of the world's greatest wizards. The following is an account of Albus Dumbledore's reaction to James Potter's two month reign over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Headmaster's Office

Minerva McGonagall burst into Dumbledore's office. "James has just decided that he can do a better job at running the school then you," she reported. "So far, we have had no luck in stopping him."

"I see," Dumbledore replied. He waved his wand, and a suitcase, with stickers advertising exotic locations plastered on it, appeared on his desk.

"Where are you going?" McGonagall asked, confused.


McGonagall was about to protest, when the door burst open and a student with a prefect badge on his chest staggered in. "Headmaster! Professor Cormick tried to confront James; he now thinks he is a canary!"

"I see…" Dumbledore mussed. "Do not provoke Mr. Potter any further." The prefect winced.

As the prefect left the office McGonagall turned to the Headmaster. "Albus, one question. Mind if I come with you?"

After two months James got bored or got Lily Evans. Either way he stepped down from running Hogwarts. The only noticeable after-effects were the fact that James had a permanent girlfriend, his best friend, Sirius Black, was now banned from every establishment in Hogsmeade, his enemy, Severus Snape, was in detention until he graduated, and Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall sported new tans.

The only living Potter, James's son, Harry, now lives with his aunt and uncle.

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