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At last, Emma and Dominic found a peace that they had been seeking since the day they got married. When all that they knew was explained to Emma, about Sylphide, and about what Maria had done, she had finally found a true reason to forgive the harm that had been done to her, and she took her former enemy's son into her heart warmly.

Victor Everline took his father's place on the throne of Monetto, taking with him, from England, the daughter of Lord and Lady de Winter. The entire family attended the coronation and the wedding, which took place in Monetto. There, they encountered the Fontaine family after many years, and Nicholas renewed his friendship with Lord Fontaine's daughter, Marjorie.

Celeste, or, as Emma knew her, Aurore, was glad to see an old friend and learn of, if not the destruction, at least the disappearance, of her tormentor.

That same year, the de Winters and the Mastonnes celebrated the wedding of their children, Anthony and Helen. It would take Nicholas another year to gather the courage to ask Marjorie for her hand, but when he did, she accepted him gladly, which was cause for another glad celebration.

Not one of them ever saw Sylphide and Andreas again, although Eros did make an appearance or two to Victor and Anthony when either had a particularly fierce quarrel with his wife, if only to remind them at what price their love was bought.

And they all knew such joy for the rest of their long lives that the sorrow and suffering they endured in the beginning seemed to melt away, leaving only the sunny days stretched out on the sand and splashing in the knee-high warm waves.

The End