All right. This is written, an idea I got from my special person who died four weeks ago yesterday. He was drawing a pic of this, and dear Greed was doing Drabbles, and I've always wanted to do one…so…I did! xD It's cute, I like the idea, just not how it turned out. I'll do a series of them, I think. Tons of ideas for them. One a day.

Pairing: HyuRoi (Hughesmunculus and Roy Kitty the bestest pair out there, o' course xD)


"Kitten?" Maes had known he was around here somewhere; Roy never left the house by himself since it happened. Who could blame him, really? The sun seemed to glow on the horizon, making the homunculus frown even more. "Kitten?" Roy was late for dinner and his nap. What could keep him out?

However, upon finding him, Maes couldn't help but grin. What more could he do? There, clad in his military uniform, modified to fit his new body, which, in Maes' opinion was much better than the one in the photo albums, lay his chimera in the grass, rolling around on his back, wiggling and attempting to catch what appeared to be a rather colorful looking butterfly.

Maes couldn't help but laugh at the rather adorable sight as Roy reached up with his inhuman but adorable hand to swat the butterfly. "Damn butterfly..." He muttered, swatting again. It was just out of his reach, every time he would try and go higher. "Stop mooooving!" He whined, which earned him a snort, Maes attempting to cover it up as he approached.

"Come on, Kitten. Dinner." Roy looked away from the butterfly, blinking before being scooped up by the homunculus. "Fish has to taste better than the butterfly, right?" Roy gave a quiet purr, nuzzling the homunculus' neck. Maes chuckled again. "You're just too cute."