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Black and Twilight

Chapter 10: Christmas Quiditch

A History of the Potters

James Potter the First, was the first of the wizarding Potters, son of a muggle named Tom Potter and the witch Catherine Gryffindor, who was a descendent of all four of the Hogwarts founders.

James Potter was the first of the two great Potters, the other being his descendant Mark Potter. James teamed up with a wizard by the name of Billus Weasley and Jane Granger, a muggle priestess. Together they worked behind the scenes to bring down the Roman Empire. Though James Potter the First, ruled over nothing for no amount of time, he established the Potters as a powerful wizarding family and set in motion the events that would raise them to the ranks of one of the most feared families in the world. He also created the Potter family's signature spell, the fireball spell, or the Infernalus Curse, which has been taught to every Potter that followed him.

Harry was eating breakfast in the great hall when Hedwig emerged from the flock of mail owls and dropped a letter on his plate. He quickly slashed open the envelope with his knife and read the letter.

Dear Harry

Sorry, Mom said she hasn't heard of anyone called Nicolas Flamel.

Things are very dull around here, Dad brings home more plugs and Mom tries to keep the garden free of gnomes.

Geeze, you guys seem to have the fun! A Cerberus and a Troll… Wow!

Signed… Ginny Weasley

Harry folded Ginny's letter up and passed it to Hedwig. "Take this up to my room will you," he asked. Hedwig nodded as she took the letter in her beak and flew back out of the great hall.

"What was that?" Ron asked between mouthfuls of eggs.

"A letter from your sister Ginny," Harry replied. "We've been exchanging letters. She says your mom and dad don't know a thing about Flamel."

"Where else do you think we can look?" Hermione asked.

Harry thought for a bit as he took a drink of pumpkin juice. "Let's try broadening our search Try looking up obscure subjects like alchemy and crypto zoology. Maybe he discovered that crumpled horn snorklaks really do exist and are not the product of the Lovegoods' warped minds?"

"Maybe," Ron shrugged. "Hey Harry, pass the bacon."

Soon they found out just how many obscure subjects existed. In half a month they had only gotten through one of the smaller sections on magical-anthropology, and that was barley scratching the surface of all the books that the school library contained that could be classified as obscure.

Harry's first Quiditch match rolled around. The match, between Gryffindor and Slytherin, was held on the school Quiditch pitch.

"So Wood, how was your first Quiditch game?" Harry asked, as the Gryffindor team was waiting for the game to start.

"I, um, don't remember," Wood answered. "I got hit in the head with a bludger. The last thing I remember was waking up in the hospital wing with a concussion."

"Great," Harry muttered sarcastically.

Madame Hooch walked on the pitch carrying the quaffle under her arm. "Now I want a nice clean game all of you!" She glared at the Slytherin Captain, Marcus Flint, when she said that. "Now all of you… Start!" She tossed the Quaffle into the air and kicked open the ball crate at her feet. The bludgers shot out of their iron restraints followed by the golden snitch.

Harry quickly pulled his broom up to higher altitudes. He scanned the pitch looking for the elusive winged ball. Several times he saw a flash of gold out of the corner of his eye, but it was only the face of someone's gold watch.

Suddenly his broom stopped responding to him and began to swing and buck wildly. "Finite Incartum!" he said as he cast the universal counter-spell. His broom stopped for a second then started bucking again. "Bloody Hell! Finite Incartum!" He swore as he cast the spell again. This time he took off the moment his broom stopped bucking and to his great relief, his broom did not start again. Suddenly he saw the snitch below him. He dove towards the golden ball and saw the Slytherin seeker do the same. Suddenly, the ground of the pitch flew towards them and Harry felt something fly up his sleeve. He pulled out of the dive, reached down his sleeve and pulled out the snitch.

"Gryffindor Wins!" he heard Lee Jordan, the announcer, proclaim. "Harry You-Know-What has caught the snitch!"

Harry waited until the celebration in the common room ended before talking to Ron and Hermione.

"Hey guys," he greeted, as he sat down in one of the armchairs. "Did you see when my broom started bucking back there?"

"Yeah," Ron answered. "What happened?"

"Someone tried to kill me," Harry answered. "The bucking stopped only when I cast Finite Incartum. I think someone cursed my broom."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Hermione said. "I'm sure it was just a bad enchantment."

"Hermione, a new Nimbus 2000 doesn't have bad enchantments. Heck, even the old Nimbus 1000 doesn't have bad enchantments," Ron explained. "I'm with Harry, someone tried to curse his broom."

"Who would try to kill Harry though?" Hermione asked.

"Malfoy," Harry and Ron said at the same time. "Or Snape," Harry added, "but let's not focus on one person. I'll take my broom to Flitwick and have him check for curses. I'll just be extra careful from now on."

When Harry had asked Flitwick if there were curses on his broom, the diminutive professor had inspected it for a few moments before proclaiming that there was no curses on it.

Eventually Christmas Holidays rolled around. In that time they were no more close to discovering who Flamel was than they were when they started. During those two weeks, they had gotten through the sections on hereditary mental disorders and physics; the latter being an obscure subject for wizards.

"Damn," Harry swore, as they sat in the common room after another unsuccessful search. "At this rate we'll have graduated by the time we discover who Flamel is."

"Don't beat yourself up over it mate," Ron suggested, opening a package of sweets. "Chocolate Frog?"

"Thanks," Harry muttered, taking the animated treat and popping it into his mouth. He flipped over the Famous Wizards card that came with the frog. "Dumbledore huh?" he muttered, as he read the biography. He suddenly jumped up. "I've found Flamel!"

"What!?" Hermione exclaimed.

"Listen to this," Harry said, he read off the card. "Dumbledore is famous for discovering the twelve uses of dragons' blood and his work on alchemy with his friend Nicolas Flamel!"

"Just a second," Hermione ran up to her dorm and came back with a thick book. "I got this for some light reading." She flipped to a section of the book. "Ah, here it is! Nicolas Flamel is one of the world's leading alchemists and the only known owner of the Philosophers' Stone. A legendary substance which can turn lesser metals into gold and create the elixir of life, which extends the drinker's life!"

"Whoa," Ron breathed. "No wonder it's under such heavy guard! There have been wars over stuff like this!"

"And there is likely even more protection besides Fluffy," Harry added.

Dear Ginny

Did you know that there is a philosophers' stone at Hogwarts? It's a substance that can turn lesser metals into gold and can create the elixir of life. It's guarded by a Cerberus, and likely other deadly traps. But is it too great of a prize to give up?

Oh god… I can't decide

Signed… Harry Potter

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